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  1. I was like any other southern Californian 21 year old.. Surfed every other day, went to a party school, spent my nights either face in his textbooks or out doing dumb things with my friends, etc. During the summer there was a kickback at my apartment, all of my friends from school where there and we started talking about traveling. We decided to play a game with my darts from my dart board to choose where we'd travel to. So we printed out multiple images of the world map and taped them all along my wall creating one big map. They decided since it was my apartment I should be the one to put the whole in the wall, so they spun me around 5 times and i closed my eyes and threw the dart when they eventually turned me towards the wall. It landed on a town called Chernogorsk. Having no idea where that was, we did our research about the area and saw that the area was filled with beautiful hiking trails, old castles to visit, and so much more. Sure it wasn't the tropical Costa Rica we hoped to go to, but it was something different and we were excited. Couple weeks later, here we are in Chernogorsk, the dead are now walking everywhere, and the whole damn country is in panic. I was with my friends trying to get out of the city, we were trying to get some of our things from our rooms, but they only let one person in to go grab whatever they could. I argued as much as I could with the people up front to not make my friends wait outside with those things running around, but they just would not let my friends in. So I bolt upstairs to grab what I could, as I come back down the stairs I see my friends being trampled by a group of those things outside the door, and I yell at the two people up front to let my friends inside. I had to watch my friends be eating alive right in front of my eyes after the man pulls out a handgun and tell me to back away from the door. I head upstairs and find a way onto the roof via ladder on the top floor, genuinely thinking of jumping after witnessing all of my friends be killed right in front of my eyes. Only to have the man who held me at gun point to come up the ladder trying to talk me out of it.. I slowly stand up from sitting on the ledge and approach the man who was trying to be as apologetic as possible and grab him by the shirt, he then goes for his gun again and I hit it out of his hands, and I start to pull him towards the ledge. He's begging me to let go, but any amount of sympathy, love, joy, or kindness had left my soul. I then push him off the edge where he screams on his way down, instantly dying on impact. Grabbing his gun I slowly head down the stairs to get my revenge on the other man who got my friends killed. As soon as I turn the corner to him I raise the gun and pull the trigger without hesitation. I was no longer the kind spirited man I used to be, I was now heartless, and set on taking my anger out on the world.
  2. Chase was the son of a former Navy seal, and a stay at home mother. His father was being targeted by a hit man because of the things he did in the force. His mother was murdered when he was a young boy, and his father fled the country with him and his twin brother to a town called Stary Yar, in Chernarous. Growing up isolated because their father trusted just about nobody, the two twins did not have very many social skills. What they did have, was their fathers training. He trained the two from when they could walk, to fight, use weaponry, hunt, survive, and by any means necessary.. protect each other. Chase and his brother Jaxson could not eat unless they hunted for themselves, thus giving them their nicknames: Scout and Tracker. Chase (Scout) could hear and see things from very long distances as his eyesight was unbelievable. Jaxson (tracker) would get the information from Scout and would be able to pick up their trail and from then on there was zero chance of their prey to escape, as he could follow their trails for miles. Scout was trained in close courters combat, he was the rusher. Tracker was a trained marksman, he would sit back and watch from a far. They both we're very talented in all departments though. Their father got news of the outbreak and was getting the boys prepared for the worst, he sent them off to bed for rest as he knew the following days would be draining. Though that next morning, the boys woke up at their usual time of 4 am to the realization that their father was missing. The boys then reacted like their father always told to them to react, trust no one, and do anything to protect each other. Eventually the hunting in the area became scarce, and so the twins Scout and Tracker... begin their journey of Chernarous.
