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  1. Rakesh Patel is a 30 year old man with an Indian background. He was born in Kolkata in India but moved to Chernarus when he was very young and his family settled in Chernogorsk where they quickly set up a supermarket that Rakesh and his father ran for the most part. His father did not like the country very much, but the family had already spent all their money moving and setting up the supermarket so they could not afford to leave even though they had planned to do so for a very long time. His father sheltered him from the natives so he never learned the language, instead he learned English from his mother and the internet. As he grew he slowly forgot his native language until he only had his Indian accent left. When the outbreak happened his entire family succumbed to the chaos that took place, Rakesh stooped into madness and stayed at his supermarket awaiting his next customers..
  2. !PLEASE READ THROUGH EVERYTHING! Hello everyone, it's the guy you have been waiting for: The Infamous Shabby. For my opening I would just like to say what an amazing experience I've had playing on the server with all the wonderful people that bless this website with its presence. The friendly "RP" has been great, but frankly it has been quite uneventful. I would consider myself as some kind of vigilante and I have met people along my journey across Chernarus that have convinced me to act this way. They have said things along the lines of "circle-jerkish" and "monochrome". -User has been warned for this post- As a defense for my character actions. In the description you may see that my character as Charles Biggleby is a person that is cowardly and doesn't know a lot about anything, but he will easily trust you because he thinks that everyone knows better than himself. He came across some people on the way up to Summer Camp Builder that said that some of the people in the camp have been taken hostage and that it needed to be stopped. As a response to this Charles infiltrated the camp to see what the situation was like. What he saw was absolutely appalling, 30+ people were cramped inside this camp with little to no supervision and structure. Everyone was running around trying to figure out their left from rights. Charles decided to take matters into his own hands by stealing a scope that he found in @Archy Donovan car. He wanted to make sure that no one ever wanted to visit the camp again to then later being kidnapped by its owners. He also heard rumors that there were cannibals around and saw that actions had to be made immediately. He ran up on to the northern hill and fired a shot down on the camp which killed someone, chaos ensued. After a few moments the people decided to return to the camp for some reason even though Charles wasn't been dealt with. In response to this Charles fired another shot into the camp which killed someone else and this time the people were determined to find him. After Charles ran away he came across someone that he thought were after him he fired upon him, unbeknownst to him it was the Islamic Extremist group who swiftly killed him. Yes I know this seen as Mass KOS and yes I know that this is a ban worthy action, but after I did this I saw some amazing RP happen afterwards that would have never happened. If I didn't do anything the people would still have been in the camp for several more hours without nothing happening, but I digress, if this is the way you want to play on the server I'll let you. However I feel like I made an effort for things to happen which it did. You should always have a reason for killing someone, which Charles Biggleby had in his twisted and tormented mind. RP is not about losing or winning. RP is about actions and reactions to happen in response to the actions that have occurred. What happened yesterday (19.06.2019) was a display of what could be (this was of course taken to the extreme) and instead of just sitting around talking in character about nothing people could experience what this wonderful game has to offer and its mechanics. What I am asking of is very major and I don't expect people to change because that would inflict on everyone's rights. However, if people could just set aside their lust for winning and reporting everyone for every single thing that happens which seem a little bit unfair to them the server would become a lot smoother and more enjoyable for the everyday person like me and my friends. -User has been warned for this post- As a closing statement I would just like to say thank for the opportunity I got to play on your server. The first couple of days I enjoyed it thoroughly and was very excited to meet people on here. After a while however I understood that every time I met someone where I tried my hardest to RP they would just run off with little to no interest to RP. If I would even want to RP with them I would have to force a situation which is not allowed apparently. If I get banned for this offense I understand but please take the time to read through what I have said and take some time to consider it. No one lost in the situation, everyone got a unique experience out of it and @Archy Donovangot some real good Twitch Highlights. You're welcome. Thank you for your time.
  3. Name: Charles Biggleby Age: 21. Wats Agun is a clumsy and cowardly man. He will easily trust you because he thinks that everyone knows better than himself. He will often ask too many questions and is always uncertain about whats going to happen next. He was a freelancer, photography enthusiast and a sworn pacifist who has never held a gun before in his life he has never even killed a fly, but then he had to adapt when the outbreak began. He lived a simple and boring life in a secluded village in the middle of nowhere in Norway. He sold his pictures online and basically had no personal interactions with people. One day Wats saw an ad online of Russia in a picturesque landscape and decided that he wanted to a bit crazy and take a spontaneous trip and thought it woud be a great idea to finally get some exciting pictures for his webpage aside from the pond in the village. He was a part of a shady bustour where he was the only foreigner that took him all over Russia and finally towards Chernarus. After they crossed the county border the roads turned from bad to worse. Wats saw a road sign that said Zabolotye with som kind of mark beside it. The engine on the bus started to cough and finally stopped in the middle of the town, everyone started to talk among themselves but Wats could not understand the language. Suddenly there was a bang and a bus window exploded in tiny pieces of glass and one of the passengers fell on the floor. Wats Agun, who all at the back of the bus didnt catch what happend since he had his headphones on and was buried in his camera lens. Unbeknownst to him the passengers ran out and were gone. Wats sat on the bus for another couple of hours before he finally realized that we was all alone. He started to panic and hyperventilate until he finally passed out after he ran around the town looking for any form of life. He woke up in the middle of the night freezing and terrified. Now he has to find a way to survive all alone and with no idea where he really is.
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