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  1. you realize they can check logs and show you taveld with me for a great deal of time right there is no point to lie man
  2. i was not trying to save any one i admit i was at fault and am trying to remain neutral i trust that you admins and support know whats best bc its ur jobs
  3. Brian i can assure you that i have re read the rules and i know now that i cant just start a robbery before having a detailed convo b4 doing so and i had done this 2 and that is why i am where i am and yes it is my fault for not being dillegent enough when i read them in the first placed i figured after reading once i was good when that wasnt the case i should have read prolly 1 more time or twice to be safe but i am glad that you guys told me what i did wrong so that i will not continue to do so i am sorry for i was confused and i am truly sorry for any bad experiences and rp i have given if you have any questions please dont hesitate
  4. this is my story from beginning me turtle had just got done looting vybor mill base and was about 1k away when the server resarted any way turtle lost his gun to a glitch so we initiate with the goal of getting him a gun so he wont die to zeds like our friend tom did so me and turtle approach and i sit behind a barac for cover where i asked them ho there day was reply with a not so bad then i tell them there day is about to get worse and to raise there hands they all start to do so except one player who was increasinly difficult asking why they should do this with us then replying bc you are being robbed well any way they all put there hands and ask them to drop there guns so that they cant shoot us we then ask them to drop there cloths bc we really didnt want to get a mp5 pulled on us bc it fits in pants so we asked them to dropp there cloths we even told them we arnt taking them this is just a precaution so we dont die we then ask them to get into the cargo container so we may check the gear sefly so turtle cant get a gun the whole time a memeber from there groupe was asking us if we were gonna touch them which was pretty funny not gonna lie but we said no we arnt rapist XD so we tell them they can come out in 35 or 45 seconds i forget but we told them to count till then and then they could come out durring this time we left and found a car and headed west in hopes of finding a resistece to fight the zeds
  5. lol your the one with the broken mic man we heard u trying to talk but it sounded like u were smacking ur mic XD also u did pull out ur gun thats why i shot u the first time
  6. i wasnt there man i did attemp to rob another man in starry but this guy had a shotgun and a blue back pack he approached me up the road from church and i said how are you doin today m8 and he replied good and i said yell well sory about ur good day can i ask u to put hands up he started strafing and delaying so i shot he still had gun out not holsterd
  7. me and my friend jacco were at nw to try and gear up he had a rifle with a mag and so did i so we looted tents in nw and then we heard gun shots so we went to the trees to hide and scout the shots when we saw this guy dressed in all black run to the trees so we followed him to the trees where we started the encounter me and my friend approached with weapons un aimed where we told him very simply that this unfortunatly was a robbery and that he needed to put his hands up idk if he heard us when we said that but he put his gun away regardless then me and friend asked him to drop his stuff and he proceeded to unholster his pistol so we opened fire
  8. Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: Saunders is a really good guy he spent hrs with me to resolve a very gruesome night mare that is the dayz mod 10 out of 5 best support... he needs a raise !!!!!!
  9. My characters name is Elton Mazwel whos parents died in the boston massacer so hes been emancipated since he was young he grew up in the states and when he turned 18 he went into the millitary where he did 2 tours in afganistan where he learned how to survive and keep his cool under pressure and earned rank of corpral also made it a priority to learn as much as he could from medical officers so that he could keep his men alive to repay his parents tragic death after his 2 tours he was on a flight home when a massive shokwave hit the plane sending it nose down so he grabbed a parachute and bailed out he woke up on a beach to seeing chaos people beating and eating each other he saw parents eating their children and men leaving their wives he even saw friends turn on each other he didnt know what to make of it so he tried to make his way to the police station to see whats goin on and he saw the cops and millitary killing civies he is alone in a foreign land trying to find his squad from his plane
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