  3. I'm going to explain why I don't give these people the time of day for no reason what so ever. They have a group, I am solo in this situation so it will always be 4 peoples words against mine. This conflict between them and I ONLY started because of OOC drama between us in a discord chat after the incident with Red. There was no power gaming involved at all! He was telling the Novo group (before the wipe) that we all looked tasty, wearing a human flesh mask, leaving human meat everywhere (when you've dealt with cannibals a lot you start to see that humans don't look like tri tip), and was doing everything he could to creep us out. Which was good RP! We we're all tired at this point (the three of us left awake at the new Novo base), so after Kato & his group told us that One One (the cannibal) was with them we simply asked him to leave and not to do those actions around us. Even in the original Discord call in the Helpdesk Channel one of their OWN people said, "Well I mean come on guys its pretty obvious". Regardless, back to the discord call after I shot at Red and was killed by Ricky/Kato. I had asked Kato or Ricky OOC after I died if they killed me or why did they kill me because I was confused on how I died, as I did not know Red was with them at all, as he wasn't wearing an armband like them. Not that he has to, but that's where my confusion came in. They told me in the call that they're together, and from my eyes that could have been the end of the call as I understood they were friends, so they had rights. All good right? Until the 3-4 of them start to trash talk and proceed to just yell over me for the next 5-10 minutes in which I eventually just hang up because its 4 against 1 and the conversation was going no where. After that they "found" me at Cherno and we went and talked. I was confused as to why I was being held at gun point as when I was killed, I was supposed to forget about them having a cannibal and us ever having any conflict. I was told now that there's a contract that they're making up for me, and if I don't complete it within 24 hours I would die. Admitted by them to Peril in the helpdesk, this was a lie that they made up. Now is lying a rule break in RP? Not at all, but is having OOC motivation to do things, as far as I remember, yes. I may have misspoken saying that, "they are not allowed to have conflict with me or they will be banned". As I know, no one can stop someone from RPing with someone else. I was simply given a suggestion to ask respectfully if they could drop our story line between us because of it starting due to OOC reasons. In which I did so twice in a very respectful manor. Expressing that this is genuinely ruining the RP experience for not just me, but others who are involved with me. Also because its OOC driven. If I had the recording of the discord call it would make a lot more sense and people would see why I don't respect this group whatsoever. You can see in the video I mention how long its taken them to find me since the Incident where they accused me of combat logging/ghosting in which I was proven innocent for. I say that because the ONLY times they have ever found me is when a streamer is present around me. Even in "TeamRyans" stream one night that they "found" Willow shortly after I went to sleep, someone in chat asks, "Who's that girl?" in which Ryan of course like anyone else would, tell them who it is/find out. Which is fine! But of course they show up shortly after when they could have found us the whole time we walked up the coast from Cherno to where Ryan was North East of the map, with two other WolfPack members. The other time they found me, Gratchi was streaming, and then boom all of a sudden, Kato shows up. Now I explained this in my appeal, but i'll explain it here as well. Regardless if they showed up or not, it was fathers day and I had IRL things to attend to. I was there to drop off my normal ammo run, then go to sleep. There was ZERO initiation by them, which is why I was proven innocent for not combat logging. So after I went inside, I dropped my things off and logged off. Only to have to stay because I was asked to be in a Discord call with them about the situation in which they repeatidly asked, "Well did he do anything wrong?", "I mean he didn't do anything wrong?" , etc etc etc. In which Peril (who has been a great help through all of this) responded with a simple question, "Did you guys ever initiate on Bodey?". They responded with a no, then another, "So he did nothing wrong?". Peril responded I cant say yes or no, but as you can tell they some what got their answer when they admitted they had not initiated on me. You can see in Gratchi's stream that they're blatantly saying they're going to kill me. They just tell everyone I'm around that they just want to "talk" when I know because they've told me IC that they're just going to kill me. I've talked with Peril and its obviously almost impossible to prove stream sniping especially when you're not a streamer. Hence why there's not too much I can do to combat this situation other than respectfully ask for this OOC driven hate/want to kill me to stop. Because IC, there was NEVER an issue with their group and ours. It's also funny how ONLY your group can recall the "contracts" you did for us. All I remember is asking you guys to help watch the mechanic shop while we packed up because The Time and Montgomery's people weren't fond of us moving so we were a little nervous. In which I asked MULTIPLE times, "What can we pay you with? What can we do for you?". All you ever told me was, "Its on the house. It's all good man. Naw don't worry about it". So not once, not once did you ask me for two Nato Suppressors and a car. Because that would make ZERO IC sense for me solely to take that contract, I have maybe found one of those suppressors in my whole time playing on the server. I would've said okay well thank you anyways but we'll handle this ourselves. This only more so proves that this is a lie, and because we never had any IC issues, also proves more so how OOC driven this is. You have even talked about this in the Discord and have responded with, "So?". At this point, you're just out to get me as you have told me, "stop playing the victim" after I simply asked you respectfully what I have explained previously. Its never been about "winning", as explained when you sign up for this, you can have fun "loosing" as well. In which I have, multiple times. As for the whole thing about an Admin saying they "cant", I should have worded my words better. I could make a report on them right, but if I do that, I'm reporting a whole damn group, and to be honest I don't care to do so. Hence why I tried my best to just personally communicate with Kato and them to resolve this ourselves. I've spoken to Peril a good amount about this situation, and he's the one who suggested I speak to them because I don't want to make a report. Being VERY frustrated, annoyed, and upset that I cant even enjoy RP anymore because they show up every time I'm near anyone.. I had misspoken trying to just say, if we cant resolve this here then I will make a report with my evidence of them telling people they are just going to kill me, make a report on the Red situation as Red multiple times said he wasn't with a group, so he knew what he was doing when he purposely didn't do ask we asked him to do (bait us into shooting him so that we'd be shot by his friends), speak on the fact that its always a "coincidence" that they show up any time Willow or I were near a streamer (and many people can attest to this), and some more. Also that they were all in a discord call, calling me seconds after I was killed, and I'm sure we're talking about this whole, thing because Ricky himself was acting like he didn't like Red, even pointing his gun at him before we asked him to leave. Just even more proof of baiting. All in all, told them that an admin said I could just report them if my attempt to stop things without a report didn't work. Could've reported the whole time but I really don't want anyone banned, I simply wanted this to stop because its OOC driven. So my apologies on that. Other than that, its simple, these guys have been out to get me, spreading lies, stream sniping, and more all because of our OOC argument. That they started because they we're trying to "school" the new guy on the rules, in which I never even said they broke during the situation with Red and them killing me. This whole situation has ruined RP for me. Anyways, hope y'all can see my side of the situation and see where I'm coming from. Thank you.
