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  1. No, usually when I leave the house in the middle of the night I have a motive lol Have you ever been fired from a job?
  2. Hello all, it's been a long time since I talked to this community but it looks like it's taken a good turn in the right direction since I last saw it. I left because it was getting boring and the same but hopefully i'll come back and meet some friends and hopefully some enemies ; anyways ill see ya guys out there, let me know where people usually hang around. Peace
  3. Hey guys, I haven't been on in quite some time and decide to give it another go on here today. The problem I have is that when I log in it tells me I am not whitelisted. When i played I had donated and thought that my account would never be changed due to inactivity? Care to shed some light?
  4. Brandon

    Perma-death and your characters

    Did I hear him say 'press X'?
  5. Brandon

    [S3] The Refuge [Currently CLOSED]

    Exactly what I was thinking Sure you're on S3 *I'm not there, just asking
  6. Brandon

    Small DayZ tips you might not know #ProTips

    Wow, I had no idea..this is going to definitely bring some great RP Wha...what? How? Are you serious? I get swarmed everytime Every time I shoot a gun nothing comes... Only times they chase me is when they either see me on I shoot directly at them and miss. hax
  7. Brandon

    Small DayZ tips you might not know #ProTips

    Wow, I had no idea..this is going to definitely bring some great RP Im not 100% sure but I don't think the zombies react to gunshots in this patch, every time I shoot a gun in a town nothing comes. Wha...what? How? Are you serious? I get swarmed everytime
  8. Brandon

    Dayz 0.55 Traps and Mines - humour.

    I probably laughed more than I should have, honestly
  9. Brandon

    Echo designs

    How do you insert images into a PM, it isn't letting me? Thanks.
  10. You just have to look harder, I spawned in Elektro and walked into my 3rd house and found an orange taloon backpack. Next house I found 'Tactical Bacon' you just have to concentrate...if you were loot, where would you hide?
  11. *Running between two houses, Shaun looks behind him to see if he lost the man chasing him, it seems he had* Pulling out his radio I am on my way, but i'm down to my shirt and jeans, he didn't get my radio..some man just wanted to kill me but..I think i got away..I am coming don't worry, don't worry. *Walking away from the town and towards a hopeful new start, he needed some friends*
  12. Kenway smiled, he knew this was a man he wanted. A man humble enough to call himself weak, a man too frail to survive another day without support. This was the type of man who would fit right in with the union, a family of survivors who doesn't consider themselves an upper class, who consider themselves a family. He picked up the radio once more and clicked on the receiver and for a brief period he heard some kind of singing but proceeded to ignore. *Click* The weak haven't inherited this world, we have. We aren't the weak nor are we the strong, there is no words out there more fitting to describe us other than survivors. There is no hope, there is no way for us to continue living, is there a purpose in life? You're in denial, denial of a future, denial of anything that is real. Kenway looked around and saw a dead sliding his face past his barb wire, tearing his flesh. He chuckled and raised his suppressed 1911, took a short aim before blasting him in the head. You owe everyone who died, every single one of them who went down in the early days, who went down in flames through the dead or the hands of the humans to live to fight another day. You require a purpose in life? I'll give you one. You require a reason to fight? I'll give you one. Everyone of us is a survivor... Every single one of us, down to the last man and damn it, if we aren't going to fight to tell the legacy of those who fell. Of how we were abandoned and left to die... The world needs people like us, people who can live and fight for survival. This world needs survivors.... *click* A small cold wind brushed and accidentally put out the fire. it was getting stronger. it was no storm, it wasn't a natural disaster, it was just rain. He picked up his animal hide and his rifle and headed inside this little madeshift hunting room and lay down to rest, a portable lamp keeping the small concealed room bright enough for him to begin reading "The Art Of War" Kenway smiled, a survivor. He picked up his radio and press down the reception button. *Click* Great, my name is Kenway and what is yours? I'll be up in the mountain in an hour or so, I have food just hang in there. *click* Kenway looked around, food? Sure, he have that, he picked up a couple cans of food and a can opener and shove them in his pack. A rifle on his back and wore his rider jacket. He picked up his mosin and smiled, this was fun, it was the start of his new family. *Hearing the message, Shaun frowned* *click* I can't make it up tonight it's too dark im sorry..tomorrow I will for sure be there I am sorry friend.. *Click*
  13. Brandon

    108.9 A message of Hope...

    *In an exited tone All this happiness and sort makes me all jittery, I think I will go have a look Chief? Chief do you hear me? -Silence- Well damn, Chief I want to see what this is all about..I would come if I knew where it was
  14. *He sits, as the blowing wind knocks through a crack in the door and into the house. Shaun shivers as he hears his radio crackle. He wakes and crawls towards it to have a listen* *Click* GM? I...I can make it there.. Hello? Yes, contact me on a different frequency we don't want others to listen..I am mere hours from starvation and i'm coming your way.. *Click*
  15. *Shaun's radio comes alive and startles him, as he is picking apples from a tree. He hears the message and tries to relay back* Hello?...hello? Yeah erm, this is Shaun..are you still there? I have farming equipment I just need water..please come in.repeat..please come in *Sets the radio down and leans against the concrete wall in Chernogorsk* *Click Damn i'm hungry