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  1. I myself was not driving I would like to add. So I had no say in what happened, but I feel as if being a passenger and being killed along with the two other passengers should be mentioned.
  2. I did copy it because it was very well laid out and I felt as if it should be dealt with. Also, I would like to state, we passed two separate groups. The first group started shooting which is why we sped up and passed by you all at the barricades.
  3. You were all on the sidewalk in the town. We only sped up because we were being shot at. The first time we came past we saw you all and didn't realize you were not zombies until we were driving past due to low graphic settings. Now, as for trying to initiate with a vehicle traveling well over 50kmh, that's a but unrealistic which is another reason we didn't stop while going through the first time.
  4. Server and location: Elektro S1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 08:32 Your in game name: Wayne Schmitt Names of allies involved: Brock Chapman, and Jason Brass Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 1 allied red grunter 4 door Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: While driving from Cheno to Elektro at approximately 40-50kmh, we drove past a group of at approximately 10-15 people wearing blue arm bands. This group yelled at us as we drove past and could not be heard. Further down the road (approximately 1k out) we decided to turn around and see what was all the yelling was about. While driving back there were people in the road and the driver Brock Chapman purposely swerved to avoid the people in the road. Once we past the first person at approximately 90kmh we heard shots, and I asked if they were shooting at us. When going back into town a person down the road aimed their gun deliberately and shot at the vehicle without saying anything. The car crashed into a building and was stationary while the people shot deliberately at the passengers killing all inside. This clearly violates the rules and is adding to the toxic, KOS/RDM mentality, I've spoken with the "defending" party involved and all came to the conclusion that all the people whom shot the vehicle are guilty of KOS/ due to the fact that for... 1: The opposing party did not make any indication of hostile action. 2: The opposing party did not have KOS rights on our group 3: The opposing party could not give verbal commands to stop and hold up. 4: The car was too loud for any VOIP to be heard due to the high rate of speed and that the windows were up and we were trying to keep up good RP.
  5. We were driving away from Chernogorsk and passed a large group of people and they all started yelling at us to stop but we were going easily 90kmh so we stopped a little down the road and then turned around to interact with them to start an RP with them when we see them pointing guns at us while we pull up and they all open fire which is when the driver decides to gun it and attempted to drive away as the large group kill everyone in the car.
  6. Yes I was with him before the robbery but at the time of the robbery I wasn't right next to him. I walked up as it was occurring and I felt as if he shouldn't be doing rp the way he had been doing it. Afterwards I don't remember how long I had stayed on as it was 4 days ago.
  7. Okay, if we want to keep this going for another week that's fine but Im not checking on this report anymore. Give me a warning or not it doesn't matter.
  8. I may have been 5 feet from him but I was not trying to rob anyone. He was holding the three or four of you up by himself as I walked up. I stood by you all but I do not think I had gotten myself involved. Also, this was a few days ago so I personally do not remember how the whole situation played out perfectly but I assure you I do not travel with anyone that robs other people as to avoid situations like this in the future. I value having good RP with the community and after having put over 30 hours into the server since being whitelisted a few days ago I am starting to love this community. Im sorry this had happened to you, and I hope It will not happen again, but I will not be participating in any situations like this as to not upset anyone in the future.
  9. I was not teamed with any of the individuals involved. I came across a situation where one guy was holding up three to four individuals and I did not want to become a target so I stayed back and watched. Me and the other guy heard commotion and wanted to try to help but being killed ourselves was not a great idea at the time. Im sorry this happened but I cannot control other people on the server
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