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  1. There isn`t really ideal explanation of the scene. What I have done was stupid. The shot and killed was not intentionally to the chill2001 . As I had bad experience throughout the RP, I was thinking that is ok to do. I was passing by the area and I saw him. I have never used a gun till that point. I had guns before, but I never used them. I was always killed before I did not even have chance to use. I wanted to use the sniper that I had. I am regretful what I have done. I should not have done what I have done. I do apologise from chill2001 and dayzrp.com family. Logging out part was, it was late at night close to 1-2am in the real life. The very next day I had work, I had to shut my computer and sleep. Otherwise, I would have not logged out. The logging out part has nothing to do with what happened. Sorry..
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: First of all, I would like to apologize from chill2001 . I understand now, what I have done was not right to do. I did not realize it was wrong when i did it. I had a bad RP experience so far. It is my first time RP playing ever in my life. My understanding was being changed in this RP. Before I tell my experience here, I would like to clear some might have ideas. My intention was not to rdm you or to loot your belongings. Nothing was against you. It is just my and I don`t know how can you accept my apologize. English is my second language as well, and I am trying to improve it, I would like to say sorry for any mistaken sentences. When I start playing dayzrp first time, I was drinking water at the fountain. I heard a shot and I was dropped to dead. I started over again. I was walking in a town and I was surrounded by 8-9 people, they were friendly at the first and they turned out to be spam. Suddenly, one of the member in the group told me to hands up! and less than 2-3 secs(before I even discover the hands up key on the keyboard), I was dead. I did not know what to do. I am new as dayzrp.com says newcomer. Due to bad experiences that I had, I though what I did to you was not wrong, but now I understand that I was wrong and should not be done. I do apologize over and over again. I messed your experience up. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: chill2001 I would love to apologize from you with my very best. If I could have rolled the time back, I would not have done this. Now, I get it. My intention is not to make you mad or have bad experience out of this RP. However, everybody makes mistakes and we learn from mistakes. I am sorry for your time. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Now, I understood that I should be focus in my aim/goal which is to have best RP experience from dayzrp.com. Bad experiences must not lead me to the wrong way! What could you have done better?: I would love to have more verb communication than gun communication. Sentences are important. Sentences are more important than bullets. If my ban reliefs, I would try my best to give the best RP experience to myself, more importantly to the players in dayzrp.com
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