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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: This verdict is honestly blowing my mind. I mean no disrespect there, but I truly don't believe this is fair. The verdict is not right for a few reasons; the main reason is that the OP & I both said the report can be closed. Also, how does an invalid kill get a warning but I get a 5 day ban when we both said it could be closed? Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I am speaking for myself & I'm sure @devstatnglydank will make his own appeal. Anyways, in @WongRP 's POV video I NEVER aim my rifle what so ever. So this statement from Voodoo is false, "You receive a fair amount of shots in your direction from @WongRP and yet rather than put your hands up immediately to show no ill intention or run away from the situation you both stick around in which we see @devstatnglydank laying on the ground, gun in hand looking on the site when @WongRP runs back again from the road to fire on you both a second time." As soon as I'm shot at I turn around, take a dex pill and run ALL the way to north west airfield wall to gather myself. @devstatnglydank was the one lying on the ground. I clearly left the situation. If you don't believe me I can provide a 3 second clip of when I tried to do the "Windows Record That" thing when I ran away from the gun shots. I had NEVER tried to try get anyone banned, and I never would. So this whole thing of ruleplay is ridiculous. If I wanted to ruleplay I would have ran at him without pointing a gun and let them shoot me and then threw up a report. At the time of throwing up the report I never knew @devstatnglydank stayed at the tree line and tried to fire back, so I'd say his death was valid & he didn't try any ruleplay, instead he stayed and aimed his rifle at them to fire back. As I said though i'm speaking for myself. Again in @WongRP 's POV which I will provide here: You can CLEARLY see that as SOON as I poke out from the tree line I run away and am not seen again. I ran very very far from the situation. So for my closing statement i'll say this.. I never stayed around to "abuse" any rules that would protect me (I would never think like that, I am on this server to roleplay and enjoy myself. NOT to try and ban anyone in sight.). I simply knew something was up, and was there before any firefight broke out so I didn't run to the fire fight; I in fact never inched closer, only further & further away from Kabinino (position logs would prove this). Also as a smaller statement, I completely understand that it is up to staff whether or not a report gets closed, but I myself have never seen a request to close be denied. On top of that I was never given a response as to why it was denied, nor was there any response about the request to close it from any admin so it seems like the request was never even acknowledged by staff. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of ban and warning points. What could you have done better?: Not exactly sure, because I the verdict says that I stayed in the area causing it to be rule play. Even though I took a Dex pill (the one that gives you unlimited stamina for 30 seconds) and ran all the way inside of the North West Airfield. I guess I could have made my decision faster on whether or not I'd run into Kabinino and retaliate or just leave the situation entirely. But like I said, & like you can even very clearly see (and can even check in the position logs which I would like to be pulled up if you don't believe that I ran all the way to the airfield after being shot at) in the video provided above: I left the situation and never baited any shots, nor did I try to use any ruleplay to keep myself safe & get anyone banned. I am not that type of person, hence why I even after almost a week asked for the report to be closed. So if this ban isn't to be appealed I would really appreciate to know why the request was denied or at least why it was never acknowledged by staff, and I would like to be shown my position logs after being shot at to show that I did run away from the situation. Because in @Voodoo 's verdict he states that I didn't put my hands up or run away, which is COMPLETLY false.
  2. Alright well it's almost been a week so I couldn't care less anymore. @WongRP @YNW Pep No bad blood to y'all. Go ahead and close the report, thank you.
  3. One thing i'll say first, the barbed wire blocking off the front door is gone, so is the wall. So you had FULL access to the barrels.
  4. There were 3 cars, 5 barrels, and a couple crates lying around where they could clearly attempt to put things inside of anywhere else. My POV is the video.
  5. Watch your own guys POV, I wasn't shuffling, nor did I ever aim my rifle at you. So no need to continue to lie. Also cant help but notice when you use terms like, "Ladies and gentlemen, we got 'em" you aren't taking anything serious. & in no way am I flaming you by saying this, but it comes across as pretty immature to people. As this is how you're acting, lets just stop any back and forth and wait until staff resolves this.
