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"In The End, We All Lose."

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  1. Not only do I agree with this +1... ...I believe a ruling LoreFaction (Staff-Group) *should* have a sizable advantage over the playerbase in any/all specified areas of 'control'. They can/should be trusted to not abuse it, rather using it to further the roleplay experience for all. Any possible offense of 'Staff-Group Abuse' could be reported with video evidence readily available. Like police 'body-cameras', aren't all Staff-Group characters already required to record in-game activity? (Good Rule-Of-Thumb for all: 'ABR = Always Be Recording')
  2. This life is just too damn hard. Its relentless. Like waves smashing against the shore, it hits you again and again...and again. Beats you down till your foundation gets weak. Till everything you believe in, everything you once held dear, starts crumbling beneath your feet. No rest. No reprieve that would ever allow Hope to rise again. No time to...just breathe. Only a non-stop assault until, one day, you succumb to the tsunami and washed out to sea. I used to believe. In people, so-called community, even God. Can even remember a few faded childhood memories. Maybe they were
  3. Missed the fun. Is there a recording we can listen to? Thanks.
  4. Loot can be a bit picky these days. Especially for buckshot. I started carrying a plate carrier, automatic weapon, and NVG just in hopes of finding someone to give them to in exchange for a couple buckshot. No luck yet. Shotgun shells may start to rival nails as the next server currency.
  5. Solution: wolf spawns/aggressivness upped in WinterMod...down in the SummerMod.
  6. I'm not a very good RPer (voice/creativity/etc), but I sure do love living in the worlds all yall create. Thanks again to the LoreMasters, Staff, Content Creators, RP movers-and-shakers, and all the amazing folks here. Looking forward to an amazing 2020 everyone. *cheer*
  7. Please no 'Early Access' Lore. We prefer 'Lore 1.0'. When our amazing LMs come down from the mountaintop holding our New Lore in two sacred tablets. Declaring in one unified voice, "It is done."
  8. I'm hoping this Lore Wipe will help in personal efforts to improve my still-poor role-playing skills in a fresh new world. As an optimist, I'd like to believe a good number of folks in our community will probably do the same. Yet, all each of us really has control over...is our own selves. This LW may just be a perfect time for each of us to ask, "What can I do to make this new world better/richer/deeper/spookier?" If enough of us take this LW as a fresh opportunity to grow in our personal character-development, role-playing skills, and world-building...this could be a big 'win'. Pers
  9. - User has been warned for this post -
  10. Possible Solution: 30-day cooldown. Stops the back-and-forth trips, yet allows people's beloved characters to not be 'stuck' out of the RP loop forever.
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