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  1. Hello there, I am Father Jones. Before the outbreak that has plagued Chernarus, I was a priest in the Orthodox Church. When I was a boy I found my true calling to become a pastor. I don't know why but when I would sit in church listening to the priest give his sermon, I always wanted to be like the priests, preaching about the good word of the Lord. My father, on the other hand, wanted me to join the military. To appease his wishes I served for a few years in the military once I turned 18. I returned home from my service a few years later and continued my dreams of becoming a priest. At the age of 21, I joined a seminary and studied the Bible intensely. I loved the time I spent there and was sure that being a priest was my true calling in life. Once I graduated the Seminary and was officially ordained a priest, I returned home and began preaching my sermons in a church just on the outskirts of Chernogorsk to hundreds of people every week. For almost 25 years I preached and established many friendships with people in the city. Once the plague hit the North, I prayed. I wondered what God had done and why he felt the need to do it. I truly began to believe that the end times were here. In the second week of the outbreak, when the plague finally hit us in Chernogorsk, I felt as if God had betrayed me. All my life I felt that preaching the Bible was something good, something worthy of doing in life, but God took it away from me for some unknown reason and brought misery upon everyone. Those who I loved and cared for were killed by either the rioters and looters or the zombies that unleashed upon the city. I managed to flee the city and continue running West while the military forces failed to repel the zombie invasion. I only managed to survive with the weapons I would find off dead bodies and whatever food I managed to find. That food didn't last long, however, and the dead bodies were starting to become rotted, so I had to make due by eating the dead for a time. Once the dust had settled I traveled back to my church in Chernogorsk and tried to manage with what I had. I felt lost, my life had no meaning or purpose to it anymore. I didn't know what to do and eventually, I almost took my own life. I remember sitting in my church, with my gun pointed to my head, when I received the Calling. A great Voice called out to me and I stopped what I was doing. The Voice told me of the mission that I had to undertake. To purge the land of the heresy that has been created and to restore it to its former glory. I needed to complete the Calling. Listening to the Voice talking to me in my head, I set out to fulfill the new mission that has laid out to me from the Calling, my life renewed with new purpose and meaning. And I will do whatever it takes to complete it.
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