  6. I wont say this again, I would never bait to get anyone banned. I never knew any of the OP were outside of the Kab compound, so there's no way in hell I could have seen you guys and start to bait shots. Just as @devstatnglydank said, he was using his scope to try and get a better view. Aiming a gun at someone doesn't give anyone kill rights. There was NO shuffling happening. I also keep mentioning 200 meters because I've seen numerous times in reports when a staff member mentions why someone was shot from even just distances of 150 meters. As in to say how could you have identified it being someone you had active kill rights towards. You have clearly admitted to breaking a rule as you are stating I am hiding behind one. You can say that ALL you want, but the fact of the matter is.. & this will be my final statement until a staff member replies. I was in that same tree line minutes before any gunfire, so no I never ran into an already active hostile situation. I never did a "bandit shuffle" (which just sounds like some excuse you are trying to use in which gave you reason to shoot me). The guy standing up was me, I never aimed a rifle at all, not even to get a better view, so stop lying stating that I aimed at you. Yes, very much so had I identified a hostile that I 100% knew initiated on my friends, would I have used my defenders rights like anyone else would. But as you guys only initiated on the people INSIDE of the compound, I never thought to look out for people running outside of Kab just shooting at anyone they saw. We had 3-4 people within the town of Kab that did in fact either used their defenders rights (and were killed) or threw their hands up. So we no longer were getting any information from anyone inside of Kab, so yes we stayed a very good distance away (remember we weren't just 200 meters from Kab, these men had pushed out of Kab and still shot at us from far away. So we were a good 350+ away from Kab.) to try and see if we could get any info to see if our guys were okay. @devstatnglydank & I are not in any way the type of people to "bait" anybody. I have been baited countless times, but yet I still always initiated so that I would stay within the rules. So you admitted to breaking a rule, and are trying to say I "baited" you into breaking it. You can say that all you want. You can't run far from a fight and just shoot at someone. What you're trying to say that if there's ever a fight at Kab again, then I can run to Vybor or VMC, and just kill anyone there because they have a gun out and don't have their hands up. That my friend, would be a rule break. I understand where suspicions would be that you thought we may have been hostiles, but you STILL have to initiate on us. It's as simple as that. There was no NVFL, no baiting, no one was trying to get anyone banned (that's what children would do), and I never once aimed my rifle at you or showed any hostilities towards you. The OP has now admitted to breaking a rule, so it seems clear to me. I'd hope someone wouldn't be able admit to breaking a rule but be able to point fingers and say, "Well its their fault I broke it" (talking about the baiting claims & ruleplay claims in which they think we did such things to get someone banned) and slip clean from an obvious rule break that they even admit themselves to breaking.
  7. This is the last thing i'll say. I have & others have asked if simply pointing a gun at someone is initiation, and it has always been no. Lets just even take @devstatnglydank out of the situation for a second. I was standing, not aiming a weapon, and not doing any "bandit shuffle". In his POV I simply poke out from the tree line for merely a second and am shot at. Simply because a man was killed at the green house does not imply that us 200 meters away are posing a threat, especially if we have not taken any hostile action towards you. If the OP had ran up and initiated on us as they may have thought we were with the man in Gary Cash, then by all means I completely get it. Also honestly, if we weren't a dynamic and we were all wearing armbands same as the people inside the walls I'd even say then that their shooting was justified. I was wearing no indication of being in a group, did zero hostile acts towards the OPs, was never initiated on, and yet they attempted to kill me. In the most respectful way, I'm not sure where any confusion is? The OP shot at someone who they never initiated on, and who never posed a threat to them. If I can get an explanation within the rules that they had kill rights on me then go ahead and close the report.
  8. My friends simply say that they are getting some bad vibes from the people inside of the base. They initiate while we are watching from a good distance away. Our friend @Ram runs over to check out the situation, see's our guys inside, and proceeds to use his defenders rights on the OP. He goes silent so we obviously assume he's dead or possibly captured. About 15-30 seconds later we start getting shot at. Now I never even saw the people who shot at us at the time, I quickly ran away. So like I said, I was never able to even use my defenders rights if I had chosen to do so. We stood a very good distance away, and kept ourselves hidden as best we could to avoid any trouble. I quickly ran away once we started getting shot at, obviously showing value for my life. Had I ran into Kab full steam ahead and got gassed then sure I'd understand being shot at, and i'd be showing NVFL no doubt. If my friends weren't inside of Kab then sure I would leave once I heard gun shots because i'd have no reason to stick around. My character cares about his brothers(friends) so of course I'm not going to run miles and miles away. Especially not until I know my guys are okay. In no way were we showing NVFL. I wouldn't throw my hands up in an open field unless initiated on, nor would I willingly go turn myself into the OP. So I was already in the area before it became actually hostile, telling my guys inside to just try and leave the compound before anything happened if anything was going to happen. I didn't hear gunshots before and then run to the firefight. We were there for a little bit trying to get info from our guys, but as they would need to double mic any info they could give us it was quite hard for them to tell us anything without seeming suspicious. So we didn't know much about what was actually going on. @Johnny Navid survived the whole thing and informed us it was Orel and Legion after the fact, and gave us info on what went down. Only then did I know to the full extent what happened.
