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  1. EmonOkari

    New Haven

    Are my dreams coming true? *pinches self* Excitedly hoping to run into yall in the near future. Best of luck and well wishes, everyone.
  2. EmonOkari

    Borealis [Selective IC Recruitment]

    I have enjoyed interaction with these fellows. Best of luck gentlemen.
  3. EmonOkari

    DayZRP 20.1.1

    More shotguns = Thank You!
  4. EmonOkari

    S1: Novodmitrovsk (Left With Zero Weapon)

    Understood. Only thing I wish to achieve is adherance to rules (by myself, and hopefully everyone). If OK in the rules to leave someone without a weapon, then I'm OK with it. I asked about it in DayZRP helpchat (voice and text) in Discord, and was told leaving someone without any weapon ('was not right') and could be a rule break (CrimsonTiger). Hence the clarification here. Whatever yall decide, I'm good with. Thank you.
  5. EmonOkari

    S1: Novodmitrovsk (Left With Zero Weapon)

    Server and location: S1 Chernarus, Novodmitrovsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1/4/2020 (~14:00-15:00 UTC, 6:00-7:00am PST) Your in game name: Wes Billings Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: 2 unnamed. Overheard a name that sounded like 'Isaac' said between one and the other. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Jogged into Novodmitrovsk, arriving near the factories/lumber-area, and was met by a single gentleman who called out to me. I stopped. We spoke for a short moment (he as voice, me as text). Interaction began right before server restart, so we walked over to a nearby building to ride 'the storm'. Both of us returned after server restart, and we walked outside. Another person then shows up. I was told to put my hands up by 2nd gentleman. I complied. 2nd-gentleman said they were together and I was being robbed. Told to drop all guns. I complied. I was then tied up, all other weapons were removed from my person. Weapons removed: IZH-43, Makarov-PB, Splitting Axe, Hunting Knife. Was told to walk over toward building while tied. Was told to never return to Novod again or I will be shot. Told to lay down and count, then I could get up and free myself from ropes. After counting, I got up and freed myself from ropes. Checked inventory. No weapon was returned/provided for self-defense (see screenshots). Looked on ground around the area, but no weapon was found. Called out asking for a knife. No response. Waited 30+ minutes for anyone to return. None returned. Went to DayZRP Discord to ask advice. Was told it could be a rule-break, and I could choose to file a report. The Positive: I personally appreciated being left with my fat and cooking pot for food/water. Also appreciated a nearby fire being left for warmth during night. Leaving no weapon could have been a simple oversight. *shrug* I have no personal ill-will toward these gentlemen, and wish them the best both in-game and in-life. Thank you.
  6. EmonOkari

    Remove Winter Chernarus on January 1st

    I vote to wipe Winter. Wipe server. Wipe lore. Wipe everything. Wipe wipe wipe! ;^)
  7. EmonOkari

    Livonia Characters

    Sounds like this current situation is turning into a mess. Solution: big-wigs set rules addressing the two servers, wipe the lore/servers, and we all start over with a clean slate and set rules on Day 1. Whether those rules are 'two-servers, two-characters', or 'Livonia borders Chernarus', or 'Livonia and Chernarus are separate universes', etc. Set the new rules, wipe the lore, and lets all have fun in 2020.
  8. EmonOkari

    Livonia Characters

    Ah, copy. I mistakenly had Chernarus in another area (near Bulgaria/Romania/Ukraine). Thank you!
  9. EmonOkari

    Livonia Characters

    Is it really '3000km between Chernarus and Livonia'? I'm hearing this figure a lot from multiple folks. Yet, IRL, its not even 3000 km from Paris to Moscow. Looking at Google Maps, the IRL lands represented in the game appear to be less than 1000km apart. A similar distance as Miami to Atlanta...or Dallas to El Paso. Thanks!
  10. EmonOkari

    Praetorian Guard

    Congratulations and good luck gents.
  11. EmonOkari

    Gear Hoarding

    Absolutely Fabulous!!
  12. EmonOkari

    We should have a serious talk about this!

    My personal thoughts: this server is at its best when we police ourselves to create better dynamic roleplay. Our own self. When we personally choose to be the one individual or group to give a little extra time for others to respond via voice/text. When we look to PvP (and even initiations) a little less often, and rather look to create a slowly-ratcheting up of RP tension between individuals and/or groups that lasts several hours, days, and even weeks/months. Rather than 'Hands Up Or Die!' being the very first (and often only) interaction, or pulling out our weapon immediately 'Because I have defender rights!'...we could each choose to rather make initiations/gunfights to be more often the exciting culmination of an already rich roleplay story. A place where PvP would actually advance the story. I agree that all these rules are important. Yet I believe they are baselines guides for people to follow as they delve into this world. A 'minimum standard' that people are required to adhere to here. Yet hopefully, many of the amazing folks here would choose to go far beyond these rules to a 'higher standard'...one where organic roleplay, slowly-building tension, and long-term stories were a principle that was worth practicing within our own selves.
  13. EmonOkari

    Praetorian Guard

    I have enjoyed yall's RP immensely. Fun group!
  14. EmonOkari

    DayZRP 19.12.2

    Sneekin' n Creepin' is making a comeback!
  15. EmonOkari

    DayZRP 19.12.2

    That's good thinking!
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