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  1. Billy would grow up in the Capital of England, moving to the South of the Country at a young age. His family would be working class, his parents unable to retire. Despite this, he'd always be provided for, and grateful for all he was given. At a young age, Billy proved difficult to educate, always disrupting or outright not attending lessons, this would prove to ruin his chances of a job deemed fitting by his parents. College was very much the same, he slacked off and failed most classes, despite coming off as a rather bright boy. On the brink of failure, he took a chance, signing up to the Navy, desiring a life of travelling the world and meeting new people. Fitness wasn't an issue, but obedience was. But over time he was sculpted into a respectable young man, gaining high marks in classes and exercises given to him later on. His record after joining the navy would mostly be clear, all except for a few silly mistakes made here and there, making his sudden turn into rebellious quite the shock. Upon news of the outbreak, Billy would make his wish to go home known, obviously this was denied. In the arguments that follow a mutiny arose, prompting Billy and two of his shipmates to steal a liferaft and set off into the sea, drifting aimlessly in hopes of arriving home.
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