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  1. Loot can be a bit picky these days. Especially for buckshot. I started carrying a plate carrier, automatic weapon, and NVG just in hopes of finding someone to give them to in exchange for a couple buckshot. No luck yet. Shotgun shells may start to rival nails as the next server currency.
  2. BO EASLEY BIO n Buford ‘Bo’ Easley grew up on a farm near the sleepy town of Ben Wheeler, TX. This property of 200 acres sported a huge sign over the entrance that simply read: ‘Broken Bow Ranch’. He spent his youth there helping with the cattle, cutting hay, working the watermelon fields alongside the Mexicans, and fishing. His favorite pastime: riding his rusty old bike with his friend Cecil down a few miles to Interstate 20; to watch the big rigs go by. He dreamed of one day hopping into a cab, grinding gears, and riding the highway just like the songs would say. In adulthood, he realized those dreams and spent his 20 and 30s working for a local trucking company based out of Tyler alongside his friend. The life was lonely on the road, but it was everything he thought it'd be. During this time, he met a local girl, oh yes fell in love, and got married. Time and distance apart was tough; and the life of a trucker is always hard on a relationship. But they made do. Bo sent her every penny he made, giving his all to provide. Making it home as often as allowed...seeing some new painting his wife had done. Some place she imagined they one day may visit together. But never spoken. They tried for children, yet the blessing never came. After more than a decade together, Bo's wife came to him with a sizable portion of cash. She secretly saved money for years, finally dumping it all on their dinner table in a surprising splash…proposing they start their own trucking company, right here in their hometown. One where he could pick his jobs, stay nearby, and come home to his beloved each night. Easley Trucking was born. The business became their child, both working long hours to keep it afloat and alive. Years later of modest success and a relatively happy home...it happened. The doctor said her organs were already failing, and they recommended just keeping her comfortable. Bo took it hard. As deep as that pit of dread in his chest grew, he never let her see his pain. Their last bit of time together was treasured, if bittersweet. After her passing, Bo poured himself into his work even more. He was distant, closing himself to the outside world and even his best friend. Cecil tried to give him space, yet knowing he needed to do something to shake up the dark rut his dear friend was in. Finally, Cecil walked right into the main office where Bo was often hunched over an old scratched laptop, and he dropped a brochure on top of the greasy keys. “We’re going on the greatest fishing trip of our lives,” Cecil said matter-of-factly. “And you ain’t saying no.” Bo found himself slowly opening the brochure to pictures of gorgeous mountains, pristine lakes, and blankets of evergreen trees. Pictures eerily similar to the ones his wife painted over the years. He spent a moment reflecting on the absurdity of it all. But when he finally spoke, all that came out was a quiet, ‘OK.’ For the first time in his hardscrabble life, Bo was going on vacation. And he wasn't going alone.
  3. Solution: wolf spawns/aggressivness upped in WinterMod...down in the SummerMod.
  4. I'm not a very good RPer (voice/creativity/etc), but I sure do love living in the worlds all yall create. Thanks again to the LoreMasters, Staff, Content Creators, RP movers-and-shakers, and all the amazing folks here. Looking forward to an amazing 2020 everyone. *cheer*
  5. Thank you. Will it shelter us from the rain?
  6. Please no 'Early Access' Lore. We prefer 'Lore 1.0'. When our amazing LMs come down from the mountaintop holding our New Lore in two sacred tablets. Declaring in one unified voice, "It is done."
  7. I'm hoping this Lore Wipe will help in personal efforts to improve my still-poor role-playing skills in a fresh new world. As an optimist, I'd like to believe a good number of folks in our community will probably do the same. Yet, all each of us really has control over...is our own selves. This LW may just be a perfect time for each of us to ask, "What can I do to make this new world better/richer/deeper/spookier?" If enough of us take this LW as a fresh opportunity to grow in our personal character-development, role-playing skills, and world-building...this could be a big 'win'. Personal opinion on population: Come June a good number of folks may be having an internal conversation with themselves about subbing up to Diamond to avoid the queue.
  8. - User has been warned for this post -
  9. Possible Solution: 30-day cooldown. Stops the back-and-forth trips, yet allows people's beloved characters to not be 'stuck' out of the RP loop forever.
  10. Wishing you all the best. *cheer*
  11. One option: increase spawn chance, decrease to ~10 uses per bottle.
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