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  1. Comes from far away land in search of Life and Prosperity. Kind-hearted and will help those in need. He is not a Force to be reckoned with and is a Whirlwind through those who do not abide by man's laws. He fights for Right and Would do anything for a Fellow survivor no matter if it stabs him in the back. After countless attempts on searching for His family proved no avail he has set to Chernarus in search of Life. Wants to make friends but is okay with a well timed Acquaintance to help in the fight.
  2. @William and @Saunders Also @DeagleERP All of you have such crazy pics omg. I am Honored
  3. Big Preesh Guys I dig those profile pics big time
  4. The names Bosco, or Lenny I've just recently gotten back into pc gaming so please excuse my horrible uhhh everything. Dayz has always been a big part of my Pc experience and I've been playing since the Arma II Mod days. I still love Minecraft of Course and play Gmod all the Time. I have a lot of Games so if anyone would like to, let me know and I would love to play other games as well. Without further ado... I am not quite sure what to say here but I'm playing a More Middle-aged Man name Leonard, Lenny for Short, quite tall and firm he's always got a small chip on his shoulder. Searched far and Wide for His family(Long lost but he never gives up hope) He sets the Coasts looking for any Civilization with a Warm smile and a Warm Meal. Is Kind and always willing to give the shirt off his back, He's a really friendly guy in the correct situations but DO NOT take kindness for Weakness. Always has the Ability to Crush those who do not wish him or his friends well. Don't Cross his Path if you have Bad Intentions, He is well aware Survival takes what it takes and he is prepared to do what he has to. Cannot Wait to Interact with You all! Thank You, Lenny. ^I think this is right?? I hope it's enough information sorry
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