  9. This is the report I've referred to a few times. I HAD to correctly identify the target. Also if you'd like to check position logs, I was there before the initiation. So I didn't run into the area after it all started. I simply stayed there to watch the situation from a safe distance to not be deemed hostile. It is the OPs job to correctly identify whoever they shoot? Also if they wanted to shoot at us (lets say they knew we were with the people who they initiated on within the compound, although they didn't because we were not wearing armbands), the would need to initiate on us. Our friends saying that there's people at Kab, doesn't make the situation automatically hostile. Only until they initiate and we hear gun shots does it become hostile. Also when our friends go silent on our coms, we don't know if they're dead, have their hands up, etc. For all we know they needed to mute to hear someone in VOIP better. They went silent about 2 minutes before any gunfire started. So again if you'd like to check position logs to see that we didn't run in to the area after gun shots, please do.
  10. Our friends radioed us that the town was surrounded, so we went to simply check out the situation. Being 200 meters away does not put me into the situation. There could be random civi's in a town when a fire fight breaks out and by no means unless initiated on does someone have kill rights on them. You can see in his POV that I move from behind the tree for a second to get a better view, and I'm instantly shot at. I've seen many many situations/reports where someone was killed because someone did not identify the person correctly. Didn't matter if they were right in front of them or far away like this situation. I myself have been banned for the same thing, rightfully so.
  11. I mean all your video does is more so prove that you shot at me for simply standing behind a tree. Not ever would I try and get anyone banned as well so don't accuse us of that. He has a weapon out to scope out the situation, could have been ANYONE. Again man, 200 + meters away. Pretty simple to me, but I'm done responding so we don't have any back and forth.
  12. Shuffling?? I was standing still behind a tree. That is a blatant lie, if my recording software worked properly you'd see that clearly. We never went into Kab, you killed him when he was 200 meters away, and could have been ANYONE inspecting gun shots like many many people do. Now if we ran into Kab then sure i'd more so get it. I mean Wong you would know about this, I got banned for the same situation and you were 2 meters away from me and I still had to make sure I identified my target. Which is correct in what I should have done, hence why I was banned. Now he was 200 meters away and I was at least 250+ and was getting shot at as I sprinted away until I was even probably 300+ meters away. So if someone needs to identify from 3 meters away, shouldn't you have to identify from 200 meters?
  13. I came to Kab because my friends said they were surrounded but then they all went silent and shots started going crazy. So we went up to the tree line to look at the situation. Again, 200-300 meters away. It is YOUR job to identify the person you're shooting. You had zero kill rights on @devstatnglydank & I and yet you shot at us killing Daryl. Would have killed me as well if I didn't run away. Running into the town would be running into the fight, I assumed my guys threw up their hands so there's no reason for me to start shooting, as me shooting would put their life in danger.
  14. As you can see from the kill logs, we were just about 200 meters out. That's not running into a firefight. You initiated on the people within the compound, not us. The other people in our group that did engage with you, who were at the compound you had every right to kill no doubt, but @devstatnglydank was 195 meters away when you killed him & I was well behind him when I was getting shot at putting my distance to at least 250 + meters.
  15. The two kills by me in those logs are a different situation. Two men were hiding in a garage that I happened to open up while looking for a car battery with Vali, when I opened the door they were crouched down hiding and said, "Don't run or i'll shoot!" I ran around the corner to tell Vali that two guys just initiated on me, and so we ran after them. They saw Vali first, shot at him and I came from behind and killed them both. That situation happened before the situation I am reporting about.
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