  4. I'd like this to be my final statement when it comes to this group of people. There is evidence in "Gratchi's" stream that they're going to kill me. So there was nothing I could do, and I'm not going to give stream snipers and meta gamers my time of day, they have never provided good RP ever since the incident with Red. I have had to tell this story a million times. I don't take this group seriously because after the whole thing with Red, in which I asked him to leave our sight or else. In which he did not listen, so we shot at him, then shortly after I was killed by Ricky and Kato. They then called me into a discord with all of them, explaining Red was with them so that's why they killed me. So I said okay and thought that was that, but I was then "trash" talked and had a bunch of back and fourth with 3-4 other guys so obviously the conversation went no where. Due to that conflict, EVEN admitted by them although I'm sure they'd deny it now because I unfortunately don't know how to record a discord convo, nor did I think id have to, they created this "contract" in which they asked for things knowing I cant get them in 24 hours so that they could kill me. This contract made to eventually just kill me was made because of OOC drama. Not one person IC other than their group could tell you that they told me I had a contract, nor would I EVER accept that ridiculous contract for simply standing around and even ruining one of our cars, it would make zero IC sense for me to accept the contract. I have respectfully asked this group to stop this story line as I haven't been able to enjoy RP whatsoever, mainly because its OOC driven about a situation that my character was supposed to forget about anyways. They forced the info of me being shot by them because of the Red situation and said that's why I owe them these things, and why they made the contract up. There has been many "coincidences" that they only show up when I'm around a streamer, as you can see in the clip I mention that they've been struggling to find me. I'm tired of this situation with these people, its OOC driven and its ruining RP for people, not just me.
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: So this ban is very unfair, the report showed that I did not combat log, nor did I ghost. There was no initiation so there was nothing forcing me to stay. Whether it was a "hostile" RP situation or a friendly one, I would have had to leave due to IRL (in real life) things I had to do. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I had to leave for fathers day because I had plans with my dad to go out. I ended up not going due to being called into the "Helpdesk" by the people who were accusing me of combat logging, and I needed to deal with this situation. So that's why you'll see that I logged back on after the discord call. Like I said, I had to go regardless of it being a negative or positive situation. I would have stayed if I had been initiated on, but like the report says, I did not get initiated on. So I feel that it is very unfair that just because these people are upset that they didn't "get me" at that moment, and I had to go due to IRL things that I'm being punished for it. I'd understand if I logged after being initiated on, but that would be combat logging as well. If I'm not allowed to attend to IRL things because they wanted to "talk" to me, AKA kill me like they did today then I don't see how anyone see's that that is fair in anyway. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd really like this ban to be taken away so I can continue to enjoy myself and not have to worry about IRL things getting me banned in the future. What could you have done better?: I guess the only thing I could have done better was to type, "//I have to go attend to IRL things" in the chat, and I will do so next time a situation like this starts to happen.
  6. Can you provide that I was speaking about you guys? Because IC I have never told anyone you have killed me. Regardless, your report is about "Combat logging", in which there was no initiation. As for being held up, it literally happened less than a minute after I woke up in the same house as Artyum, he held me up, let me go, I then tell him to get in the garage because he ruined my ducktape so I asked for his, and told him he probably shouldn't hold up random people. I then made my way down to the Wolf Pack camp, where you asked to talk and I was there to drop some things off then go to "sleep" because I had IRL things to do. There was zero initiation, and that's even coming from your own mouths to the Admin we spoke to in the discord when you guys repeatedly asked, "Well did he do anything wrong? Did he?" and he simply asked, "Well did you guys ever initiate on him?", and you guys proceeded to say, "We did not". So that was that. They asked nicely for us to go back and forth, so this is my last response unless asked to speak. Thanks
  7. As well in Gratchi's stream you can see that they did in fact say that they were going to kill me, and just kill me the next time they see me.
