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  1. Before the outbreak - Anthony Owen is a 29 year old British civilian who has been living in Chernarus for the past 5 years as a contractor finding work as it presents itself to him, he has been working on building sites and even worked for a Chernarussian coal company for year until he left to work in a garage as a mechanic just trying to get by as he learns the language and adapts to the culture differences from his home in the United Kingdom where he grew up. As a child Anthony was very outgoing and social he would always go on camping trips with his Father David Owen and friends were he would play around and go fishing and build campfires, the satisfaction of starting a fire with just a stick and hardwork was part of the fun for Anthony and shows exactly who he is as a person, hard working and determined, He went on in school in the United Kingdom and finished school with good grades so he could attend college and study for his NVQ as a HGV Technician and LGV Technician. Working in the UK was not what Anthony expected as everything got a bit old for him and he never really felt a challenge and as much as he liked his job he decided to move to Chernarus a few years later to try something new. Once in Chernarus he struggled to grasp the local language and struggled to find work for a few months until he found work at a local Chernarussian Coal company working in the mines as a driver shunting coal loads around the mine. After a year he left to assist on a construction site building new houses as the area grew he worked on the projects building houses and roads for the local population and to the locals he was known as that guy who was happy to help and never felt to qualified for any job and wouldn't hesitate to give it a shot. In the year 2016 Owen found what he assumed would be his final job which he would stick out for the years to come as a Mechanic in a local garage servicing and repairing customers vehicles During the outbreak - During the Outbreak Anthony was trying to help as many people as he could especially the vulnerable by giving them food and water as the shortage from the riots and looting put strain on the elderly and families with children, He would do supply runs and find what he could in stores before it was all taken by looters so he searched for bottled water and canned food as he was still at this point unsure what has happening. During the looting the violence at first was minimal until people grew so desperate the violence dramatically increases and it became a dog eat dog world and the strongest survive, Anthony had never really needed to resort to violence and the first time he did during the initial outbreak was in a local store during a fight over his food with another young man who also was desperate and was clearly scared after the young man got a few hits in Anthony in a fit of rage hit the man over the head with a bat he found and ran out the store leaving the bat behind. the travel back to an elderly couple he was helping he thought about the young man who he hit and what happened to him, He began to regret his actions and was ashamed that he lost control. Anthony now travels searching for other survivors including people he knew hoping to create a settlement for people to get away from the harsh reality of the outbreak and go by the "Safety in numbers" saying.
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