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  1. Hello fellow roleplayers who have lost a beautiful M4... I have the solution. Hotbar the magazine that is bugged, and simply hit the hotbar number you put it on. It takes the magazine out and fixes the gun. Hopefully this saves some lives.
  2. ImNovaaa

    Potius Cras

    hell yes the boogey men are back
  3. ImNovaaa

    DayZRP 19.10.1

    place anywhere was great for tents but I get it
  4. Thanks for dealing with my drunk ass! I love the knew pass out emote lolllll @Hunter8008 @Pepper @Harry Taylor @Hampze
  5. For sure a no from me... Like others have said, when Legion & Wolfpack had Cherno. THAT was almost like a safe zone to an extent. Like the settlement that was just implemented, obviously there was just a wipe so everyone's working on getting supplies & such but the goal of that place is to make it a "safe" area with IC rules in place. I think IC safe zones are way way more rewarding, I would hate to have a zone for big dicking with no consequences.
  6. ImNovaaa

    Upcoming new mods

    I love the idea of a currency, but make high end things (if they are in the trader at all) EXTREMELY expensive. So that there aren't 30 man squads with M4's and 408's because they sold a couple shotguns (this is my epic way of grinding loot on PVP servers). Fast travel has its perks I guess, but I would miss running simulator to be fair but who's gonna say no to a free trip to northwest when they're low on ammo? Personally the trader can either be very cool for the server or cause issues, on some PVP servers with traders people camp them waiting for people who just bought things to leave so they can get their delicious loot. I kind of would prefer only low low tier weapons to be purchased at traders, but I would love traders for things like tools, nails, clothing, etc.
  7. ImNovaaa

    The Runners Media Thread

  8. I don't think anything should not be allowed to be said.. Saying that though, there are definitely some situations that I've been in where it just seems troll like. But not enough to where i'd care to report it. At the most if you don't like it, ask them //ooc & then if they don't then do what you need to do. Like @NozzyRP said, it'll become a slippery slope & we don't want that.
  9. Look, Anarchy has done a good job at showing their strength and its driving roleplay. People know going in that area means most of the time (not saying every single person they see) means you're getting robbed or something of the sort. So they stay out of the area and roleplay elsewhere, they're not "avoiding" roleplay, they're avoiding an IC danger, as in they are valuing their life. If no one knew where people were, like say a new member of the community, they'd head towards the middle like Kab & Vybor, and they'd run into Anarchy. Now depending on their experience there, whether they successfully got a license & had some conversations, or if they were held up and robbed; this will determine whether or not they'll come back. So instead of wondering why people are around the edges, acknowledge why they're doing it ICly & don't just think everyone's salty. I came there the other day, somehow got a license even though I've fought against Anarchy before & I enjoyed myself. I then proceeded to go through the tents and took some things behind someones back, and haven't returned since because ICly it wouldn't be so smart to do so now would it?
  10. ImNovaaa

    [Urgent Broadcast] To Anarchy and Lorcan!

    *Presses PTT* "I mean I fought y'all once and it was a laughing matter. Y'all sent an army to fight 4 people in one tower, talked shit for 2 hours and eventually all I could hear was the flies of your dead grunts. Such a sad fight that you even sent a man up with nothing but a baseball bat right after your buddy in juggernaut armor got mowed down to pieces. Eventually sure you got it down to just two of us, but what happened when the backup came and 6 of you ran in at once looking like chickens with your head cut off? Oh that's right, they got swarmed by more flies. & I lit my cigarette and walked out after sunset. I only knew those fellas for a bit, haven't heard much since that fight.. But they sure fought harder than the 30+ grunt army you sent at 9 men. So all that about, "Anarchy has never lost" give me a break.. Listen everyone.. Just get rid of the snakes that feed them info, if they don't already know what's coming they don't know how to react. Also thanks for all the legal firearms, I took all the licenses and tossed em in the tent with those beautiful firearms most of your men didn't know how to use. Ps: The names Shawn Mercury, not sure why everyone hides their identities on these little broadcasts or whatever you wanna call it. I ain't scared of these men, neither should y'all be." *Lights a cig and releases his PTT as he looks at the sunset from the rooftop of some apartments*
  11. ImNovaaa

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    Thanks boss man, excited to see us reunited! @Duquesne
  12. Shawn Mercury was born & raised in Atlanta Georgia to a single mother, as his father died in a car accident a month after he was born. His mother got into drugs and left his older sister to raise him for the most part. As Shawn got older the more he stayed away from home, and the more he got into trouble. He barely made it out of high school but he went straight into the military as he didn't care much about school. Shawn was very smart but you wouldn't know it from his work ethic, he doesn't put effort towards things that don't benefit him. After 2 years of being stationed in Virginia he was sent to Iraq, he was a trained sniper that specialized in scouting out towns, roads, etc in order for other troops to move forward. A couple years go by and Shawn has now killed 83 people.. He came back home and was NOT the same. He was losing his mind, he kept seeing the blood, cries from the families, and the endless night terrors didn't help his mind state. He had to get away for a bit and seek help, Shawn moved to Novodmitrovsk to seek therapy at their clinics and to live on his lonesome for a while. Shortly after the outbreak hit and there was no more therapy, no one to talk to, and as all he could see was blood.... That's all he looked for...
  13. ImNovaaa

    S1 - Tisy - Invalid Kill

    POV: So I was one of the hostages taken with @Mia & the other girl at the bottom of the ramp. Their initiation on us three was valid because we could hear them, but @HDragon & the rest of everyone (other than @hAwkzyyRP 's situation) were WELL out of voip range hence they ran away 10 seconds before they even initiated as I believe @Lorcan saw a good amount of people starting to show up. As you can see, @HDragon is almost 100 meters away when shot & that's quite out of voip range if you ask me. Their initiation on the 5 hostages that were on the ramp that you can see in @Mia 's video was valid, we all heard, and we complied. The rest of everyone did not hear, making @HDragon 's death invalid.
  14. ImNovaaa

    S1: 2019-09-11, 02:50 (approx), Shot Dead

    Just to help give more detail, I was one of the hostages and I was the ONLY one who followed them afterwards. That kill happened well after they were far gone away with Willow. Hutch caught up to me & we looked for them. They told us hostages we could pick our weapons up and go on our way, none of them even had weapons out.
  15. ImNovaaa


    Since mostly everything else was already discussed upon I will add this. I honestly think in situations where someone has execution rights & they ask, "perms to PK?" and the OP says no.. Then don't just still kill them simply because you have rights to, turn it into something else!! Make RP out of it! I do agree that some people have shit talked their way into a LOT of executions & its pretty awkward to see them always come back (and they almost NEVER RP out injuries at least). But since PKing is your own personal choice and we all understand that.. then start a trend of instead of still just killing the person because you can, start making demands. Start making people pay for their life, turn someone into your "slave" for an hour, etc etc. Sometimes I think the awkwardness is also caused by the people executing, if someone doesn't give you perms to PK them & you still kill them knowing they'll be back.. Doesn't it somewhat fall onto you partially as well? The server isn't made for people to just always die, its about INTERACTIONS. So instead of people always going straight for the kill, the perma kill, etc. Start making demands, & making them pay for their life in return for your mercy. Just some thoughts...
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