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  1. Just be glad he didn't name us 'Deliverance'.
  2. EmonOkari

    Regarding the server split

    Newer player here. When joining DayzRP, I selected S2 and have simply stuck with it. My personal experience: I have no concept of what S1 is like. On S2, I have encountered solid RP experiences every day since joining. The world feels spacious, and at times I honestly feel 'alone' out there trying to survive. There are times I'm worrying more about wolves and how to avoid infected than thinking of community vs community politics or bumping into the 'wrong' group. Yet, every day, I do bump into someone. Sometimes friendly, sometimes not. Overall, I have found an organic and enjoyable RP experience here on S2.
  3. 1st-person games give me terrible motion sickness. With 3rd-person available here, I'm doing OK so far.
  4. Wes Billings (known by many simply as 'Montana') grew up on a farm and ranch. He had a sister who he was close with growing up, and whom shared in terrible traumas at the hands of other family members. He took it upon his childhood self to protect his sibling as best he could from the dark nature of a beast who went by the name of 'Dad'. He still struggles internally with blaming his younger self for the times he could not keep her safe. Because of this, he has a problem with bullies...and an ever-present urge from within to beat on certain lowlife types. Personality-wise, (on the surface) Wes is a quiet and lonesome man. Through adulthood, he remained a simple man of simple means. He remained close with his sister, who later had a daughter. He and his niece, Rosie were great pals as she grew up, and he took great joy in their kinship. He loved and cared for her like a daughter. One day, his now-grown niece met and quickly married a foreign man of dashing disposition who was originally from Chernarus. They soon darted off to his homeland when they inherited a family farm there. But who was this husband anyway? He seemed to permeate charm. A bit too much charm. Could he be trusted? Bleh...maybe the doubts were all in his head. Another symptom of his overprotective nature. But something never felt right about this boy. Yet he would do his best to hold it in and not interfere. For his beloved Rosie seemed so very happy. Within a year, Wes received a written invitation to travel out to this Chernarus for an extended visit. With glee he accepted. The agreement was to help the newlyweds organize their new farm. He packed light, promised his sister (and himself) that he'd keep a protective eye on her transplanted daughter in this new far-off land. Further, he vowed inwardly to discover if this new husband was all he seemed to be. And, if not, handle the situation accordingly. Wes never reached them. Aboard the final ferry-leg of the journey, something happened. Something beyond description. Beyond imagination. In the ensuing chaos, he went overboard...washing up ashore with nothing. Not even his treasured hat. Cold, wet, and alone in a world gone dark. Yet, not alone. Surrounded by the holy mess of it all...these whatcha-ma-call-it infected now displaying outwardly what he has spent a lifetime struggling to hold down inwardly. Mocking him with every rage-filled scream. And so, here on this new shore Wes has fallen back on his country-skills to survive off the land. All the while swallowing down the ever-present and ever-growing creature inside him. Filling his days with a desperate search for any sign of his lost niece. Roaming from farm to farm, checking the infected. One by one. Confirming each new bloody face isn't her. Hoping she's safe somewhere out there. Hoping she's not transformed into one of these mongrels. And, God forbid, if his beloved Rosie has indeed become one of them...secretly hoping never to find her at all.
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