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  1. themanwh0laughs

    [GAME] Lie To Me!

    You mean that I lied about 3 and that I do in fact like cheese on bread, but only some types of cheese? Yes. I bet you hate pepperjack and all the French cheeses.
  2. themanwh0laughs

    [GAME] Lie To Me!

    It's 3, and it depends on the cheese.
  3. Nope, just my character. He's from Leonardo, New Jersey. The reason I put him as a New Jersey resident is because one of my favorite filmmakers, Kevin Smith, is from there.
  4. Newark Liberty International Airport, twenty months ago. Tom firmly wrapped his hand around the handle of his only piece of luggage. It was colored an ugly green and its outsides were battered. This was the same piece of luggage that Tom took when he moved into his dorm at Rutgers University. The Kenneth Cole logo on the front was somewhat faded as a result of all of its wear and tear. Tom cocked his head back and stared at the pillars holding up the ceiling of the New Jersey airport. The young man drew out a pair of earbuds from his jacket pocket and inserted them into his ears. With a quick click, he played the first song on his iPod playlist. Call me a safe bet, I bet that I'm not... The voice of the singer and the strums of the guitar began to drown out the busy ambient sounds of the airport. Tom looked out towards the runway and slowly moved his eyes to look at the Chernair airline parked up against the airport. CHERNOGORSK - 10:30. The 747 parked was leaving for Chernogorsk in ten minutes. A hand grabbed onto Tom's shoulder and shook him. Who the fuck is this? An earbud was plopped out of Tom's right here, disrupting the stereo sound of the song, and Tom could only hear the singer's voice in his left ear, his right isolated of the band playing. "Tom." "Mom? How the hell...?" Just looking into his mother's sapphire eyes, Tom knew she was trying to stop him from leaving New Jersey. "Tom, please. You don't want to go to Chernarus," his mother tried to hold him back as the flight attendants began to open the doors and let the first passengers board. "You've been holding onto this grudge for too long, mom. At least have the decency to let me see my biological father once." "He's a bad man." "That's what you think," Tom retorted, "Now, I have to go." Tom brushed off his mother's hand and got up to board the plane, in hopes he would get a window seat. His mother tried to latch onto his hand. "Let me go!" Tom quickly yanked away his hand and hastily handed his ticket to the flight attendant. This time his mother did not pursue and tears began to well up in her eyes. Tom stopped before he entered and looked back at her. "You're going to regret this, Thomas," were the last word she spoke to him. Tom shook his head and boarded the plane, not saying a word to his mother.
  5. Chopper Dave, You have no idea how grateful I am to run into a friendly survivor. Great RP today, man! I hope I see you ingame more often!
  6. Seeing that DayZ is a game that has a huge emphasis on experiences with other humans, I was just curious how all of you write your characters when it comes to interactions. This is all variable on how the characters view human nature. Some are total misanthropes and hate humans, while some are on the other side of the spectrum and believe that humans are good no matter what and some are in between and have no care of humans whatsoever. What are your character's views on other people? How does this affect his/her interactions with other survivors? Hell, you can even throw them on a DnD style alignment scale (Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil, dat shit.) Tom, my character, being young and fresh out of college, has somewhat of a naive approach to other humans. Deep down, he associates a lot with philosophers like Jean-Jacques Rousseau and believes that humans are born good, or on a more detailed note, innocent. It is society and the environment that humans are surrounded by that corrupts them to evil. This explains how humans are behaving during the crisis in DayZ, but Tom thinks that within any survivor there is a capability for good. But this totally contradicts with the fact a bunch of bandit clans exist, so I'm using this view in contrast to the environment for Tom's character development.
  7. To the crew of BHM, Hektor, Viktor, and that crew, you are evil, evil people but so very wonderful. I had a great time RPing with you, even if you did execute poor Tom in a game of Chernarussian Roulette!
  8. As I began to go through the threads and played on the servers, I began to imagine what the whole community of DayZ RP would look like if it was a Walking Dead-esque TV series on AMC, HBO or whatever. There are so many concepts to play off of. The series could depict Tomeran's Outpost Rangers' struggle to maintain neutrality in the chaos of constant conflict between clans in Chernarus. It could focus on hero clans like the Watchers or the Free Medics trying to build a better world out of what remains of civilization, or on the flip side, focus on bandit clans like the James Brother Gang or to an extent the Black Hat Militia trying to make a better world for themselves and exclusively themselves. This could play into a Game of Thrones style power struggle for who rules Chernarus. Or a simple focus on small pockets of survivors moving from settlement to settlement who end up running into bigger organizations. The possibilities are so endless. What are your ideas of a DayZRP television series? Who do you see directing and/or writing. Or even on a more specific level, what actor/actress do you see most effectively playing your character on the small screen?
  9. Found in a warehouse in Vyshnoye. Very crumpled, burnt off at one end.
  10. ((OOC: My character, Tom Schwitz-Klokov has a tendency to scribble his thoughts on paper and unknowingly drops them around Chernarus. Feel free to post your characters' reactions to finding these notes )) Found by a well in Pogorevka, southwest of Stary Sobor
  11. Name: Tom Schwitz-Klokov Age: 22 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 180 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Birthplace: Chernogorsk, Chernarus (Raised in Leonardo, New Jersey) Nationality: Chernarus/United States dual citizenship Languages Spoken: American English, extremely basic Spanish, tidbits of Russian. Education: B.A in Political Science, Rutgers University Pre-Outbreak Profession: Hopeless college graduate with very little direction in life Demeanor in Three Words: Good-natured, clumsy, talkative Main Skills: Wit, fast learner, pop culture knowledge Brief Background: After his American mother's divorce from Tom's Chernorussian father, Tom moved to New Jersey at the age of one and never got to know his father. His mother remarried and Tom grew up a particularly standard All-American kid. After graduating Rutgers University, Tom had no idea where he was going in his life, but decided he wanted to seek out his birth father (much to his mother's chagrin). Tom flew into Chernogorsk, the city of his birth and ended up distracted from his "journey" to find his father and took up the party life of drinking, sleeping around, morning hangovers followed by more drinking. This all crashed down when the first of the infected began to flood into Chernogorsk. Riots broke out and Tom was advised by his mother to leave Chernarus as soon as he could. Upon arriving at the airport, the entire country quickly became quarantined and Tom had no way of leaving the country. Even the American government at the embassy had no way of helping him. Tom found himself on the many caravans out of Chernogorsk, trying to find a safe haven. The only tools Tom had to survive postapocalyptic Chernarus were his wits, sharp tongue and luck.
  12. Hello all of you wonderful ladies and gentlemen! I'm a guy with a particularly long username, I guess Joker would be fine in this case seeing that's my avatar. I just sent in my whitelist application. I hope the mods like it. I'm just getting back into DayZ, so bear with me as I settle back into the game. I really look forward to roleplaying and plotting with all of you (if my app gets accepted)!