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  1. Doctor S

    Baiting S1, Diego

    Don't really have alot to add since my POV is the same as @Divz. The video evidence proves how Diego was clearly baiting us into initaing og him so his friends, who are already placed in the hills around, can shoot us. If the admins believe this is not a case there are alot more evidence in the stream the second evidence was clipped from. (its a long watch so i undertand that you dont have time to go through it) Our group had spent alot of time creating fun RP scenarioes up in Severograd (see similar costumes etc.) but what we recived from Diego and his crew was clear rule play and BadRP to get us killed ASAP. Another point of evidence are how fast the shot is fired from Zac biggem after we iniate on Diego. You see the sniper hit one of our crew in the first video. We really tried our hardest to create a good RP with character development, but its sad to see how more respected members of the server can completely ignore this to this degree. I actually think its unfair to only charge diego for the baiting, because i believe that all the people who planned the baiting should be charged with BadRP, RulePlay and baiting. I am the one in the first video who iniate on Diego and i did not really want to do it, but we felt it would be very OOC to not iniate after what he was saying to us. Edit: @Bavusj will not be able to post his POV since he is banned from the forums.
  2. Doctor S

    S1: BadRP/Trolling - 17/06/19 20:30

    My response as Dr. Tom Dandy. I would like to first say that my character had absolutely no part of this "Trolling or BadRP" as you can not hear me talking/commenting on whats going on. I was a bystander just like Jack Bones. If you watch the video you will see that my character stays by Jack Bones at all time trying to have small talk which does not have anything to do with the sexual RPing. As for my friends defense. We are quite new to the server and have not seen any part of the rules that states that this is not allowed. Previosly we have had intereactions with people who would appreciate a bit of silliness during downtime of the RPing. Im sorry for not stepping in and telling them to stop, but it would have been very helpful (especially considering that it is a moderator who is reporting this) if you would have typed an //OOC this is not appropriate in the chat. My friends would have stopped immedialtly and does not wish to perform any type of role play that would negatively effect people in Real life. Edit: would like to a point in a video at 4:25 where me (Dr. Tom Dandy) and Marius Lovgren tells Jack Bones on how we feel about the situation.
  3. My character was a Doctor in Norway before the outbreak. In the beginning he tried helping the infected, but soon realised how the virus affected the people who recieved it. The outbreak made the doctor give up on the world and made him severly depressed. Drinking heavily and taking morphine became routine. As the zombies grew stronger and the drinking and drug abuse became much worse the doctor lost contact with his family and friends. The doctor started moving away from his hometown and after moving for 3 years through Russia he ended up in Chernarus. The Doctor ended up staying in Chernarus because of how well the people there dealed with the outbreak. The doctor is still struggling with substance abuse, but by meeting people with more positive outlooks on the outbreak he is slowly becoming a better person. During his trip from Norway to Chernobyl the doctor experienced multiple events that made him a very cynical person. He experienced cannibalism and rape. The doctor hopes to one day find a people he can live with and try to make the world a better place.
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