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  1. NastyNate

    Easy pickings.

    Love the picture, what do you use to edit it ?
  2. Agreed, Its hard to find those solid color ones. I did come across a solid black one in a cargo crane on the coast.
  3. Loving this, cant wait to get a Glock19 and stop seeing those goofy names.
  4. I do not want to do this back and forth, but I do want to make clear. We tore down the walls before finding the nails. We restocked on gear once it was all gone when they had taken it all, you were barely around or in game for the past couple of weeks to see this.
  5. Not so sure if the logs are the same logs of me taking down their walls at their base as I did take down walls at my base also, not sure on times though but it was the same day. And I honestly don't remember how many walls I had taken down at their base or my base. But I remember it not being many at all, pretty surprised if it was 19 walls though. When these people had raided us they had taken just over 20 boxes of our nails, we had stashes that some of them knew about. Paul had told us in character that they had taken our nails, he had also told us that they had emptied our tents, our barrels, our crates, got into all of our stashes. It had taken us a long time to look for the nails and supplies that they had taken, to build our home, our reason for taking down some of their walls was because they had taken all of our nails, we wanted to take the nails from the walls. They had our supplies, everything from our tents and barrels and so forth, they emptied our home. Why we emptied their crates. Sheep had never took part in building of our base, he was barely around at our base, he only visited once or twice at the base. There was no tents at their base, they had crates with supplies and guns etc that was ours. We did to them what they did to us, only difference was we had taken down some of their walls in repossession for our nails that they had stolen from us. We just wanted back what was ours, we didn't get back all of the nails, but we got some back. Our in character reason, they stolen from us, they raided us, they cleaned us out. We had got confirmation that they did, so we went on our way to raid them. Everything that was missing was in their base. Simply repossessing, they took our stuff and we were simply taking it back, reclaiming what was ours. As for my video evidence I only clipped the part of you breaking character, there is no more evidence. I don't wish to disclose personal information from my Steam messages with anyone, it's personal family business. @VexLynx My conversations on Steam are irrelevant and private. The chat logs have been posted already by a GM. You have all already brought OOC into this report.
  6. I’m pretty disappointed that there is a report made against us, I don't understand why there is a report. Everything that was done in character was strictly in character. What you are claiming isn't true, no griefing was done. For you and others to take matters out of character is on you, this was my characters actions and his only, this is a salt report because you are not happy with what had happened in character, calling us cunts for this was uncalled for. My message to you was not a threat in anyway shape or form. It was friendly banter because I thought we were friends out of character, obviously not. . . But this, this is harassment against Popet. She simply got invited to your discord, to talk out the situation, but you had joined the channel she was in and had called us and her a cunt, then giving her the cunt role. (Sorry that it is long, I just want my side of things to be clear as possible so every stone is unturned.) My POV. . . NastyNate (Nathan River) Popet (Quinn Gray) Sheep (Luke Stem) VexLynx (Sergey Vasil Petrovich) My character belongs to a group, there is a lot of us, in character we don’t go by the name "The Kingdome", it’s just an out of character nickname on the discord. For a good three months we all stuck together. But some of us, the past two weeks or maybe less had separated. In character I was at my base, I came across Quinns journal in character, she had wrote about how upset she was that some people had left the group, their betrayal against us and so on and it had also said her goodbyes. What was written and done had really got to my character, he had then blamed those that had left our group on Quinn leaving, my character knew about the location that they were based at, which was Rify. He knew for a while on their location, possibly a week he had known. He found out this information by one of our group members, William. Of course he had no reason to go to Rify until he had read Quinns journal. If I had wanted to mess with their base due to ill intent out of character I would have made my way to them as soon as I had found out their location, but I did not. My character went to Rify due to the situation with Quinn and what was going on, so my character had then went to Rify alone, and as you can see in the video evidence in the OPs report I didn’t succeed. I had wanted to hold Luke(Sheep) character up, to interrogate him, let him know the situation with Quinn, to progress both of our stories further, I had wanted him to know how much damage was done to Quinns mental health since he and the others had left, I was hoping he would comply just for progression for our characters, but he had every right to shoot me, so he did. Since my character doesn’t remember this situation of him getting shot, I had respawned in Grishino, then I decided to head to North West airfield to regear. I met a friendly individual with a southern twang at North West airfield and had got to roleplay with her for a while, we had both hiked further to North of Tisy, got to meet some new people along the way, we had even went for a drink at the Irish Pub in Novaya Petrovka, we had then went our separate ways after some time. The people that had left our group to then make something at Rify are: Luke, Paul and Sergey. Four hours later after I had got shot, four hours? Not sure if I am going to be honest on the exact estimate, but my character got radioed