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  1. *An American Voice comes back over the radio* Thank you for replying so quickly Mr Kassidy. Unfortunately, the man who filed the package refused to give us his name. I can understand your hesitance to accept such a package, and in situations like this our experts screen the package for any danger and declared it safe. The safety of our Runners and Customers is our highest priority! If you feel uncomfortable in meeting with one of our runners, then we can always organise a dead drop. If that is how you wish to proceed, I would request a private frequency that we can contact you on, as this one is currently unsecured. Thank you and have a wonderful day! *The transmission stops*
  2. Real Avatar Hours Copyrighted

  3. *An American voice comes over the radio* Is this Mr Kassidy speaking? If so, thank you for your quick reply. As stated before, you have a package waiting to be delivered to your person. Rickshaw prides itself on a quick and safe delivery, so once you have nominated a place to retrieve your parcel, it should be in your hands within 24 hours! Thank you and have a wonderful day! *the transmission cuts out*
  4. *An american accent comes over the radio* This is a radio message for Mr James Kassidy. I would like to inform you that a package, which hold the due sum of: 2 cans of peaches, unopened; a baseball cap, worn; and an unmarked letter, has been submitted with your full name as the intended recipient. Please reply as soon as you hear this message so a runner may meet you in a location of your choosing and drop off the package. We hope you have a fantastic day and please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have. Remember Rickshaw for all of your courier needs! This message will now repeat. *The transmission repeats*
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    nice dp fam, wonder who made that for you 

  5. Drop Bear Media

    Hey man, just thought I needed to point out that your forum name doesn't reflect your actual TS name. Might want to get that fixed.
  6. Herico

    Been in this community for about 4 years, finally cracks 30 beans #winning


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  7. Rattray Corp. Media Thread

    Damn @Loscham, I didn't know Stradic was such a good ventriloquist because I swear that I was the one who told you that info
  8. Drop Bear Media

    This is nice shit dude, we've come along way from Mod
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    someone take this mans posting rights away


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      Rolle ruined my life

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    Haaaaaaaaappy Biiiiiiiiiiiirthdaaaaaaaaaaaay

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      Oh shit its hezza's birthday. Fuckin lets go grab some brews guy

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      hes not old enough yet, he only turned 16

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      12 actually



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    change it back


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    Oh shit its hezza. Ready for that bare knuckle brawl?

    Finna spit on ya grave son!

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      Cunt go back to perm town


      Real shit tho Love your work. Glad to have you back Magnum Dong


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