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  1. i am so happy this group is around, been tired of very generic accents these last few months. they really speak their language which is so damn refreshing, on top of that they textRP it so that its not just gibberish for the rest of us. i really hope to see this group become a genuine power on the server, & stay for a good bit. also gg on the scrap today lads, was fun
  2. Here to leave some feedback My boys & I really enjoyed the role play from @poopslayerHP tonight! Love the character arc that started after I met y'all the first time on my new character. Keep it up, and hope to see you more & more in game!
  3. ImNovaaa

    The Saints

    y'all said you had something in the works.. this is so dope. super hyped to see y'all in game! good lucks lads
  4. yes, of course it COULD be a good addition, BUT... will it be? naw people will build mega bases to hoard more gear and hide behind. i am one who's lived in bases, even in one with 40 foot cement walls . but at this point, im over bases. it is so ridiculously boring talking to someone who you can't see who's looking at you in 3rd person crouching behind a wall.. Regardless though, this would add tiny little doors and such which would just lead to an endless tunnel that you have to hacksaw through, you can build roofs which would throw my parkour career out the window, and much much more. the ONLY way i see this working is with a LOT of restrictions, and rules pertaining to the mod. but that puts more work on the busy & lovely staff team which isn't really needed.
  5. been saying this for a while, we need base raiding tools & we need to limit the amount of gates per base. make it harder to find tools to compensate, would also make raids a LOT more entertaining than holding left click for 2 hours.
  6. Early Life So I was born in east LA to a caring mother & hard working father. We never had much growing up, but I was blessed to have a father that didn't dip out around birth. My father didn't want me to be anything like him really, at least same career path, but I looked up to him so much & I wanted to be just like him. We lived with my Aunt & her kids, & my father provided for all of us. I was getting into fights at an early age, anyone that gave me a look or anything got the smoke as we'd say. Fast forward a couple years when I started highschool, soundcloud became a thing & my boys n' I started making music. Hustling tree on the side, and using some of our money for studio time. When I was 17 I dropped out of school to pursue my dreams of going on tour with my brothas. We has gained 80k followers on social medias as our little rap group. We managed to actually book a few small venues of around 60-100 people in about 7 different locations. Tour We started off with 2 shows in CA, 1 in Dallas, 2 in Florida, 1 in Detroit, & we actually had one over seas. It was this place called Livonia, we had a small community out here & this was the most general location that they could all gather around. When we got there, the first night was amazing. I ended up taking this Norwegian broad back to our hotel room for the night. The next night we were mid show, & some of our songs have gun shot noises in the background so nobody really thought things were going on outside. UNTIL, one of those infected came barging through the door and grabbed one of our fans neck & straight up dug its teeth into her. We all managed to dip & get back to our room. It was a few hours later & my boy charlie opened up the door to check around to see if the coast was clear.. Little did we know we'd all get SCREWED a few seconds later. A crowd of them came screaming & running towards us, so we dipped. I got out of the room last and I had to hide underneath a table until they all ran past.. I couldn't find them after all of this. Start of hell.. After I lost my boys, I went LA survival mode. (will add more as I get in game)
  7. people forget that it's okay to "lose" in RP i think that's the main driver of toxicity from what i've seen.
  8. The man joined in on the hunt to kill me, I watched the whole time. You guys seem to forget @ImMason & @ImChips were "helping" you guys in Sitnik look for Johnyy & I. He participated, and I initiated on everyone at the compound, he was there. I'm not sure what you are trying to prove here?
  9. You went on the goose hunt for me... Purple fedora is what you were wearing. You fell for the trap that @ImMason & @ImChips set up on you. When you saw me behind the small rock wall they shot with you at me to make i seem like they were with you still, until I killed you when you guys checked the rock wall to see if I was still there. Are you trying to say you were not involved?? Also, this is a situation that happened well after what is being reported. We were only called in due to being in hit logs pretty sure. If you feel you were invalidly killed feel free to reach out to me or make your own report, unless staff wants to handle this here which is cool too.
  11. No, that’s why I made this poll. & that I believe there should be a minimum length required for videos so we can stay consistent. I should have added 1 minute to the poll to be honest. If it’s not a certain length, then it shouldn’t be considered as it was probably edited down which like you said, is never allowed here on dayzrp.
  12. So by saying this, my boy @ImS8n could have been dishonest and said I only started recording right before and stopped right after the kill and he would have been fine? I mean he showed that it was edited BEFORE the report, so in no way did he cut the video short to hide anything. You see how tricky this can get? I can go ahead and meta super hard, but trim my video and say I only started recording here and stopped here & id be fine. His video showed the entirety of the situation, he initiates, pauses, the guy turns towards him weapon aimed down BUT he re raises it showing non compliance so the man is gunned down, and shown in @ImS8n’s video you can clearly hear a command & consequence which is rare in the days of “hands hands hands!!” . & yet because he had trimmed it previously, his video wasn’t even considered. If my boys know i’m in church, someone pushes me and I call it out. 5 seconds later I say, “i’m dead”, then my boys know someone is in church.
