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  1. Darnell Gravy was enjoying a beautiful Louisiana day until all of a sudden he was arrested on false charges. Never did Darnell ever break the law, and the court didn't believe him. Therefore, he was sentenced to ten years in the state penitentiary. There, Darnell found himself befriended by the 'leaders' of the main cell block. Nobody ever messed with him and his crew, and he never messed with anyone else. On the inside, Darnell was soft, caring, and compassionate to the point that nobody had a problem with him. After spending several years behind bars, Darnell finally re-entered the free world on the same day the apocalypse began. His soft nature forced him to panic, and he fled the city to a nearby port where he snuck onto a cargo ship headed for Asia.
  2. C.J. was always a quiet kid, growing up in Memphis Tennessee. After graduating high school with high merit, he continued his education at a major university. That, however, led to many years studying abroad in many interesting destinations; Italy, France, and Turkey. While finishing a semester abroad in Turkey, a few friends convinced C.J. to tour the nation of Chernarus, for educational reasons. One thing led to another, and C.J. was eventually alone during the zombie outbreak, nobody to depend on, nobody to talk to.
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