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  1. and I remenbered how I loved to play the piano in my youth.
  2. Please keep in mind you have 3 attempts I hope you will not need more than 2, before you submit the application take a 5 minute break have a coffee/tea/beer. Read back the application and see if everything makes sense or if it can be improved in any way best of luck ok,...i didn`t knew that,....it was the second,...hmm,..well, lets see,..
  3. yeah,... but im still on it,..gotta try that online grammer something checker,...lets see cheers
  4. Your application has been rejected because of the following reason: "Grammar and spelling." 4 real now,....?
  5. must the ingame name and the name here be the same,..? stupid question,..lol,..forget my question
  6. the bloody bastard called hipperson and my car to,
  7. hello guys,.. im awayting to get whitlistet hopefully soon