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  1. Hez


    Wanna join an Alliance?
  2. *A voice comes over the radio* Uhh, is this information current draugs? I am here with friends in Novo and see no signs of life. Have you moved again? *the transmission cuts out*
  3. When Oskars Ziemele came into this world, no one would think that he'd end up a criminal. Not his mother, his father, his older sister or any of the immediate family. 15 years later, he'd do his first stint. The looks in his families eyes as they talked to him through glass would be remembered forever. The look of disappointment and shame. He had become the black sheep, and he used every opportunity to stay that way. It was no surprise that he turned out like this. Buying sweets to then sell back at school. His donations to the bullies of the playground. Oskars understood the machinations of power at such a young age, and he knew how to exploit it. If there was a fight, you could bet Oskars had some way to benefit from it. We all make mistakes, and some of those landed Oskars in prison. There, he just learnt more tricks of the trade, made connections, met friends. By the time he was out, he'd done more networking on the inside than he could have on the outside. His connections did him well. He was landed a job as a fence for an established heist crew. The plan was to hit 5 locations within the Black Sea region, whilst selling off the spoils along the way. Everything was going fine, until the group hit Novigrad. The increased CDF troops dealing with the start of the outbreak wasn't accounted for. Half were arrested, half were shot. Oskars managed to run into the hills, waiting and planning.
  4. Ok, this is epic. Hez PoV: Me and my boys were hooning round Tisy looking for some stuff/people to RP with. One of the big men had the excellent idea to go check the green double story compound just north, and low and behold we find a tent and box in the house. We proceed to take all of the stuff we can hold, and load it into the car. We then drove off into the sunset.
  5. @Stradic time to shine again
  6. *You hear a muffled voice come over the radio* Hey Jimmy, this is Poet. I believe we met at the Castle couple weeks back, when you and your compatriots still occupied it. Had a talk to you about some 'security problems' if you recall. If you remember that, then you'll also remember you and Harrison gave me a job. As Harrison has now passed, I am asking you if you want this job completed. If so, I'd like to meet again. Respond when you can. *The voice disappears*
  7. I hear you like some 'roleplay' ?@Alex

  8. As I said in the Discord, kos squad inbound ;). For real, looks great. Hope you boys can keep it going for longer than the CPG, that shit was awesome.
  9. Them be cursed words nowadays. Honestly, shoutout to the boys at Volki, they always scared the shit out of me back in the day.
  10. *The voice returns* Thank you Spectre, good luck on the drive. Treetop, we have a broken mirror situation. We need to talk. *the radio cuts to silence*
  11. Hez

    Force Multiplier

    *A voice comes over the radio* I know we only spoke once Harrison, but if a storm ruins your shopping trip, I know of a nice hotel that you can stay in until it passes. I believe it even has a bridal suit. Don't hesitate to contact me if needed. *The voice disappears*
  12. *He turns off the second radio and smirks, before pulling out another one* Copy on the Treetop, if things look a bit too volatile, back out and I'll meet you at the usual spot. Spectre, I want to meet. Perhaps at the location our associate mentioned? *He turns off the radio*
  13. *You hear a rustling of papers, and the movement of furniture. A hushed voice comes over the radio* Misfit to Treetop, Spotlight has broken in Hanoi. Still red, but the black paint may arrive sooner than expected. Can you please wash the linen and proceed with my library request; Urocyon. The land is now under offer, so move fast. *A pause, before the voice continues* Spotlight is Amber on Unknown. You seem to be familiar with the unknown, so proceed accordingly. I expect a book on the occult next we meet. *The voice disappears*
  14. *The muffled voice returns* "Designation: Genre" "Hanoi has provided a glass. We will need to go shopping, but I have the list with me." *The radio goes silent*
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