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  1. Yekaterina Nikolaev and her twin brother Matfey were born in Kamensk—separated at the age of three. While Yekaterina stayed in Kamensk with their mother and grandmother, Matfey went to live with their father in America. As she grew older, Yekaterina enjoyed hearing stories of America from Matfey's perspective, and hoped to travel there one day. She felt stuck in Kamensk, a place she had long dreamed of escaping from. Since she was old enough to earn a wage, Yekaterina worked as a waitress at a local bar while she acted as caretaker and soul breadwinner for herself and her mother after she had suffered a stroke in 2013. After her mother's passing, following a second stroke in February 2017, Yekaterina had nothing keeping her in Kamensk. In April 2017, she moved to Chernogorsk to become a firefighter, drawn to the idea of losing herself (and her grief) in the service of others. In Cherno, while she wasn't training, she enjoyed the city life and being able to visit the beach. She even enjoyed speaking with tourists from all over the world. Her world was opening up. In July 2017, her newly expanding world literally exploded. As a novice firefighter, she barely held herself together during the ensuing fires, riots, and the general infernal commotion that wrought Cherno in a very short time. When she made it out on the other side of the sheer adrenaline panic and confusion of it all, she was surprised to have lived through it all. With an axe on her back, she made her way out of Cherno and traveled up the coast to see if she could find a way to send word to her brother...
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