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  1. Kash was born and raised in the United Kingdom, his childhood was slow. His parents were poor and his family was small. On Kash's 6th birthday they took him to a carnival, the one and only carnival. His parents went to buy food for Kash and his sister, a few hours go by and the parents have not returned, unknowingly they continue to enjoy the show, Kash starts to fall in love with their acts even at such a young age. The show ends, Kash and his sister Mia are confused on where their parents are. The people from the carnival approach Kash and Mia, questioning them why they are all alone, the police are called and the parents are not found. The carnival owners take in the two young-lings and raise them. Kash started training with one of the performers when he turned around 10 years old on training animals. He worked with all types and started to perform along side all of the other veteran performers with all the animals. He fell in love with the circus, making the fans happy and everyone else around the circus. Eventually they travelled to Chernarus, the people were extremely down and upset, once the carnival showed up everything changed. Kash and the carnival put smiles on everyone's faces up until the day everything started to change. Kash's sister Mia started to get really sick out of the blue, along with a lot of other people from Chernarus. Eventually people started dying and there was military presence around 24/7. Mia eventually passed due to her sickness and Kash forgot how to feel again. No matter how much the Carnival mattered to him or how much he loved putting smiles on peoples faces, how much he loves the animals his whole world got shook up. The streets started to be filled with chaos and Kash got lost again, pulled away from the Carnival, pulled away from the only family he had left. He was roaming for a few years, alone trying to pick his spirits up by finding wild animals and trying to train them, unsuccessfully of course. He started to lose all hope, until one night a little bird, a robin landed on the bench he was sitting on, it started to hop around and eventually flew away, this was enough to give Kash hope to find the Carnival, find his family and be happy again.
  2. Glidingz

    Highway 61 (IC-Recruitment)

    \o A lot of fun had, hope to see you all around. Take it easy
  3. My POV: I logged onto the server, I walked outside of a cabin and in doing so around 5 minutes later a guy in all purple states to me ''I'm glad you left my back entrance open'' I then stated ''Hey man I am not apart of this camp, how are you?'' He goes quiet and eventually starts walking around. @Mikey eventually shows up, noticing the guy in purple asking him ''Did you shoot me in the arm earlier?'' the guy in purple then stated ''Maybe'' or something along the lines of that. He started walking around the base more, heading into the clinic, we asked him what he wanted and he stated ''That car tent would be nice'' kept asking us to unpack it from ''his'' stuff and give it to him. @Mikey told him many, many times to leave the camp and he denied. @JankinRP Showed up at the camp, telling the guy to leave multiple times. The guy in purple headed up to the watchtower in the back of the base, he was then told he has 5 seconds to leave, he put his saiga away and pulled a rifle out, aimed it at my character (Carter Gray) and I hid behind a wall. I peaked out using 1PP and shot 3-4 times, hitting him at least once or twice. He later went unconscious and Jack went up and shot him many times with his M4. A shot then rang out from the hills so I ran behind the metal fence. I was in 3PP at this time and noticed a guy in a bush, 3pping us back telling the sniper on the hill information OOC on our location. (He did not use IC coms/double mic) two more shots rang out, one hitting Jack. I picked up his rifle and headed towards the back of the clinic where another guy in all green showed up, said not a single word and shot at me, I returned fire and I was killed.
  4. Glidingz

    Decker Decking Himself

    He did.
  5. Glidingz

    Highway 61 - Media Thread 📸

    '' Always keep a hold of that radio Decker '' Alex Yeras
  6. Before the Apocalypse: Carter Gray, born and raised in the United States of America, NY City. He started playing baseball at a young age, cruised through his high school getting the highest grades, he eventually went pro with his baseball career and started travelling around the world to major countries, he eventually heard about a place called Chernaurus. He flew out there with the entire baseball team to meet people, turns out those people were fans and they did tours around the entire country. Eventually Carter settled down in a city called Cherno, he lived in apartment 226, top floor looking out at the entire city. His team bought out the rest of the building and lived there too. They eventually got back to playing baseball regularly back in the states and all over the world. Carter met a girl in the states and they eventually moved in together back at Chernarus around the time the infections started spreading. His significant other was a nurse, she would always go out of her way to help others even if it meant she endangered herself. Carter didn't really like this but he said nothing because he knew how much it meant to her, they spent the remaining months before everything went to shit in that apartment in Cherno, he left his baseball career behind to spend the rest of his life with this ''perfect'' woman. During the Apocalypse: Day 3 of the outbreak, Carter ''Lillie, I don't know if we can really be doing this.....'' they would exchange looks at each-other ''Carter please, I.. This.. We have to do this ok? We have to.'' A gunshot would be heard ringing throughout the building, then silence. Day 17, Carter ''LILLIE?! WHERE ARE YOU? I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING LILLIE.'' Silence ensures, infected slowly start to walk towards him yelling so he hides inside a building and doesn't move until morning, he searches and searches for Lillie but she is nowhere to be found. Day ..... Carter ''Why do I still talk into this thing? She's gone, she can't listen to these anymore. Whatever, I need to find some supplies I'm running low.. I.. Don't know what day it is or how long it's been since...'' infected start to swarm Carter and he has to use his bat to get out of there.
  7. Glidingz

