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  1. *You hear a laugh come over the radio, followed by a cheeky Australian accent* Oh Shit! It's a federation of groups announcing themselves over the radio! You wouldn't happen to be based in the North right? Because if you were, that'd make you a federation of groups in the North. Some might even call that an Alliance of some kind hey? *He laughs* I give you ... *He pauses* ... 2 months! Good luck on your mass extermination of bandits or whatever the fuck you boys be doin'. It's not like I've heard that proclamation 40 bazillion times before. *Silence*
  2. dude 13 hours since a status update, probs should get on that ay

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      I gotchu fam hold on

  3. Get rekt kid


  4. *An Australian voice comes over the radio* Piers... Long time no see. It's Adrian. We should really have a chat sometime soon. I can make it home in about 6 hours, are you good to meet then? *pause* Oh and forget about Western, I can fill you in on the deets myself. *static*
  5. *Adrian scopes in in a deer with his rifle, holding his breath. Before he has the chance to pull the trigger, his radio comes to life, scaring the wildlife in the immediate area. He sighed, and after listening to the broadcast, sighs even harder.* "Yeah easy mate. Look I have no idea who the fuck you are, and I'm pretty sure my good pal Stradic is in the same boat. So before we even *think* about the Alliance, I need you to answer some simple questions." "1) Who the shitting Christ are you?" "2) What the fuck do you want to talk to us about? This one needs to be a about a good 5 minutes long." "And 3) how good are your piemaking skills? Because you owe me 1 free dinner." *Adrian let's go of the radio and watches all of the deer scamper into the forest before mumbling to himself* "Stupid fucking alliance, doesn't even exist anymore and it's still fucking it's members"
  6. In trying times like this you need to ask yourself important questions, like why are the members of SKA still permabanned? 

  7. I swear you spend more time making shitty status updates than actually getting in game ay

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      You're one to talk ;) 

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      FYI go see Lego Batman ;)


  8. *A classic and iconic Australian accent comes over the radio* Hold up mate, you just gonna dip on the boys? Classic Stradic move in my opinion. Dogs the boys for a bit of the poon. Fuckin flog. *You hear a short cough* Anyway, Norths a bit of a shithole, so make sure your gun is locked and loaded, or your dicks gonna end up in a cannibal kebab. Bon Voyage! *The radio goes silent*
  9. Calling @[email protected] @Fenrir to post their PoV's
  10. @Shane @Fenrir Need a breakout ASAP. Looks like no evac from The Big Man. Need to get the key off a guard. I'm in cell block 21-C.

    1. Shane


      Lemme call Michael

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      Gimme a sec.

  11. Skrrt skrrt

  12. *A voice comes over the radio* RC WO KU SA AI NH QB KI DM DL OF XN AF SN LS MF KP SQ FC KD SD IL OG EG TM CR YC WE FY SQ OP BW CP LS IE DK QS IY IL TK BV DK GL IM BW DR DM QY Where blood runs deep *Static resumes*
  13. *A transmission comes over the radio* *You hear 4 taps of what sounds like a spoon on a bench* PDUXFCPLFHFTMQLUJIHEXXFHFRMEPTSKOIEUFF *The transmission ends*
  14. *A voice comes over the radio* Shaun is it? Glad to meet you. I can provide assistance, and a place to stay, but I need some more tangible evidence on where you are. Stop running, take a deep breath, and look around. Any land marks, street signs? Even if it seems irrelevant, please included it. I will try to find you as quickly as possible. *The voice leaves*
  15. Adrian drops the last of the supplies off before picking up his radio. ' This is pretty simple really. Those who have been listening to this frequency know what we are all about so if you need supplies go to Polana factory. Have a great day. ' He lets go of the transmit button.