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  1. "hey bro some nobody chattin on your radio" Joey would call over to Max. "And you are? You don't think we've checked their headquarters? Searched the country for their caches? If we knew, we would've taken everything by now. Again though, PLKT isn't really the enemy, they're just a failed government force that refuses to accept they need to hand over the reigns & let us fight for them. On top all that, they just threatened to supply the enemy force.. You guys really don't see that they DON'T care about y'all. They've had the resources this whole time and haven't offered more than 20 bullets per person. "GET OFF THE RADIO WE'RE GETTING RAIDED!!" "You'll hear more from us later, fucking damnit"
  2. You'd here the boys steaming up some old coffee beans, and someone cold starting the freshly tuned up mustang "The lady is the Yellow coat, is not a representation of VK nor has she ran with VK in weeks. On top of that, your quote on quote limited supplies consist of FUCKING HELICOPTORS! Teach people who have the balls to fight D-Squad how to fly those damn things and let us take care of the issue. Two scenarios I can name off the top of my head where you needed people, because your soldiers are incompetent are when The Gov. crashed his car & when you couldn't take over the ammo crafters building without them destroying everything inside. You, PLKT have no control over the people. Us, VK do. When people see Orange they stand up, weapons holstered, and listen to every word we say. Though there are a few people to brave for their own good, most listen to us. You on the other hand let them shoot up the ammo crafters home before negotiations ever really started. Left over pork grease would be poured into a pot to start cooking some of the bacon fat we still have from last nights meal. "Hey man, you are never allowed to have beans with us again. Your gas stunk the whole building up." Joey said to the new recruit. Supply us, and let us fight the fight that you can't. These are not selfish needs, where were you when we protected 90% of the population in Sin City for two weeks from D-Squad & Sobaki attacks?! With little to no payment. I can promise you this, the people would feel safer in our hands than yours in a million years. So until you lot start meeting our demands, say it with me everyone PLKT IS FUCKING US OVER!" Max would snatch the piece of bacon with the most fat on it, take it outside to feel the cold morning breeze, and would have a smoke. Today would be a long and busy day.
  3. First off I’m excited for groups to pop up, diversity is really needed on the server right now. Second off, shoutout to @Saltedfor today’s RP. In the middle of a hostage situation he was able to attend to a sick man, and I genuinely (may sound cheesy) felt immersed. A guy who just lost everything he owns, was able to pick up the pieces & help this guy out. I hope to see more of that in the future. Excited for what’s next with y’all!
  4. You’d hear a mustang in the background getting revved, music playing on a cassette player, and some small talk. “Hello boys & gals of River Point. This is Max from VK, one of the men you spoke to while you were against the house. I made you chant the words, “PLKT is the one fucking us over”. I hope that is what you all genuinely believe. We know there are already talks of a revolt against us, and I sincerely want to believe it’s just your anger speaking for you. As I don’t believe a war against us would do you well. I want to remind you, this is all O-Squads fault. Until they supply us in the war against D-Squad, you the people will be our supply source. We know they have the resources, and yet they refuse to give it to the strongest fighters in the country. We will fight the war for them, and they will supply us bottom line. We understand their numbers are dwindling low, but they ignored our offers of alignment. So in return, you their people are going to have to pay for them. They want to protect and care for you all? Well this is how they prove it. You’d hear the gate open with chants of celebration after a successful hunting trip. “You better start cooking that shit I’m starving.” Rabbit would say slouching on his sleeping bag ”Remember this, PLKT is fucking you over. Not VK, and no it’s not your fault either. So don’t take it personally. They have heli’s, supply lines, supply caches, etc. They even almost convinced an ammo crafter to work for them instead of D-Squad but they’re too damn dumb & fucked that opportunity up as well. So say it with me everyone, PLKT IS FUCKING US OVER. VK out.” Pork would be sizzling on a flat rock, with some baked beans cooking in a pot next to it. The boys would start grubbin’ after a long day of saving the world
  5. I’m going to make a point that maybe not everyone has noticed. This is what I believe to be the main issue in game right now… If you are not in Sobaki or VK you are 99% likely to be apart of the big coalition of ex group members or “randoms” as people would call it. So if Sobaki or VK get attitude or something from y’all, it requires us to start a war with the entire server. When VK made Sin City the entire server other than a very very small few spent all their time there and we’re apart of the coalition. One of our main reasons for stopping that was due to the fact that if we had issues with everyone it affected that entire coalition group. Coalitions are fine, and that’s all there is right now because of the Lore. Everyone has banded together to fight D-Squad. VK a few times has had issues with certain individuals & all 3 times have left the server, changed characters, or “took a break”. So even when we try to break up the coalition people’s OOC decisions put it all to a halt. There’s nothing we can do about that though, as it’s not a rule break, but just an awful mind set a lot do the community has right now. People are stuck wanting the only RP on the server to be the Lore. VK loves the events, heck we even volunteer as often as we can, but we also try to make our own story lines. Unfortunately they are getting cut off almost instantly. I feel for @Mike in all of this as his group right now is either against the entire server, or they have to sit back & do almost nothing. All because the entire server is working together, all due to the fact that every time VK tries to paint a target on our backs they leave, change characters, or “take a break”. Anyways, that’s my rant. I wish more people were like @Saltedand actually dealt with IC consequences. I mean 3 PKs since i’ve came back to the server?? Props. (Sorry if formatting is bad i’m on my phone currently.)