  13. case by case tho am i right? I have seen many people post video evidence in which they self incriminate because they say, "aw shit im dead" after they have been killed.
  14. I wasn't even thinking about your videos tbh. Imo unless its blatant audio editing, or there is proof that the video provider has hidden evidence I think it should be considered always. For example, the videos you posted are perfectly fine imo.
  15. In truth, I am not really arguing the rulebreak that happened. Y'all are staff and you do your best & I commend that. I'm just more so curious at the inconsistency of video evidence & whats acceptable and whats not.. For example, why was Jareds video okay in this report (in which he said he was dead, but was not found guilty of meta gaming) Jared's video was only ten seconds long, & the shortest I can get my clipping down to is 30 seconds. Was this video disregarded due to its length?
  16. Then let me rephrase, it seems like it was believed to have its audio edited. Yes of course it was edited to be shortened down, but so so many other videos are as well.. Like shadowplay doesn't only record 2:37 seconds now does it? Also even though his video was edited it showed: initiation, non compliance, kill, and then it was over. What more was there to review?
  17. Sorry if you believe that! I haven't done the ask the staff report lawyer-ing though, I made it into a discussion on our forums!
  18. well a recent verdict, in which a video was posted that was no more than 10 seconds, the video wasn't even taken into account. in that same report, it was proven that the man who was initiated on even fired back at the OP but yet because his video wasn't considered it was deemed KOS. Well yes, my bad. I didn't mean if the one reporting doesn't have evidence, but if there is non at all the report turns into his/her word against theres.
  19. Hello fellow role players & those who are fond of reporting. I have a question.. So in a recent verdict there was a decision to "ignore" video evidence because of its length, & due to its length it was believed to be edited. My question/suggestion so that we can keep things consistent is: Should we ignore all evidence if it doesn't reach a certain threshold? Like how many people will post clips of situations only just right when the initiation drops, where most meta gaming happens when people coordinate initiations without double mic-ing it. Maybe make it a rule that evidence will only be considered if it reaches 3 minutes, or 5, or maybe even 10 to get the whole situation..? Also another suggestion, I forget which server does this or where I've heard of this from. When it comes to reports that have to do with: Invalid initiations, invalid kills, RDM's, etc.; as well as just reports that tend to end up inconclusive, I believe reports should only be considered if someone has video evidence.. As these reports tend to take a while and they most of the time end up inconclusive unless the OP admits to it ( if no evidence is provided ).
  20. -snip- -snip- My apologies staff, on my phone and his replies were still there for me.
  21. love you sm Nozzy, to even be spoken about by a legend like you is an honor keep these coming plz
  22. POV: First off id like to say, I don’t agree on the report. Was confused at first as to who killed me, as if he was outside the base I don’t think he’d have kill rights on me. But as he says, he jumped out. So that’s cool with me. As for what Ben said in PM’s to them, saying that I wanted to meta game their location is false. Ben had even said that they blindfolded Hector so how could I find their base via stream? Ben had shown me clips from his situation there that he thought was funny and that was that. We had already been checking radio towers for bases, for a few days now. Position logs would show that I went as far as the bottom left radio tower near D-Bug a day or two ago. Used that same reasoning today and we came across this place on our way down to Dolnik, as it was off to the side of the main red road. Didn’t know it was Cartel personally until we heard @Vandire at the front gate (at least that’s what @ImMason told me.). We initiate after they asked us not be suspicious and the man in the radio tower was aiming at us. I eventually get inside and big brain Noah TK’s me. End of my POV.
  23. When Noah, and Chase were dragging him out he shot at me when I told them to pretend to shoot at me so he’d believe them. He joined in on the “hunt” for me. I set up for it, he was involved in hunting for me so I dropped him. & If that’s not enough, why get involved in a gun fight if he didn’t want to be involved?
  24. So i think what @Atrix17 is trying to say is that, you gain defenders rights when someone enters your base knowing you’re inside without permission to be inside. Meaning you were not forced to initiate. I agree that the rules are wishy washy, but i’ve been in a situation where someone did the same thing. I killed them and it was valid. So what he’s saying is, baiting is the act of giving someone no other choice than to initiate. In this case you could have not initiated and just shot them for entering your base without permission. As for @Eagle I was very close when he died, connection logs will show. I called out the guy and asked for a crouch check, in which we realized it was an OP. The OP started shooting at @Eagle so eagle shot back and they traded. I watched it happen, if he is just supposed to stand there and get shot then oof. Also just to add my two cents. Not to be nit picky, but... In a report where an old friend of mine got perma banned. He hand only said, “hands up hands up!” with no clear consequence. In your video it shows that you made a demand, but no consequence. Subsequently making your initiation invalid. But again, not sure how that plays into things as you already had kill rights on the three that jumped in. Anyways that’s all from me, just thought i could help out a little bit.
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