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  1. Hello I’ve tried all that before but it didn’t work, the only thing I can think of is uninstall dayz and all the mods and install everything again. Thanks for the help Yes, on that order. Thanks
  2. Hello I tried everything I found on the forum to solve this issue but still happening, it’s been a week since accepted in the server but not able to play, any advise? Thanks
  3. Dacosta is a 32-year-old army drop out due to issues with the authorities who enjoys drinking coffee, and slashing zambies. He is fighter and positive, but can also be very impatient and a bit moody. He moved to Manchester after leaving the army and used to work as a chef after leaving the army but the long hours shifts were too much, he was left with no time to live. He left this job and started working for a mobster boss. Started doing some minor jobs but quickly escalated positions in the clan.
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