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  1. Kveta began life on a farm in the wilderness outside of Belozersk; looking after livestock, hunting, and fishing took up most of her time. She had a quiet life until shortly after her 20th birthday, when she traveled West to explore the rest of Europe. Living out of a backpack, she stayed in hostels and with acquaintances. She found the art, music, and food she was exposed to fascinating, but felt as though the people were largely a disappointment. They irritated her. They seemed to lack manners and had little interest in understanding the world around them. They had no idea how the goods they consumed came to them, no respect for the abundance they were surrounded with, and no regard for the natural world. One night, in mid-March of her 26th year, she met a man named Jaques in a bar in Paris. She went home with him and they talked and drank for hours. Her demeanor with him was friendly, but inside she began to seethe at this man's ignorance and pomposity. He took so much for granted and seemed to think so much of himself for no reason at all. Like so many others, he seemed to her more animal than human. His existence had no depth. Like a rooster he simply consumed what was put in front of him without a thought in his head, strutting around puffing his chest out and squawking. He hardly seemed to notice when she got up and retrieved a knife from his kitchen, continuing to jabber about some valet who'd apparently scratched his car. He didn't stop until the knife found its way into his throat and silenced his monotony, replacing it with brief choking horror and then nothing. Kveta felt a thrill, an exhilaration akin to that which she felt after a successful hunt, but amplified one thousand fold. She stared down at him for hours, taking in the sight of the blood and his frozen lifelessness, reveling in what she'd done. She was fascinated by how easy it had been, by how powerful she felt. Immediately, she knew she had to experience that feeling again. From that first moment, she was addicted. Her second kill was in Marseille a little over a month later. By the end of the year, she'd killed five more. By the time she was 29, another dozen. She was careful, never staying in one place too long, making sure not to leave any trace of herself and to change her methods regularly. She primarily targeted loners, killing them in their own homes late at night and slipping out in the early hours of the morning. Most she caught completely unaware, while their guard was down. She left a trail of death behind her as she slowly snaked her way back across Europe this way, eventually returning home just a few months before the outbreak. When civilization collapsed, it seemed almost too good to be true. She felt free. She found others who preyed on the weak and gathered them to her. Slowly she corrupted them further. At first they simply robbed people, though she would often follow and kill them afterward in secret. In time, as her companions came to enjoy the distress of their victims, she began to torture them and encourage the others to do the same. It wasn't long until torture became murder. Once she was surrounded by enthusiastic killers, it wasn't long before she had her first taste of flesh. Moving between several safe-houses throughout the country, never staying in one place very long, Kveta and her people have been cannibalizing unwary travelers for half a year now, and have once again found themselves in South Zagoria.
  2. We were on the road out of Kabanino on S1 when we were held up by a group of people that this person Luke was running with. Luke claimed initially to be a Wolfpack member. One of the people in the group asked about my voice and I told him OOC that Millie is a woman. Millicent Bailey is a cis woman, I am a trans woman. He made a comment about me sounding like a guy and I asked him OOC to stop. Myself, @Peg4YourBackpack and @Oskan complied with the hold-up, putting our hands up. The people we'd been walking with got into PVP with the people holding us up. Luke then came back and they held him up, searching him, questioning him, and taking his items. We collected the items from the fallen people we'd been walking with, @Oskan picked up the FAL, and we moved into the woods. I made a point of keeping my gun on my back this entire time. He dropped his radio upon request from one of our allies and I picked it up because I had room in my bags. We discussed a plan to make contact with Phoenix of the Wolf Pack, which he still claimed to be a member of, in exchange for returning his FAL. Oskan, in the mean time, had gone back to pick up one of our other friends who had logged out on the way to Kabanino and they passed us, heading up North without realizing we'd stopped. When we made contact with our people at Jacob's request (one of the guys we were traveling with), we learned that they were way ahead of us so we met in Grishino to return the FAL. We gave him the gun, and his mags, and headed down the road. I was then shot and died. Returning to our camp on S2 upon respawning, I RPed out an injury to the shoulder and had it treated. Shortly after, two people identifying themselves as "Dean's boys" (the Mafia) showed up at the gate. They asked to come in and I said it wasn't a good time. They asked for food and I had someone throw them down some steaks. One of them said they'd been hit by a steak and it hurt at which point I said don't be a baby. @HDragon then called me dude and I said I'm not a dude. He then antagonized me about my gender, which I asked him to stop doing OOC. If you watch the video, you can see him cracking up about it and continuing on. As you can see on the video, I then told him over voip, indicating that I was talking OOC, to stop and leave or I'd report him to the admins. He then said he was going to Zelenogorsk, but instead went off into the woods and shortly after told one of my camp members to put his hands up and shot him *immediately* without giving him time to comply. I told the rest of the people in the camp that I wasn't going to deal with his transphobic abuse or entertain it by RPing with him, logged off, and suggested that they do the same. Apparently after this they came back and initiated on what was at that point an empty base.
  3. Rescinded. Please delete.
  4. Considering how difficult and time-consuming it is to build a significant sized base one time, it seems unreasonable to be expected to do it twice in order to secure the area. That said, I did wall off the house at our camp in order to discourage people from building there and in planning for building it a second time on S1 in case S2 ever returns to its only-open-sometimes status. I don't think it should be required that you build on both servers to secure your location, even to the small degree I have already, but I do think it's probably a good idea.
