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  1. Theo was born to Anna Peterson and Jake Peterson, a dysfunctional family mainly run by his mom, as time went on he was groomed and made into a model citizen. His mom after he finished high school divorced Jake and took a job in London where she met Harry father to Max. the Winthrop family became close friends to Theo and Anna, and later Anna and Harry married. Theo and Max became fast friends and went to college together. Theo went to college for Business, Max went to College for film making. Over summer break they both decided to go to Chernarus for different reasons Theo wanted to see the area, while also asking about the areas commerce and business practices. while Max's reasons are more of the photography reasons wanting to see the beautiful country side, this is when the outbreak started he and his brother got split up and later met up in Stary Sobor. over the 2 years stuck in chernarus they had to defend themselves multiple times from infected and other people wishing to do them harm. Theo was even captured and his eye gouged out and now wears a eye patch. he is longing for a place to settle down and make his own and possibly help others around with trading with Theo having learned how from a trader who has made a name for himself, Sergey Vasil Petrovich. While teaching him the trade he also was told to watchout for certain group mainly "The Kingdom" and those who work with them.
  2. VexLynx

    S2 - Metagaming / Griefing / OOC Hate - Rifty Cargo

    Could we also separate the OOC situation here to another report rather then bringing possibly unnecessary information to this report, that has in my opinion no actual reason to be here. @NastyNate @Popet
  3. VexLynx

    S2 - Metagaming / Griefing / OOC Hate - Rifty Cargo

    Would it be possible to get the whole video recorded by @NastyNate showing the chat logs without any editing of "Private information" out.
  4. VexLynx

    S2 - Metagaming / Griefing / OOC Hate - Rifty Cargo

    Nathan you asked me twice to PK me, you then called me a bitch for not PKing while then having me ask you would you and you said you would because your not a bitch, that is directed at me not at the situation. The reason i was breaking Rp was because this was a BS raid, she cant bring a me and her problem to RP and ask me to RP it out i cant simply say the real reason which is this group was dead and becoming a simple bandit group and that when someone gets drunk and pushes you away OOC i cant RP that so i made it clear i wont, you all continued to try to make me which doesnt help and makes everything worse, because quinn though i hated her OOC ( I didnt) she acted on her emotions same as you nathan you got killed by luke and i was told by multiple people that you were pissed in the discord and wanted to kill us all. Can we also get @DarrenMcc point of view on this matter since he is apart of the "kingdoms forces" he also during the raid felt bad and started to realize that this was to far. @EdgyNova As this is claiming he told them something i would like to hear his side.
  5. VexLynx