in, William had contacted me in character over the radio. William had said to me in character that Paul contacted him over the radio not so long ago with some vital information. William got told by Paul that Luke and Sergey had in fact raided our base when they had left our group. When they had left, they raided us completely. We all did have an inkling that they did this but we didn’t have any evidence, so we didn’t do anything. We had got our confirmation from Paul, Paul had mentioned on the radio to William that they had taken our nails, our guns, everything. Paul had also mentioned that he had stopped them from tearing down our walls, they had wanted to obliterate our base completely, damage our items and so on. I did not raid their base because I had got shot, it wouldn’t make sense in character to do so since my character had forgotten the situation that had lead to his death, he joined in on the raid due to Pauls information that was given to us all as a group that day. I had then found out on the radio that William and a few others that are apart of our group had found Quinn in Svetlogorsk on her own, William had then told Quinn the situation in regards to Paul and that my character was on his way over to meet everyone, when my character had met up with Quinn and William and the others, we had all made our way to our base to get ready for war to then make our way to Rify. When arriving at the rift we all got into our positions, we had torn down some walls, took back what was ours and more, some of us in the group did throw away some of their stuff, but it was roleplayed out and we had every reason in character to do this. We were simply taking back what was ours and showing them we were not to be messed with or taking for a fool, when we were in the progress of raiding their base, Sergey(VexLynx) had woken up, we initiated on him, questioned him, interrogated him and so on, after time we left his base after giving him some roleplay. In character we believed Paul was telling the truth to us, he is apart of them after all, and his in character being a cop he has morals, he was apart of us at one point, all of them were. Our plan was to break in, find out if anything seemed familiar, and it sure did. We broke down a few walls to get our nails back, we had taken everything that they had taken from us then some. We had in character reasoning for this. Before we did such thing in character we did go over the rules together as a group, as we didn’t want to break any. @Sheep As you can see in rule 4.8, griefing is an act of damaging or destroying a player base with out of character knowledge, ill intent without in character reasoning. As you can see in my POV above, myself and the others had every right to raid your base and simply take back what was ours and to damage your contents, our group isn’t friendly anymore. The staff team can call anyone in for their POV for confirmation. We had an in character reason to do this. Anything that happened in character with our group was in no way shape or form done in out of character spite. We tried as a whole to roleplay everything out the best way possible for progression for everyone's characters even the enemy. Our immersion as a group was cut short when Sergey was spamming in out of character chat, we as a group had told him to calm down, that we didn’t have anything against him out of character but he wasn’t having any of it, he was mixing his in character feelings in an out of character manner. He had then went ahead and broke everyone's immersion, ruining roleplay for us all, any progression was cut short when he broke in character by VOIP. I have video evidence of this, I had to blur out my steam conversations for privacy matters. I wasn’t calling VexLynx a bitch, I was calling the situation a bitch. “ahhhh what a bitch.” I didn’t specifically call him a bitch, was gutted he didn’t want to perm his character. VexLynx had kept saying out of character that he wasn’t going to roleplay this out. I wanted to stay in character even if he broke immersion, I strongly believe that I did not break any of the rules that Sheep has accused me of, it's clearly out of character hate he has going on because of our actions in character, my character believes an eye for an eye, you can't expect to get away with raiding us and not have karma creep up on you. I would also like to point out that Sheep was not apart of the situation at the rift in regards to us raiding, Sheep was not in game when this so called “griefing” had taken place. In his report, he is using VexLynx screenshots. The only player that was in game that was on their side during the situation was VexLynx, their report is out of character salt against us. Here is the video evidence of Sergey(VexLynx) breaking character. If there is anymore questions from the staff team please let me know, thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD6GFuaE2Tg
  7. I was wondering the same thing. . . I used a reshader for Escape From Tarkov for a while. . .I just like the more vibrant colors they brought.
  8. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: I spoke to him about choosing the wrong character and If there was anyway to get the character I wanted. Feedback: He was very friendly and helpful. Within seconds of entering the "Waiting For Staff" channel he pulled me. He was also fast acting towards the situation and got in contact with a GM fast. . . Looking forward to getting help from him later ! Suggestions for improvement: There really is no need for improvement , he's an amazing person and helpful. Keep up the good work!
  9. My POV shortly after a server restart, My friend and I loaded back in we started to loot again because, we were robbed not to long ago. There was a person that just woke up in one of the barracks that we were in. We started small talk, with this guy are plan was to rob the next person we seen, Due to the fact we were robbed. We told him to put his hands up he sat down and didn't say a word I asked if he was ok he didnt respond I gave him 7sec to put hands up and another 5 to stand up but he never did.
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