  6. I have done prefabs, cities, etc for other servers (and one of the first group prefabs on this server) and would love to help but I can't because final warning. I'm sure others are in the same boat.
  7. Unfortunately this is one of our biggest reasons for being inactive. There’s been instances where we were contracted on people, or talks about certain people & they simply threaten to leave the server or in some cases actually left. Normally you’d see this lead to forced hostileRP out of boredom in which leads to reports, but nope we just give up & go onto the next thing. As unfortunate as it is to say, you KNOW there’s zero hostileRP happening when there are no reports ever being thrown up. On top of that I feel for groups like Sobaki ( @Mike i’m sure feels this way) because of the map size they can never start something without entire server showing up in literally 5 minutes. One other thing, that’s smaller but should be said. A lot of the best RPers I know, who have made/ been apart of some of the best groups are all on final. They all know one tiny hiccup in a gun fight, one piece of rope left on the ground after a raid, etc will get them the boot instantly. So a lot of people are playing characters they normally wouldn’t play, and riding out the three months.
  8. Yes yes yes PLEASE. Currently it’s never been easier to raid bases, with this we could remove satchel charges & replace them with homemade explosives. Which you’d have to search for all 4 components and craft one. On top of that we could make sledge hammers extremely rare, as they are another form of raid tool. That mod comes with so so so much better options for building, the floors and roofs actually work, and it looks better overall.
  9. Quick question about pre-fabs.. I was told today we could make a pre fab for our group, as most flat land areas are taken up I was wondering if getting trees removed from area is a possibility? I have a lot of experience with prefabs, none with landscaping though unfortunately. There are a couple good spots, but they have those small pine trees all over it. Other than that, the map updates look sick and I'm hyped for the new lore groups. @Kerkkoh
  10. Unfortunate I was excited to attend with VK members, as we enjoy parades.
  11. O7 Our most successful group ever, proud to be apart of it. Hope to come back some day. VK ON TOP
  12. Unfortunately you couldn't take feedback without an attempt at throwing another group under the bus. As we have not reported many many very clear rule breaks, and us giving you good feedback when you deserved it.. for you to bash us of all people is sad. In the first video, I'd like to point out the fact that you trimmed the clip to not show you NVFLing to 7+ people being the last one in your group. In the video you can hear us not prioritizing kill rights, and instead telling you that you can still put your hands up to surrender. In which we would have given you RP, something we have received close to none from your side. An example would be me knocking you unconscious in a firefight with PKM, and yelling to get you back up so we could RP with you. Where we walked you to the town. Along that walk was that clip about someone saying, "You are getting sleepy". Something we have said in RP to Sobaki many times as a form of trash talking, because ICly too many times have we been called to a situation involving Sobaki & we are told you have ran off into the trees. Now did I reprimand this person for saying it one too many times during our walk? Yes, difference with our group is we take feedback and constantly improve. I will say this last thing in response to Inferno's comment. I agree with his statement about you guys continuously saying things will improve, but then nothing changes. I still have ONLY ever been given, "Have you paid your taxes?" RP from you guys. In attempts to build a story with Sobaki we brought @Mason down to the city & he PK'd and I respect him for that. What came from the PK though? Nothing, same person different name came back to attack almost 4 days in a row with nothing but an initiation.
  13. one satchel charge to get inside, but yes "rust" base! (jokes aside, i also look forward to see posts on this thread as well)
  14. SIN CITY MEDIA THREAD! (South City Hub) If you have any fun videos, pictures, moments, or serious times as well post them here!
  15. Welcome boss man, glad to have you here! Also a big soccer (football) fan my friend. Good luck on your RP adventures.
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