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  1. My name is Ricky Raine. I'm 15 but tall for my age (despite the name RIcky), and raised in a very religious household. My father used to abuse me however so I used to take out my anger by running into the woods and camping all alone without my family's knowledge. I learned many basic survival skills that would definitely help me later in the next few months. My family is from the rich parts of Miami. We lived in a quaint house just out side of the business sector of our city. My father used to work as a pastor of the church we went to (which explains why I am so religious) and my mother was an accountant at the same church. We didn't become rich off of the salary of my parents. My mom would transfer money from donations directly to our bank accounts. If she didn't transfer enough my father would get angry and take it out on her and I. Just days before the outbreak me and my family took a vacation to Chernarus staying in a rich hotel in Elektro. Just before the virus, I watched as my drunk father pushed my mother out of our hotel room window to her eventual death on the street below. He then stormed out of our room and I haven't seen him since. He may be still out there but I'm focusing on surviving. I've lived out in the woods just beyond Elektro scavenging for food and clean water. It is becoming harder and harder to find necessities though and I fear I will have to venture further inland. I don't really know if I should attempt to look for my dad. My guess is that he got mauled out by zombies but there is a slight chance. A slight chance that he made it to a little old granny who took his drunk ass in and fed him, cleaned him up nice. Who knows he may be looking for me right now. I have no idea until I venture further inland.
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