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  1. Nice meme. Probably best asking in the discord #help channel, but I'll try and find out for you.
  2. Bishop


    *Radio static would crackle into life for anyone tuned in to the frequency, a muffled voice, as if the radio had been wrapped in a thick jersey would drone out.* Wha'ever it is you need moving, could be this 'comfort' or crocodil for all I care, you've managed to grab the interest of a pharmaceutical R&D scientist... Ex-scientist, I suppose. I'm not saying I'm willing to ferry this shit around for ye', but I may have a proposition for whoever it is behind the distribution process. *A hesitant sigh might be heard as an otherwise silent pause would pass.* I'll wait for ye' response. Out. *A crackle is heard as the PTT is released.*
  3. Amazed you haven't got a job yet with powerpoints like that, oh wait.
  4. EU-Shazzrah Alliance Bishop - Human Warrior Abyss - Human Rogue Wrynn - TBC Esketit
  5. Grats on 1000 posts ❤️

    1. Ducky



    2. Ducky




      Im more proud of this though

  6. If you were to throw CS at someone who had a potentially undamaged gas mask on I think you'd be doing it all wrong. As well as this, people can just go into their bags and try and find their gas mask if they're quick enough when the grenade rolls up at their feet - so how do you REALLY know they haven't got a working gas mask unless you frisk them? Actual footage of groups in DRP learning to put their masks on at 100mph:
  7. I agree with removing them from the shop - but potentially having retextured damaged versions replace them / made available (which don't have any of its protective functionality and have visible wear-and-tear) for the people who still want that reliable cosmetic spawn-in.
  8. Bishop

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    Gask masks that cover your face will counter this. These include: Full Face Mask GP5 Gas Mask Combat Gas Mask Respirators and other face masks will not protect you.
  9. Bishop

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    I'm gassed to get gassed.
  10. cgrts on ap, but please stay away from my narcotics IG tyvm.
  11. Interesting meetup at the heli-crash today, Bishop will definitely be getting in contact. Hopefully Max hasn't keeled over by then!
  12. I believe that thread ended in: A man of his word apparently.
  13. Bishop

    Life Savers

    Creepy as fuuuck
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