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  1. Good evening. Due to this being quite a few days ago I can't give anymore specific details on the interaction in question. Though I have said, I wish I had engaged more with the interaction, I do not personally believe what I was doing was in anyway fail rp or bad rp as covering an ally is a perfectly realistic and reasonably thing to do and me also shouting commands would have likely added to the confusion of the situation. I was already placed in a bad situation as I joined the interaction after a robbery had already initiated. Therefore I did not feel comfortable with taking any sort of leading role in the following interaction. I certainly did not have any intention to cause harm to the individual, hence why I made the decision to not fire my weapon even after I lost my visual on Matthew, even though this placed an ally in danger. As stated before, the interaction by both sides was underwhelming but I am not here to defend both of their actions in the situation other than stating my POV.
  2. Hey there I was in tents searching for equipment, including ammunition for my M4 rifle I was using at the time. After hearing the disturbance on our position mentioned by Matthew we retreated back into the forest. Matthew came in our general direction to the forest, perceiving a potential threat, Pigeons moved on the individual calling out specific demands, quickly turning into a robbery due to a need for food. I approached from a dozen meters behind Pigeons and placed myself at a distance to provide cover in the altercation. At the start Matthew appeared to be cooperative and informed Pigeons of this. However he then refused to follow commands repeated multiple times by Pigeons. Pigeons fired a single shot at Matthew, prompting him to start jogging backwards into a tree line where I lost my visual on him for a few seconds due to my position. Pigeons then proceeded to fire a second single shot at the individual, either killing or downing the man. Pigeons then moved up and fired a third single shot into the body. I only spoke a few words in the altercation as I was eating at the time (bad timing xD). Overall I have to say the whole roleplay was far from ideal and probably one of my least enjoyable role play experiences on the server. Matthew did not seem to engage much in conversation and then even went out of character after the first shot, though I understand he may have been startled by this. Though more time should probably have been given to him to cooperate. I certainly share responsibility on this one as I did not engage much in the roleplay myself (mainly just covering). Please keep me posted, if you need any further information on this roleplay. I can certainly understand why there is an issue with this one.
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