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    Do you play Military or Civillian

    My character wears a mix between Civ and Military due to his background of being ex-military but also a survivalist from basically since he was born he uses whatever resources he can gather to reach his goals.
  2. Salvete omnes! (Hello, Everyone!) My name is RavagingOwl but you can call me Iz or Izzy! Looking forward to RPing with you all and to get back into DayZ again! It's been a long time since I last played/RPed on DayZ so im really looking forward to the new updates bring! Hope to see you all on the server some time soon!
  3. Ex-Military dishonorably discharged for his behaviour and mentality in the field. William formally named David Howitz, escaped the United States Military and fled Chernarus when he was framed for killing a military officer in charge of discharging him. Since then he was a black market arms dealer before the outbreak happened. As the outbreak unfolded in front of him, he went into hiding and now he has returned with a goal to survive and to make a profit in the hellish landscape he now lives in.
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