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  1. *A journal may be found carefully tucked away among Millie's possessions, bearing comedy and tragedy masks on the front cover and closed with a clasp. The book within seems relatively new, in contrast to the much older cover into which it's been placed. The latter is still quite sturdy but worn, suggesting perhaps decades of use. The entries within are neither dated nor labeled, and are accented here and there with cartoonish sketches and doodles.* Days like this remind me of so many people. Of Hanzo, of Matka and Otec. Of Babička. Their faces follow me, hiding in my thoughts. But there are new faces too, that won't leave my mind, that etch themselves into it. Dina, in those final moments. Kuzmich and Komorov in theirs. That poor bastard son of Lopotev who just wanted to sell fucking lemonade... Today was hard. My face hurts, my fists hurt, my ears won't stop ringing. I thought my eyes would never dry. Babička would say that days like today are the ones that wake us from our slumber, that call to who we really are. And yet it could have been so much worse. Would you be angry with me, Hanzo, for calling an ex-Chedaki family? You taught me what family meant, more than any of the rest of them. You kept me safe, even in vyvoj. She terrified me, but you always made sense of it all, made it easier. I think if you'd been there in Berezino, and in Guglovo, you'd understand. I hope you would. I know you'd give me shit for crumbling in front of them. It's strange to look back on myself in the past few months, when I was so scattered, and see myself almost as you must have seen me. You were right, Babička too. All the pain, the loss, the fear, it strengthened me. Take it away and I go right back to that frightened little mouse I always thought I'd be on my own. Even now, I feel different. Just having brushed up against that version of myself, it changes how I see things. The hate just isn't there, not like it used to be. There may be heads that I'd like to see roll, but I don't feel consumed by it anymore. I worry that if today had gone differently, it might have come back. I don't think I can walk another friend to their death and come out the other end a whole person.
  2. Gonna be a -1 from me on this one. Shooting at people from a distance doesn't promote RP. This thread does remind me of something I've seen used to pretty great effect before on another no longer existent server, though: using non-lethal weaponry to knock people out as initiation. While it could certainly lead to some silliness when inevitably abused, it sure is fun to suddenly get knocked out and wake up in restraints with some good hostile RP looming menacingly over you.
  3. When everyone first got back from Namalsk the streets were barren in most of the heavily trafficked towns, but now that we have an active player base roaming around looting it seems a bit more spread out. I have no idea whether spawns were turned back up again since then or if the economy is just healthier with more people in the server, but things seem pretty okay now.
  4. I didn't read the thread before I voted and Millie needs a therapist, so I said yes. I can't stand Rust but who am I to break a unanimous vote? What I want to know is where you're keeping all the spray-paint and why you bother marking a tree that you're trying to cut down with a blunt rock.
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  6. I like the concept of cars having keys because, you know, cars have keys. That said, it sounds like this just means you need a lockpick to steal cars. Given that you can buy lockpicks pretty cheaply from the civilian trader, I'm not sure what adding this mod actually does? It seems like this mod just makes itself irrelevant, adding an extra mod for basically no reason. I'm also not sure every abandoned car having the keys still in them for some weird reason is more immersive than all of us having learned to hot-wire them after a few months with no other way to get access to cars. As a counter to my own argument, it would be kind of cool to be able to leave a hostage vaguely near their car and know that they can't just hop into the thing immediately.
  7. Making a rule for every case that violates a pre-existing rule just leads to rules bloat. In the end that just makes the rules harder for new players to grasp, not easier, as the number balloons with each case being added explicitly. Gamemasters are 100% able to decide that a rule-break has mitigating circumstances and lower the ban length and points given for it. If they think that 5 days is too harsh for memeing in notes, they're able to give a shorter ban for minor bad RP. If the person hit with it thinks 5 days is excessive for memeing in notes, they can always appeal the decision and try to get it reduced. But let's be real, it's a short ban and some points that will go away in a month. Hopefully once it's over they'll be as careful about notes as I am about making sure I double-mic during RP. Long-term players are going to be more likely to change their behavior after a ban than to leave over it, and much of the community does actually pay attention to bans and points so maybe it'll cut down on other people doing similar things where just a warning wouldn't. Comparing it to NLR, I can see why NLR is shorter. It's not hard to NLR on accident if you don't know the map, and sometimes it happens even if you do. I could imagine it being particularly discouraging for a new player to die, wander around lost for a while, and suddenly be banned, but writing a meme note on an RP server isn't something you do accidentally. If you want to write 'reeeeeeeee' somewhere that people will see it, there are 1 million discord servers for that, as well as literally any non-RP Day Z server. There are loads of incredibly silly things that you can do in Day Z, some of which are very entertaining, that have no place in a roleplaying server. I don't think there's anything wrong with drawing a hard line in that regard and backhanding everything that lands on the wrong side of it. As far as why leaving silly notes all over the place is bad RP, I don't think it's the writing and leaving of notes itself that's really the issue. The problem with a note is that it's always there, it sticks around. You don't just have a note that says 'reeeeeee' while you and your friends are hanging around a fire joking, it still exists when someone comes through doing serious RP. Finding a meme note in the middle of a scene has a way of undercutting the dramatic tension; people do enough of that by monkeying face-to-face, we don't need people also doing it with notes.
  8. You did a fantastic job. The people who were there last night all enjoyed the work you put into it. Don't worry about people who haven't even brushed up against what you're doing in game complaining.
  9. Hostile RP is in large part the lifeblood of the server. It brings tension to stories, causes unexpected friendships and bitter hatreds, and enriches our experience of wandering around the ruins of a collapsed civilization. Sometimes it's done better than others and occasionally it can be hard to swallow, but it's vital and when it's done well we all benefit. That in mind, I'm curious what everyone's favorite experiences with being on the receiving end of hostile RP have been. What types of hostile RP have you enjoyed? What groups and scenarios have done something that stuck out for you, and what was that something? What do you wish you could see more of? We've all seen plenty of posts going on at length about the kind of hostile RP people don't enjoy, so let's try to keep this about what we've gotten to experience that's good.
  10. Had fun with this last night, thanks @Pepsi!
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