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  1. Born and raised in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. My father died at a young age of cancer and now after hearing such motivated stories of how great of a helping hand my father was; I devoted my life to become just like him. Joined the military at 18 years of age. I requested to be a medic due for being i was aiding my fellow soldiers in battle whenever they were wounded. I took this role very serious in the military and I achieved multiple medals for doing so. After being relieved from the military due to my Humvee hitting an IED and breaking my arm in multiple places and soon realizing the military wouldn't allow me to extend my enlistment; i went out to look for work somewhere else. Overcoming my desire to being in the military; i was contacted by Private Military organization and they saw my resume from the military and required my assistance on helping out the people that are in need. So i went back overseas to help the weak, the ones who struggle day by day in war zones. Instead of being in the military and helping military personal, i was helping Civilians relocate to safe havens from the shear terror of war. After awhile i finally went back home, after quick vacation. I went back to the private military company to come across and enlistment to be deployed into Chernarus to help the ones in need and to resolve this outbreak.
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