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"UwU A spectwe is haunting Euwope – the spectwe of communyism OwO"

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  1. Herico

    The Tortugan State - Message to the people *2

    *A Russian accent comes over the radio* Da, Emily is known to me. Is Emily of Lyudi Bezdny? I hear Lyudi Bezdny not around anymore. Emily is though! Many people want to know of Emily. I ask why? Radio man come here and ask as well. Maybe I give you information no? But maybe you also give me something in return? Maybe like trade! *Silence*
  2. Herico

    What would you like to see from Groups + Events.

    I agree with that, so let me clarify my point. Most of standalone player groups have pushed forward the lore, mainly due to the lack of tools the staff team had in comparison to mod. The VDV, the Kingdom, the Jackals and a shit ton of others have contributed heaps to the lore, but when a group such as the Council or the CTC came in, rocking the big guns, it changed the power dynamic in the server. I'm not asking for a large active staff group to push forward the lore, more like an event group where the staff can organise and run events under a name that eventually gains recognition. These mod groups worked so well because they had the facade of power; regardless of skill level. Admins could spawn in shit for events and make it seems like the Council or CTC had this unending cache of supplies. Now we have those tools in standalone, it is much more feasible to bring in an event group made of Staff and volunteer community members to run events under a staff faction name.
  3. Herico

    What would you like to see from Groups + Events.

    Honestly I want to see a large staff faction come into play as some sort of existential threat to the majority of South Zagoria (*cough* Council *cough*). Groups such as Abyss and Kamenici are doing a great job at keeping a consistent power balance, but now with mod tools its possible to have some large fuck off power player come into the region and start flexxing. It would promote unity between groups and push the server lore forward IMO. Events where groups who've had beef in the past come together to fight off some large enemy would be awesome.
  4. Herico

    The Tortugan State.

    Congrats boys, might have to try and find you IG
  5. Herico

    The National Bank of Chernarus (Open Frequency)

    *The Russian voice comes back over the radio* Ahh is good to hear. Lyudi Bezdny not known to keep man who run mouth da? *pause* Maybe I come down and talk with Bank Man. Maybe friends of Bank Man think he owes answer? To man who ask where bank. Bank is where Bank Man is. Town of Mercenary. *transmission ends*
  6. Herico

    The National Bank of Chernarus (Open Frequency)

    *A thick Russian accent comes over the airwaves* Bank man, you ok da? I hear you have big party with men of bezdna! I hear bezdna also kill you maybe. I not sure. *pause* That is why I talk now. Are you alive little bank man? Have bezdna put you in hole? *The voice cuts out*
  7. Herico

    National Bank of Chernarus (Open recruitment)

    Who knew a piece of bread could actually get a group running! Looking forward to getting in game with the gang for some good old banking!
  8. Herico

    • Herico
    • Mr Shank

    ⚠️⚠️ warning : you need an IQ of at least 200 to understand this comment ⚠️⚠️

    Wa🅱🅱a lu🅱🅱a du🅱 du🅱 i'm pickle Rick 😄😂😂😂

    Hit that mf like if you understood👌💯😜

    1. Mr Shank

      Mr Shank

      I tried to make my return somewhat subtle you cunt. 

  9. Herico

    The Horsemen [Active Recruitment]

    Throwback to the good old times. Good luck with this, those goals are looking lit.
  10. Markus Rielly grew up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, born to a family of four. People described him as a free spirit, unwilling to put up with the rules and regulations forced upon him by his parents and his school. He would always find himself in trouble, whether getting involved in fights or annoying his siblings. He managed to pass through school by the skin of his teeth, and, deciding to remove himself from his constricting household existence, enrolled with ANU in Canberra. To everyone's surprise, he was accepted, and found himself living in Fenner Hall. Not knowing what he wanted to do with his life, he said 'fuck it' and enrolled within a International Relations course for the sole purpose of attempting to get with a girl he'd met at a party during Orientation. What he found was not love, but a true interest in the subject at hand. He excelled for the first 2 1/2 years, but suddenly all interest he had held dissipated. What resulted was a less than stellar final grade, barring him from entering some of the more sought after work. Angry with himself, he returned to Melbourne, living by himself and working any casual job he could get his hands on. Everything changed when he saw the advertisement. "ASIS: A more human intelligence". He scoffed at himself when he submitted a resume, and in turn was shocked when he found himself at the interviewers desk
  11. Herico

    Hello again

    2014 reppin'. Welcome back
  12. Herico

    Permadeath Rule (Read it all)

    People have been talking about Perma rules for ages, yet nothing really has happened. Maybe this time it will get enough traction. I haven't really been around enough lately to see if the community has evolved, but as a lover of hostile RP and, dare I say it, 'RPVP' I think that it's something that should have been in from day one. High stakes equals high tension which can lead to some absolutely awesome story arcs. I think it needs tweaking in relation to community feedback, but I see little reason for us not to give it a test run.
  13. Herico

    • Herico
    • Jack the Ripper

    You ever do anything not edgy? ❤️ Also happy birthday.

    1. Stradic


      Just going to put this here:


    2. Herico


      stop plugging your bad content

    3. Stradic


      But I need that ad revenue.

    4. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      Thanks mate. When are we doing the next LFD2? I can't wait for you to lock me out of the fucking end room again, you cunt XD

    5. Herico


      Mate we're up for it any time


    6. Stradic


      Your death only inspired us to do better XD


      I am on ts now with @Connvexus if you both want to play? 

  14. Herico

    Yo I'm back

    We're a dying breed
  15. Herico


    @Fenrir  @Doom  @Shane Is Dead  @GeneralTortillas  Any of the boys around?

    1. Doom
    2. Herico


      Yeah that really clears up everything ay. 

      Also, NA v2 when??

    3. Stradic



    4. Herico


      @Stradic Sorry who are you?


    5. Stradic


      I'm Waltzing Matilda. Who are you?

    6. Herico


      Worlds greatest radio warrior

    7. ShaneKOS