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  1. WIP Will complete soon.
  2. BackInNam

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    I vote yes, the way I see it is yes alot of RP will be in one way shape or form the same in a sense but it is a good insentive to bring the community closer with events and a fresh start for many (Lore wise) and perhaps some old community members come back. Also have always thought about a government based group and would love to see this implemented. I am aware that many groups that are currently in place will be upset about this but it could be perhaps a thing for the best? (Maybe? thats more of a guess) Nevertheless gonna give this a +1.
  3. So I was stumbling around the steam workshop and have seen these two mods that both add leather crafting back into the game with tanned leather for crafting and I am sure many people would agree this is something worthwhile looking into as not only will it give people waterskins, new backpacks and more worthwhile content and RP content it will also allow less random animal pelts that sit there floating in the middle of a field when travelling. Nevertheless worth looking into perhaps. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1891450049&searchtext= https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1868298403&searchtext=Leather
  4. BackInNam

    If You Could RDM One Member Who Would It Be?

  5. Desmond Albaquerqey had grown up in a secluded suburban neighborhood and go play with his christian neighbor (Timmy Barker) who was his only friend throughout his childhood and high school. He was also quite the loner throughout his life as he was bullied constantly for always referring movies and tv shows and other pop culture media (especially star wars and sci fi films) and trying to make trends of his own as bad as they always tend to turn out. He had grown up all his life to be an IT in his local library (although it wasnt actually IT it was more of another helper at the library but he would have the best understanding at computers)His mom and dad had given him everything he wanted in life except for the entire collection of lego star wars build models and he has always spited them ever since as much as his mother babied him since he was an only child. He would then eventually become the leader of his local anime club he started with only two other members including Timmy Barker. He has no knowledge of weapons other than the ones used in the old call of duty games in which he is master prestige in all of them up to lore date. His greatest achievement would be moving out of his moms house by the age of 23 and having a whole one room apartment dedicated to star wars including a yoda alarm beside his bed with C-3PO shower curtains in his bathroom. He hasnt had a single woman in his life and he has very frequently wondered how it feels to have a woman other than your mother talk to you and felt the grasp of the female. He had worked in his 20's after highschool at the local library as just another helper just like he had dreamed as a kid since he was a child when he went to the library for the first time. When he was in highschool he went to his prom with his mother so he is very fond of his mother and gets very upset at people who say the phrase "Your mom" in a negative way after sitting for along time playing games online in early call of duty days and having people tell him that constantly. His father was a hardworker at a lumbermill and expected more from him in a manly way but Desmond could never live up to his expectations as much as he was crafty it seemed to not give his father and pride when his son would show him plenty of lego pieces and anime collections. He developed a slight toughguy ego from highschool and listening to rap music like Eazy-e and whatnot from the 90's. He ended up in livonia after buying a ticket to PAX and ended up getting on the wrong plane and suddenly with his amazing quick thinking decided he would go back and catch his flight from Philadelphia. He then proceeded to go to pax where he met his favourite developers from the star wars games EA and after learning on how they were going to handle star wars games in the future by talking to one of the developers he thought it wasnt righteous and made it his sole purpose to correct the mistakes they had made with monetization and the lack of content the game had to offer. So once he had finished his trip at PAX he thought of the battle of endor from Return of the Jedi and figured the people of Livonia could give him some inspiration just as Luke once did from star wars with the ewoks. He then took a plane to Livonia where he would endure the following preceedings for years to come spreading his knowledge and inspiration hoping to be A New Hope.
  6. BackInNam

    Quick website suggestions

    As there is a most time played area for characters i think it would be a good functionality to have a slot for PK’s as well sort of like a Most time played and their character alongside it with how much time they played and perhaps also a “Legends” category where it would have that character showcased and their influence on the wasteland whether it be good or bad and the most notable ones could be on said list with their time played as well allowing for more purpose in people doing things and them having a sense of gratification that their character did -blank- and is showcased (rough draft but hopefully you get the idea)
  7. BackInNam

    One day the chamber will empty...

    Shutup soldier, remember “optimistic nialism”.
  8. BackInNam

    On our way home...

    You all do.
  9. BackInNam

    Bye Luke see you later

    Gonna miss everyone without a doubt
  10. @TheLamp1 @ImChips @Mia @Kattsura @Georgia Banks @Wee_L_LR @Rederaz @Rajjip @ImMason @Maverick Cobalt @PhoenyxxRP @RiZI cannot express how much sentiment I feel towards you guys you always kept me having good times and helped fight the good cause and will always cherish you all. whether it may have been today or yesterday or months before every experience with you all have been nothing short of beautifully tearjerking even with laughter. Absolute amazing RP with you guys as always even in the PVP times or the early Green Mountain days with all of the Wolfpack boys when you supported all of us. Will miss you all and hope for nothing best in the future to you all and your characters.
  11. BackInNam

    One. Last. Hug

    Never forget the good times, I will miss you guys with all my heart.
  12. BackInNam

    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    Abso fucking lutely love all of this every interaction with you guys have been a blast boys and show the people the irish never die
  13. *Luke would push down his PTT with the sound of waves and heavy wind along with him coughing into his radio*”Hey Logan im sorry but I had to leave the country as I feel as though my life is coming to an end and have to go home for my own personal sake, the charity will live on i promise you and Id like for you to do me a favor and let Iris,Larry and the Moretti’s know i have always had nothing but respect for the work they’ve done and Denim Dan will not be returning. *Luke would cough for another minute straight before the sound him vomiting until he releases hit PTT*
  14. Hell yeah brother love the denim too!
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