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  1. Causes lots of trouble for the server in the long run and promotes hoarding. Better off gettin rid of it.
  2. Luke grew up on his ranch back in Elko Nevada with his father and his mother which they owned for over 20 years together. It wasnt until Luke had hit his early twenties that he would want to move out of the town he had grew up on and live his life to his fullest and explore the world and maybe settle down one day just like his parents and the rest of his family had done before him. One of Luke's family friends growing up was Chernarussian and just as Luke was wanting to leave and travel his family friend was going back home for awhile to his family and offered Luke to come along with him if he'd like so Luke decided his first stop was gonna be Chernarus. All was well when Luke had gotten there until he was forced to stay with his family friends family as they hid Luke away and such so he would not be judged and such by the public when the outbreak first occured amidst all the politics and press coverage. He would be forced to stay in Chernarus during this outbreak until recently when the family from the home he was hiding away at, one day when he woke up they never returned from grabbing supplies amidst their fear of the third wave of the virus.
  3. BackInNam

    Indigo's Expedition

  4. BackInNam

    The Journey Back

    Fucking love all of these keep em up!
  5. Liking the weather now, feels more appropriate and now with bears I can actually find it a challenge being in the woods with somewhat concealment.
  6. I dont find 1 and 3 too much of a problem but im curious how it would be if human meat was replaced with the other meat model for other meats as to where its not as identifiable so people do not exclaim "Ah human meat" on first glance. Would be more curious if all the meat was replaced with just the word "Meat" as to where people are more inclined to keep track of which meat is which if they are also a cannibal (Tbh this would only really impact the cannibals anyways because majority of the other meat work the same). Just a couple thoughts.
  7. Livonia is nice but I find it too small because everyone really only RP's up north I find and chernaurus its scattered more so it makes it more worthwhile whereas livonia I dont bother going to 70% of the map for the pure fact of less RP down south.
  8. @Fuhqnugget Man.. my heart just dropped . But yeah if Luke were around he would 100% make Chernaurus popping yo
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The rules regarding the verdict seem to be too inconspicuous. It does state in the rules you can leave after thirty minutes (which we did) and when line of sight was broken (which was also done). There is no rule on DayzRP in its current form specifically stating we must stay for 2 hours within the defender rights. The lack of rules set in place for situations such as this which is why it is difficult to understand a 3 day ban with warning points, which is why a verbal warning should be given instead in regards to this. Updated rules (with the new server/Livonia) for moments like these so that there is no situation like this in the future would help prevent this in the future. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In my POV I was overwatch during this whole thing watching from a distance/sorta like sniper duty or whatnot and snuck away by myself and wandered around to wait out the timer and also find where I was to meetup with the boys at the industrial area and continued to watch them from a distance till we got a radio message saying we are being raided so that is when I logged in which we had excellent RP there where we had a whole betrayal of the group thing happen along with an execution and then I hopped back on Livonia for a bit right after the incident. To support my statements above: I was not aware of these reports at the time of me joining the server as I was still super fresh and didnt read reports at the time because I was such a fresh lil bambi so was unaware of any sort of thing like this happening/happened. I was also playing for awhile before the raid and was already getting a headache at the time so I personally was not going to stay on for that much longer or go afk to wait out a timer when a half hour had already passed and noone was in sight except us boys. The rules are vague to cover grounds for multiple scenarios because anything can happen, its Dayz. That being said though these rules regard two Dayz/DayzRP servers and not ingame mechanics which is additionally why I would also push for a rule change of the sorts or a full statement regarding these things. (I am aware that it is being discussed as of now with the other day and taking a helicopter to another server with a hostage which sparked quite the flame of topic). Also worth a look at^ What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Updated rules so noone has this sort of predicament in the future, a verbal warning as a substitute to my ban because i've been such a good noodle ;( What could you have done better?: Contacted OOCly and asked for perms or wandered as far as I could within a 2 hour span to be absolutely 110% sure I wouldn't have contact with anyone from the An Pobal group.
  10. Personally ive had only good experiences with these people. Fun,serious and good times from the people who come to Sitnik to the people that own the show. Even running with “the irish” before the community was a thing was interesting in nothing but a good way. Havent had any bad interactions personally and Im certain it will stay like that. Good stuff bais and gals.
  11. Used to have this character (god bless his soul RIP) who wore a denim jacket and denim jeans and a denim cowboy hat and that was his thing, denim. I dont like the idea necessarily but i would like the option of “sets” where it would spawn in either all at once or just one after the other rapidly (once ofc) to have your set of clothes instead of spawning it in individually and the oage refreshing. Not 100% what you are suggesting but id say that would be the next best thing as it keeps revenue still flowing and just an extra feature.
  12. If there is any report or conflicting thoughts on this matter given i was actively involved in this everyone has my upmost sincere apologies regarding this. My intention was not to give any form of badrp to anyone but rather the opposite. I am truly sorry to all involved.
  13. We actually had taken Dr Red and Cale way up north throught fields and the airstrip out there before we poofed into our chopper that was “waiting for us there”. Not being rude ofc but just wanted to make that clear for everyone else as well.
  14. Hooey okay well, so I was involved in the helicopter transporting/hostage taking during this situation/discussion. We asked for permission and everything from all active people involved in this and made sure to do the best we could to our ability and to provide as good rp as we could to the people involved in this. We did not contact anyone not involved directly as noone else would/should know about the situation at hand anyways as radios were taken and we were on the move the whole time until the chopper. Yes it is a little weird but better than waiting 6hours to log back and and continue where we left off when it is late for us hostage takers and the hostages as we talked in OOC comms. If this is controversial i 100% understand why and I will try and improve on stuff like this in the future as I did not want to upset anyone who was not involved or thinks this was a bit whacky so that being said will most likely not happen ever again from myself without absolute permission.
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