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  1. Hi Mom! I'm on DayZ RP!!

    Hey guys! I got whitelisted! (dances a happy dance)
  2. Hi Mom! I'm on DayZ RP!!

    Hello Sean. We must stop meeting like this. Honestly. Hope to see myself ingame as well
  3. Hi Mom! I'm on DayZ RP!!

    Thanks Siorre! Just finished the Whitelist application hopefully haven't screwed it up too bad
  4. This. Super Helpful. Thanks for this Khardia. Hopefully, this will help get in. If not..well poop. Either way thanks again for this Khardia.
  5. Hi Mom! I'm on DayZ RP!!

    Thanks for letting me know simi, will do that. Thanks for the welcome Mush I plan on having multiple good ones P.S This place is f**king awesome!
  6. Just that one post needed. So...uuummmm....Hi!? Have a good one guys. I know I will