  8. I'm talking about when you invited me to the discord after you guys killed me, that's the "trash" talk I'm referring too. As for saying you've killed me multiple times, I never have said such thing. I've never actually IC told a soul that you've killed me. Kota himself in the discord with the admin said that it was a lie, and that there was never a contract with just me. You ONLY made up the lie after you guys invited to the discord after Kota & Ricky killed me. Regarding the report itself, I can get the admin to comment that they themselves admitted that there was no initiation so therefor I had every right to leave the server and attend to IRL things. Was going to log within the next couple minutes even if they didn't show up, if they had initiated on me then I would have had to stay. Simple as that.
  9. These people have continued to contact me OOC to "trash" talk multiple times. I said they had walked past me multiple times as others in the Wolf Pack were already looking for me as you can watch Gratchi's stream, and the others tell Gratchi that they couldn't find me. I've asked multiple, multiple, times since their OOC drama started with me after they killed me when I found out about the cannibal and they killed me that they please stop this story line, as I was supposed to forget about the situation and the ONLY reason they were hunting me is because of the "trash" talk that they started by inviting me to their discord. Respectfully asked multiple times to stop the "harassment" as I haven't been able to RP whatsoever as they follow me on peoples streams and what not. But this has already been discussed with the Admin I mentioned earlier, and I haven't made a report simply because I don't care to get a whole group into a big mess and possibly banned. That's why I've been personally messaging him asking to stop this nonsense as the Admin suggest I do as well. Anyways like I said before, they admitted that there was never an initiation so I was not forced to stay in the server. And the Artyom guy held me up close to an hour ago north of Cherno where the incident happened, in which after he realized I wasn't someone he thought I was I locked him in a garage and told him not to follow me. Like I said though, that was well over the combat log timer.
  10. Okay, well this was already discussed with an admin on discord. It is as simple as this, they started drama OOC because I told people they work with a cannibal and they got mad. Regardless, they killed me after I found out so I was supposed to forget. But they forced the information on me again and started horrible RP drama. Anyways, I did in fact log after I went inside their base because I already had to leave for fathers day and other IRL things. But as admitted by them to the person on Discord (the admin) there was NO initiation, therefor nothing was keeping me in the server. Gratchi had told me to join the server back in which I was going to so that they didn't start more drama once I found out they were accusing me of combat logging, but I had my parameters on server two from earlier when the queue was huge for server one. But regardless, like the admin/moderator, whatever his role was, said," There was no initiation as stated by you guys, so nothing was forcing him to be in the server." Thanks
  11. ImNovaaa

    S1 Chernogorsk: KOS / Invalid Kill

    Like I told others I didn't know it was a different character, but your other character had tried a disguise around me before so you see why I had my suspicions.
  12. ImNovaaa

    S1 Chernogorsk: KOS / Invalid Kill

    I was one of the people inside the trader base during the time, we didn't let anyone in because we had no authority to let anyone in. We simply were there until Chip/Chip's people got back. I was the one who knew it was @RavenousRP from The Time because I knew his voice. So we really weren't going to let him in. I fired the warning shot at the first person who climbed up the ladder, then shortly after we told them the next shot wouldn't miss. Someone then proceeded to climb up as soon as I turned to look behind me, and no one shot because it was such an iffy situation because we're not really Chips people so we didn't want to kill people on his behalf. Then the guys on the factory had their miss fire, shortly after the man next to me on the roof was shot, and so started the fire fight. So the people saying no one climbed the ladder are simply saying false statements.
  13. I got it already, thank you though!
  14. Server - S1 Time - afternoon in game/8:30 out of game Name in game - Bodey James Allies - People of the time were there, and my people of the mechanic shop. Suspect - Abel (I don't know his full name, French accent, works with the hospital in Severograd) Decsription - Simply sitting in the road with multiple people, some people on the hospital roof. Talking about who we can trade with and who we cant. Out of no where I get shot at, so everyone scrambles. I was hit once before they started yelling to put our hands up, so of course I didn't put my hands up then because they already shot. Anyways we figure out who shot and it was Abel, who works for the hospital. So Abel comes into the house I am yelling to put my hands up or I will be killed. So I had started to record shortly after. Anyways, hands got put up because I've been dealing with people who just kill to kill so much lately so I decided to just record the situation and what happens happens. He comes in the room while I have my hands up, and I get killed. Tired of so so so much ruined RP lately. Here's the clip, for some reason my voice wasn't recorded but you can hear him say put your hands up or die, but also lie and say when I talked about the puppies that I was "making fun of his accent". And if you don't believe me then I have multiple witnesses that his "accent" wasn't being made fun of. And that he said I ran after they said hands up although if I didn't run when they first shot id be dead. They only said hands up after they missed all of their shots as I ran inside that building. Video Evidence
  15. I click on where it says here, but the link doesn't work. theres no report link under the support tab
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