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  1. Hello my name is luke parker stock broker from new York city. Well was before the disease i was sent here for business when it all broke out. Im now in search of a group, a place i can call home. Im an easy going guy fairly laid back but i dont like to be taken advantage of. I would love to be able to find a large group to be able to have the full rp experience with and enjoy all that is to come. Build up and become something great. Build a place where not only my fgroup and i could survive but others such as newer rp characters can come get a few supplies a cooked meal a night stay anything they need i believe i was placed here to help others not only myself survive in the unforgiving terrain of cherno. I do not like to be crossed if i trust you to the point where i would go into a fire fight with you and risk my life i expect the same in return. I will protect my people as i know they will also protect me. I lookforward to seeing you all on the battle ground that is named cherno
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