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  1. I used to use them on my other character back in like july or August when the Time was at devils castle and i met people on there and it was awesome because i would see them later on at devils castle and we would eventually end up being friends and whatnot so I mean I would say use them if you really want to but its not a guaranteed thats for sure
  2. @CaptainChips @TheLamp1 You lost.
  3. Kailen Olsen

    Nox An Victorum

    These boys pretty much saved my life yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed the RP experience and the ominous aura they give off and cannot wait to see these fellas again.
  4. Never a dull moment with these guys, thoroughly enjoy RPing with these guys and have nothing but good things to say! Keep up the awesome work fellas!!
  5. Man ive never seen such a great statue!
  6. Fucking love this, looks like mid boogeying down alkis is caught and just freezes XD
  7. Saw this on the workshop and was curious on other peoples thoughts and such because this mod looks really good and of course id love to see it implemented in some way but im no technical expert and wanted some other people’s thoughts as well link to mod:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1891450049&searchtext=
  8. Kailen Olsen

    It's that time of year again

    Im honestly so down for a timejump as my character is young and i can make him an older man/very old man depending on the time jump (or just make a new one) and would love to see the ideas people flush out for all new characters and such and would definitely bring more initiative for people to spark those ideas so 100% a +1 for me
  9. I havent played a hostile character myself but the only issue i see sometimes is both sides not enjoying the RP so make it as best as you can for both sides so everyones happy (although thats also a given)
  10. Just saw this on the workshop and thought this would be an immensly great vehicle seeing as we dont have any jeeps or such like this and looking at this mod I feel like it could be a great fit if it was implemented.
  11. Kailen Olsen

    Server performance issues

    Not going to lie im a little happy about finding less gear as ive never had an issue finding anything im looking for, id pretty much go to a couple towns and find everything i need/wanted so im glad these changes were put in effect and not only just for the server performance but the looting aspect as well.
  12. Kailen Olsen


    Fuck yeah im hyped as shit to see you guys again I enjoy the RP you guys have done thus far and hope things only get better for you guys!
  13. Kailen Olsen

    The Time.

    Awesome RP with these fellas today, ended up being hostages with some other fellas but good times were provided as always, keep up the awesome work you guys cant wait to meet you guys more "Properly" on this character!!!
  14. Kailen Olsen


    Real good shit today with you guys enjoyed the hostile roleplay and such with you guys at GM. Definately was awesome getting my first carving on this character! Keep it up boys!
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