  5. Today was amazing. @NightMar3rGamer, @Oskan, @alexro, @Masonn, @Peg4YourBackpack, @Jman14102, @ItsMaverick, @Taleinara and so many others. I wish I could dig up everyone's profiles. Thank you so much for the RP today, it was a fucking rollercoaster.
  6. Nah, legit. It was fun. I had to try . Millie is too cold blooded not to try to turn the tables.
  7. So much fun today. @Sheriff, I love your reaction to 13 and 14. Whoever that guy was who held me up, gave me my shit back, and threw my pills away ( @NotMrPink), you're ridiculous. Nice reaction time. @Steel_Preacher, you're super intimidating when I'm on the other side of your rifle. And of course the entire Playhouse, you're always super fun. I'm loving the interactions I'm having with people on this new character. @JimboJimmyCorn Thanks for being a good sport. I'm coming for you.
  8. Losing her parents to a car crash at the age of 6, Millicent came to live with her paternal grandmother, Edith. Though well meaning, Edith was in poor health and was seldom able to do much to look after the girl, so she was mostly left to her own devices. When Millicent was 16 her grandmother died and she spent a month in a foster home before running away and beginning a life on the streets. With no applicable skills and a strong disdain for authority, she found employment prospects to be dim. She worked as a waitress briefly, but was soon caught stealing from the register and fired. She resolved to be more careful and was soon making ends meet primarily through petty theft. Pick-pocketing, disappearing in the night with dates' wallets, even the odd spot of car theft; she found that she did in fact have a skill that paid well, though it eventually left most of the bridges she made in cinders. As always, she resolved, she'd rely on herself and trust nothing but her own wits. As time went by, her methods became more sophisticated and she found that she could often talk people out of their valuables just as easily as she could snatch them. Eventually she stole from the wrong people and was caught, but narrowly escaped. Now on the run, she fled to Montreal to start over. Within a few months she met a wealthy consultant who offered to fly her to Paris with him and start a life together. She accepted and once they returned to his home she fleeced him and hit the road again. It was easy to disappear in Europe, staying in hostels or grifting her way from home to home and taking what she could. She tended to stick to tourist-heavy areas and typically avoided robbing locals, preferring obviously unwary sight-seers. In all the years she'd been on the street, however, she'd seldom had anyone to rely on or get close to. People were meal tickets, opportunities to lead her to a payday or a few nights somewhere comfortable or a ride down the road, one-time resources to be fully exploited and abandoned as soon as their immediate usefulness had reached its limit. As time went on her instability led to one harrowing experience after another with no real respite or sense of safety in between. From close calls with authorities or dangerous criminals to violent reprisals from those she was actually caught by, the years of chaos added up and took their toll. Her isolation turned to paranoia and her mind began to unravel. With no one to support her or even help her tell reality from her own fanciful misapprehensions, the outcome was all but inevitable. Now wandering in a fog of real and imagined threats, she made her way East. By the time the outbreaks began in 2017, she found herself imprisoned on Storozh for car theft and assaulting the police officer who apprehended her. As the infection spread throughout the facility she escaped with a group of fleeing prisoners and swam to the mainland. Falling in with bandits, she eventually robbed and abandoned them as well, striking it out on her own. Now she wanders South Zagoria holding up unwary travelers, sneaking into settlements, and taking what she can, once again treating the living as little more than walking bags of goods or tickets to much larger bags of goods.
  9. "It seems as though making my way to Novaya would be prudent, regardless of my final course of action. I will do so at the earliest possible opportunity. I hope to see you there, Dr Tatcher."
  10. *Her voice returns on the radio* "Ah yes, I misspoke. Kamensk not Kamenka. I seek the source of the outbreak, not a day at the beach, though I have many pleasant memories of the latter. I will take these warnings under advisement. I believe the information resulting from such an endeavor could be invaluable to my research and well worth the effort required to obtain the proper equipment, but I would like to be as prepared as possible before undertaking such a task and welcome any information I can obtain beforehand. I suppose I have some stops to make before embarking."
  11. *an woman's voice with a Chernorussian accent comes over the radio, an occasional slight rasp betraying her age* "I am Dr Yekaterina Cibulka, epidemiologist. I wish to hire the services of a mercenary group to accompany me on an expedition to Kamenka so that I may investigate the origins of the outbreak. I would like to leave as soon as possible. Please contact me via radio to discuss terms of an agreement."
  12. The daughter of Dominik Cibulka, a Chernorussian assembly-line worker, and Yelena Vetrova, a Russian engineer. Assigned to the same factory while Chernarus was dominated by the Soviet Union shortly after the 2nd World War, Dominik and Yelena fell in love and were wedded in September of 1951. By mid-June, they had given birth to their first child, Yekaterina. From a young age Katya excelled in science and mathematics, but had difficulty socializing. Going on to become a biologist, she immersed herself in her work to the exception of all other pursuits. Never having a family of her own and with few attachments to others, she took the crumbling of society in stride. At the start of the outbreak she was recruited by the Chernorussian government to help search for a cure to the infection, but made little progress before her lab was overrun. Narrowly escaping with her life and her notes, Katya continues her research on her own. Seeking out facilities and performing experiments on both the infected and the uninfected, the search for a cure has become her sole focus in life.
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