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  1. My name is Jack Jokes. before the outbreak i used to work on an oil tanker wich sailed all over the world. at home i had a wife and a daughter who i rarely spooke to because of work. when the outbreak hit we where at seas, and the captain decided we should anker and figure out what to do before heading to land. we tried contacting the authorities for a week with no luck, we we're running out of food. the captain decided to head for Russia but we got caught in a storm wich through us off course. the storm got worse and we capsized some place called chernarus. the captain and most of the crewmembers went down with the ship. i woke up on a beach near some place called balota. i dont know what happend to the rest of the crew, im gonna try and find them and maybe find a way to get back to my wife and kid i hope they are still alive. im gonna try and find a airfield or something. maybe they have a working plane and that might be my way out of here. ill need to see if i can find other survivers to help me. but i need to escape this place somehow and get home to my family
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