    S2 - Metagaming / Griefing / OOC Hate - Rifty Cargo

    Hello, im sergey and im apart of Sheep's or Luke Stem's group, i actually logged in during the raiding and i did get a glitch and could see through rify the ship, so OOC i knew i was screwed and couldnt do anything about this issue and i acted with a more curious nature then a aggressive one. This led me to be held up and tied up, this was all fine because its in the rules. The problem came with how they raided us, i was asked multiple times by @nastynate to PK my character even tho i told him no prior already, as this hostage situation continued i was interrogated by @popet and @nastynate, where they kept bringing up a OOC problem That problem was me leaving her group when she removed me on steam and other social sites, it is said this raid was IC because they said we robbed them which we never did, but they had reason to think we did so its understandable, but the situation with asking me why i left the group i couldnt RP because it was a me and her problem not a Sergey and Quinn after this i was told by @sttahl that they took what they wanted and threw the rest in the ocean, while also having later learned our walls have been dismantled and the pictures bellow show how they were destroyed, having later talked to both @popet and @nastynate, @popet was very appoligetic to the situation and i feel cant be 100% at fault. in my opinion the group was working as a whole in a OOC way, thinking it was a IC, OOC chat i was called a bitch by @nastynate for not allowing my character to be PK'ed, i do think he needs to be dealt with most of all, since he is the start of this problem with the meta gaming. where he got killed and wanted revenge for it and the discord msgs from Nate to Sheep show that.
  6. James was born to a poor family with lots of problems, he was bullied and treated like crap by his own family which isnt even bringing in the treatment in his schools. From a young age he was troubled and if proper actions were taking to help him when he was young he could have been saved from these problems he is now plagued with. His first major problem came when he was a kid, he was with his father at a bar when he was 6, his father got into a conflict with a Russian man named Gusarov (he never got his last name) who beat his father to a pulp and then started on him as a kid, where James could smell the vodka on him and anytime vodka is smelt seen or talked about it causes this personality to come out. After this around his 8th birthday he caught his dad in bed with a women who was named peaches (at least that was her work name) and his mom saw that whole thing too. this caused problems as a family where james blamed himself for causing these problems, after that his family was split up and his parents shared custody of him and his sister Kat. He still saw peaches every so often but she stopped coming around a year or so later. this caused problems for his dad when he had the kids he would beat them worse then before one time when he was 10 he went to a friends house when staying with his father and his 8 year old sister was left to fend for herself but she told him it would be ok that he could have fun for one night. when he returned the next day Kat was no where and later his dad told him he killed her by accident. He didnt mean to bash her skull in and he just wanted to teach her a lesson, this was the first time he saw his dad cry. later that week when he was being sent to his moms he told her what dad did not really knowing what it meant when he said "he killed her". This caused his mom the call the police and head over to the house to scream at her ex husband and cry. this lead to his mom being murdered by his dad out of frustration. The police came and took his dad to jail for two counts of murder, this left him with no one he felt at fault for his sisters death and she became a personality in him as well. after that he was sent to foster home after foster home and this is where he meet a kid who acted like a chad and he gave him that name in his head, he was 13 at this point and this kid was the son of his foster parents, they were rich and well off he liked it there but "Chad" was a dick and treated james like crap. he would be beat and harassed over and over again by "Chad" and his friends and only one thing ever stuck with him about "Chad". under his breath james would always call him a asshole this became his trigger for his "Chad" personality where he thinks hes better and makes people do the hard work and simply beats those who oppose him. Once the abuse of their son was found out they got rid of james at the age of 15 where they couldn't allow the family name to be hurt. they gave him to a catholic church where he meet a older man named Father Holt. when you first meet Holt he sounds like a stand up guy and really loves the bible but as time continued, james learned who he truly was. Holt started to touch and fondle the other kids at the orphanage and would beat them if they didnt allow him to. james was one such kid who was beaten and sexually abused this gave Holt a kind and caring personality for awhile until he starts to know you then he will force himself on you. at 18 james left the orphanage holt had passed away 1 year prior from a heart attack and that gave him the ability to try and live again. It was to late though the damage was done and he already knew something was wrong with him when his sister died but couldn't figure it out. finally he learned about his split personality from his traumatic experience as a kid and was hospitalized to see if he was a danger to people. after 3 years he was deemed safe to live out in the world alone but seeing his doctor on the regular of 1 every 2 weeks. over time he started to become more and more independent with his doctors help and slowly was controlling his triggers being able to keep control for a little longer and fight them taking control. at the age of 26 he was told to go on a trip by his doctor to somewhere nice and remote she suggested Chernarus and he liked the look of it and packed and left his home to go for a trip to find himself, a few weeks after the world ended he was stuck surviving this world alone, with little trust for anyone besides Kat his sister who was with him.
  7. Matthew was born in Dublin Ireland and lived in nice happy family. When he was 3 he and his family moved to the US to get away from Ireland when it IRA was becoming more and more active in the area against the English and the Northern Irish. After his family fled to the US he made a name for himself as a musician, getting gigs in smaller places most of the time and never making it to stardom but still was popular. At the age of 25 he wanted to go travel the world for awhile. in 2017 he found his way to Chernarus and was staying for awhile taking odd little gigs around the coast then world ended in his prospective. This caused him to change his life forever, making a hard choice he assumed his family is dead back in the US his sister Sophie, his mom Aoibheann, and his dad Callum. he has not has contact with for 2 years he hopes one day to see them again but he has already accepted their deaths in his heart. Now he walks around with his guitar and anyone who wants to follow playing music and telling stories to those who will hear them.
  8. Hello this is Vex or Sergey I was with the attacker who killed Brandon, My POV, Me and Vito got radioed by our Brazilian friends in Severograd who said they were getting robbed by you guys, since we were in the location of serverograd we went to help. after that me and vito straight away went to help. we were only defending our friends who were getting robbed. I never shot a bullet but simply spotted for my friend, that's when he told me to run that he was going to take out Brandon since we heard on the radio that they were robbing our friends, I believed breaking into a base or trying to is a hostile action, so the actions we had committed on the black roses was justified in that regard.
  9. Had a fun RP with @Lunabee when she begged me and my friend for water . Hope Penny/ @Lunabee is staying safe out there.
  10. I was born in Electro living my whole life their until the last day working at the convince store, where Vladimir my friend and coworker was bit when the undead pushed south. leaving my friend turned was the one thing i didnt want to do but fighting him was to hard and i couldnt kill him myself. I vowed to return to the store after i finally started to understand how to survive. After a month of craziness i returned to find the store looted and Vlad gone. so i hope one day if hes still up and walking ill find him and fix my mistake but its only a hope. After a year of surviving i figured out what i would do, become a wandering trader until i found a place to call home and set up shop. Thats what im up to currently walking Chunarus looking for gear to sell for a good price to those willing to trade something they have.
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