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  1. Herico

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    Them be cursed words nowadays. Honestly, shoutout to the boys at Volki, they always scared the shit out of me back in the day.
  2. Herico

    The Skylight (101.3)

    *The voice returns* Thank you Spectre, good luck on the drive. Treetop, we have a broken mirror situation. We need to talk. *the radio cuts to silence*
  3. Herico

    Force Multiplier

    *A voice comes over the radio* I know we only spoke once Harrison, but if a storm ruins your shopping trip, I know of a nice hotel that you can stay in until it passes. I believe it even has a bridal suit. Don't hesitate to contact me if needed. *The voice disappears*
  4. Herico

    The Skylight (101.3)

    *He turns off the second radio and smirks, before pulling out another one* Copy on the Treetop, if things look a bit too volatile, back out and I'll meet you at the usual spot. Spectre, I want to meet. Perhaps at the location our associate mentioned? *He turns off the radio*
  5. Herico

    The Skylight (101.3)

    *You hear a rustling of papers, and the movement of furniture. A hushed voice comes over the radio* Misfit to Treetop, Spotlight has broken in Hanoi. Still red, but the black paint may arrive sooner than expected. Can you please wash the linen and proceed with my library request; Urocyon. The land is now under offer, so move fast. *A pause, before the voice continues* Spotlight is Amber on Unknown. You seem to be familiar with the unknown, so proceed accordingly. I expect a book on the occult next we meet. *The voice disappears*
  6. Herico

    The Skylight (101.3)

    *The muffled voice returns* "Designation: Genre" "Hanoi has provided a glass. We will need to go shopping, but I have the list with me." *The radio goes silent*
  7. Herico

    The Skylight (101.3)

    *A muffled voice comes over the radio* "Treetop, got us a job from Hanoi. A developer is looking for some land to build a radio station. Spotlight is red. Meet ASAP to discuss. This is time sensitive so don't fuck around." "Misfit Out." *The radio goes dead*
  8. ShaneKOS

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    • Herico

    im gonna jab the fuck out ya kid dw

    1. Herico


      Kid meet you in Dublin in 20

  9. Herico

    A Call To Arms (Open Frequency)

    *You hear a sigh come through the radio* "Sal, this is Timothy. We need to meet." "You can choose the location, and I will see you there." *The voice disappears *
  10. Herico

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Yeah here we go boys. Markus Rielly - @Herico Alex Ghostis - @Alex Rick Jenkins - @Noxious
  11. Herico

    Clothing Layers

    big +1, the idea of taking off your shirt to put on a raincoat has always baffled me.
  12. Herico

    What was your first job?

    I didn't know the government was hiring male strippers? Yeah but to keep this on topic my first job was teaching kids to swim. Great stuff.
  13. Herico

    Chernarussian Provisional Government [CPG] (Recruitment: Open)

    Fuck yeah, so glad this is back. Hope you guys have better luck this run!
  14. Herico

    Free Territory

    I think I ran into you fine gentlemen whilst you were in the middle of building your compound. Have to say the RP was brief but good, and the old sticky VOIP made me leak some of my TS convo over IC, but I definitely hope to run into you again when you haven't appeared from the forest and scared me absolutely shitless.
  15. Herico

    To those who I previously served under (A message for the bank)

    *A garbled, unrecognizable voice comes over the radio* To think that Sal and the Bank's purpose is anything other than the acquisition of currency is the height of ignorance. Sal is weak, but he is not foolish. He understands his purpose and he will do everything to fulfill it. Without capitalist exploitation he would simply not exist. As a parting gift, I give you this advice. Do not squander the opportunity that Moody has given you by threatening an institution that will not change. The true enemies of Chernarus are still unconquered. *The transmission ends*