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  1. Hi! Figured I'd formally introduce myself. I am Alison, also know as Aly or Derpy. I have been roleplaying for roughly 6 years; mostly forum-based though I've recently tried Tumblr roleplay and been participating in The Secret World RP. I got into DayZ because my younger brother played the mod, and I saw the Standalone on the Steam marketplace. At the moment I do not have Arma 2. Once I get my next paycheck and the college stranglehold on my wallet loosens, I will be able to buy it. My character's name is Lorianna Wilson. I hope to meet you all once I get the game, and my headset arrives!
  2. I'll consider it, just a matter of having the funds. Just bought a new headset so I can be heard properly, so it'll be a while. In the meanwhile, I'll give my character some fine tuning. I think my question has been answered, yes.
  3. I was afraid of that. I will wait until the feature gets added in, then. I don't have the funds at the moment to get Arma 2 and the DayZ mod, not with the backhand that college textbooks give out. Thanks for the quick feedback, though! Didn't expect so many replies when I woke up.
  4. Ok. So I am trying to apply for the Whitelist. I am just stuck on the PID and GUID sections. I've only played on the Standalone, so I am not sure as to what these are referring to. Most of the questions relating to this talk about it in relation to the ARMA II mod. @[email protected] Is there RP on the Standalone? Is there an equivalence to the GUID and PID on the Standalone? I downloaded it through my Steam account, if that's anything worth mentioning. I hope there is help, and answers to my questions. -hides in a corner- e-e