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  1. Not Pdizzle

    Barb wire

    +1 Have had 8 different people die in the last week. Back to back in the same spot in the matter of an hour today for 1 of them.
  2. Not Pdizzle

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Character Name: Samuel Ledford Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Sniper/Riflemen Which Lore Faction?: CDF Lore Faction staff?: Group Name: Little Green Men Primary Phase: 3 Reserve Phase: 4
  3. Not Pdizzle

    What do you guys think of this?

    If the GM's are willing to do it then why not. It adds a nice spice to the server that mixes everything up a bit. Sometimes the running simulator to find someone gets a bit boring. Maybe there is a good way to work it into the lore without going too wild? +1 from me
  4. Nothing but a great time from the man himself @Realize. We can all just say it was a bad acid trip
  5. Not Pdizzle

    S1 KOS & 2 x Attempted KOS Severograd 17/06/2019

    Samuel Ledford POV: @StarScream911 @Jean and I were all at the Safehouse when we decided to head back to our base. We headed south towards the school when we decided to have a "race" back to base. All of us were sprinting past the school and towards the rail road tracks when I was struck in the arm. Seconds after both Conner and Katherine got hit as well. Conner and I hid in a house until server restart and Katherine was somewhere close in the woods. After relogging we did not see any of the people that had shot at us and proceeded to head back to base and get away from Severograd before one of us were killed. I dont really care to get anyone banned, but I would just like to say to those that were shooting at people randomly in town to please be more careful when selecting your targets and try not to kill everyone just because they are near.
  6. An investor for a small coal company based out of America. Samuel comes from a poverty stricken family in downtown Kansas City. Only growing up with his father Dustin, his brother Travis, and losing his mother at birth, he encountered a lot of problems as a child. From lack of money to getting beat up in school, Samuel wanted to make something more of his life. He used the problems he endured as a youth to drive him to graduate from a nearby community college with a degree of Business. He had a rough couple of years starting out, but eventually he would land a job at a small company named Bovice. Bovice was a start up company trying to get its foot in the door of the coal industry and saw Samuel as a leading piece of their dreams. After joining in December of 2016, Samuel quickly landed a position as the Lead of Foreign Affairs. With Bovice's eyes on the developing country of Chernarus, they sent Samuel on a trip to meet with coal industry leaders to try to invest and expand companies in the region. Near the end of June, Samuel would travel to Chernarus, leaving behind only a few friends, and planned on staying there for roughly 3 months. As things had quickly went well for Samuel and the company in Chernarus landing a large investment into a thriving company, so did the infection. As the infect spread rapidly in July of 2017, Samuel tried to flee the country as best he could, but to no luck he had encountered his troubles. After getting lost from his group of citizens with the CDF when they were ambushed at an outpost, with minimal cuts and bruses from tree branches and bushes, he quickly learned to adapt to his surroundings as he did once before as a youth. Now with the solo purpose of surviving like he had done once before, he set off to find anyone left in this outbreak stricken country of Chernarus. Samuel new that there was one thing he was naturally gifted at and that was becoming friends with almost anyone. He knew that if he could find the right group of people that he would be able to survive in what seemed to be a lost world. A once young, bullied kid at school had turned into an investor, who now was fighting for his survival in a land he did not know, and not knowing if beyond the water there was anything left that was waiting for him back home.
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