    Highway 61 - Media Thread 📸

    ''Don't hate what you don't understand.'' - John Lennon
  8. Glidingz

    Highway 61 - Media Thread 📸

  9. My POV: We had just walked into Stary's tents there were 4 of us at the time, myself (Declan) Yury, Alexi and I forgot the other guys name, we bumped into a guy called ''Dustin'', we exchanged names and had a nice little friendly chat before leaving, as we were leaving I shot an infected near the road (No People were in sight just AI zombies) after I shot, Yury shot, which obviously led to more zombies coming as his was unsurpressed and a SVD. After that we heard shooting in the town, we started to walk out into the field after shooting more AI infected that were on us, after that we are about 50 meters out in the field and I hear a single shot, Yury goes down and a guy were with I forgot his name too, it began with an A, I'm sure of it. Once he Yury gets shot, the other guy turns around and fires back at this other person, after that no more shots are fired. No Initiation Invalid kill rights
  10. Glidingz

    Highway 61 - Media Thread 📸

  11. Server and Location: Summer Camp Romashka Approximate time: (UTC): 2019-06-19, 20:20 to 21:30 some where around there I'm guessing It's more on the lower end. Character Name: Declan Miles Names of allies involved: @Phoenix @Pastor Of Muppet @DookieCS @Catstyle Name of suspects: @Shabby Additional Evidence: / Detailed Description of what happened: I was in the camp the entire day, re-building with a guy IC called Johnny, our camp was FULL of people the entire day too. I was placing a construction light down in the outside the medical building and I randomly just got shot and died. No idea why, I have never met these guys IC or ever seen him in our camp. There were apparently more shooters who shot more people inside of our camp and killed 1-2 more people from our camp, @Pastor Of Muppetand @Catstyle. We have not been in any hostilities at all, not a single one of us. No kill rights.
  12. Born and raised in England, travelled around a lot. His parents were run down, robbed and then left to die by a couple of teenagers. After that Declan moved around from foster home to foster home, amazing families but he would always find a way to not want to care, or get close in fear of losing people he cared about again. He met a guy called, Jax, around the same age as him at the time, they became well.. Best-friends, they travelled the world together, with others. Declan finally started caring for people when one day they looked at social media and saw the events of what happened inside of Chernarus, they added it to their next destination for their travels. They finally arrived in 2016 and fell in love with everything, they decided to stay for that entire year and visit different places, their trip lasted longer than they wanted. Date: July 8th 2017. They arrived at the airport and were told all flights leaving were not allowed, there were chances of terrible storms and were told to go home. They did, on the way home, driving along the road they saw a helicopter flying past above them, they took no notice and carried on. The helicopter kept going and Declan, Jax and their friends finally arrived back home, a small two story green house in the middle of the woods just south west of Zelenogorsk. They scrolled through social media and discovered the same helicopter they saw flying around an old storage base, they brushed it off and went to sleep. A few days go by and they still get the same response from the airports, they drive back home on the 10th, agitated and annoyed, they scroll and try to find anything from social media on why people are not being let out out, midnight rolls around and they start a fire, talk ''war-stories'' and are all having a laugh, the ground starts to shake slightly and they all halt and become very quiet. Nothing. They laugh and go to sleep, a few days go by and everything starts falling apart, Chernarus starts to fall apart from these, crazed people trying to kill other people. Declan and his friends stay inside that house for a week and a few days, they start running low on food and other supplies. One night they see a light inside the woods and a few voices, they get closer and closer eventually, you guessed it. Knocking on the fully light up house, fire on, candles lit all 9 yards. Declan opens the door and its two military personnel, head to toe in camo wearing helmets with the word ''NATO'' engraved into it. Declan seems very worried as they walk into the home, close the door and sit down on the couch removing their weapons and helmets. The two groups sit down and they all start asking questions, one of the men ask Declan if he knows anything about whats going on and if he knows how to survive in-case anything happens. He simply responds ''Uh-Y-yeah''. The soldier starts telling the group of people, how they made it out of a camp just north of Zelenogorsk, they said their base was bombed by something, luckily they were out in the woods ''smoking''. They talk all throughout the night about how to do certain things, Declan lets them stay the night downstairs and heads up to one of the rooms, he takes a drink of water and starts to feel nauseous. He passed out on his bed, hours and hours go by, the house is silent. Declan wakes up and heads downstairs, wobbling around like he is drunk out of his mind, he goes inside of the kitchen and.. There is blood everywhere, the walls are sprayed with it, there are bullet holes everywhere, bullet casings on the floor, the front door is wide open. Two of Declans friends are dead in the corner of the room, filled with bullet holes, seem to have markings on their necks look like teeth marks, there is one of those ''NATO'' helmets in the middle of the room covered in blood, no sign of Jax, Declan's best-friend, Declan starts to freak out and he runs outside the house and doesn't stop running, it eventually becomes day time. He stops, his hands shaking he looks around and he is... somewhere. His adventure alone now begins.
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