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  1. James "Jim" Jimmers was backpacking through the country of Chenarus when the outbreak happened. He'd lived a pretty straightforward life - when he was young, his dad had put him in the Boy Scouts, though his heart was never really into it, so he never got to be an Eagle Scout. After high school, he did a couple of semesters of college, though didn't have the funds or the dedication to see his degree through. Seeing it as a way to see the world, he ended up enlisting in the Marine Corps, but only after the Army recruiter stopped taking his calls. He got out after 4 1/2 years in and no combat deployments to his name, though he did spend time stationed in Okinawa and did some partying in SE Asia. Afterwards, he ended up on VA disability due to some injuries that occurred from training incidents and general wear and tear. Deciding he wanted to see the world, he got himself a new backpack and some lightweight clothes and camping gear and set off around the world. Now he finds himself in a situation that he never could have imagined or prepared for.
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