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  1. David deBerardinis, a southern businessman with a brief military background, formerly charged with various counts of wire and bank fraud, who ran a notorious oil pipeline-based ponzi scheme. However, when the Feds came looking, and his plan ultimately was exposed to his investors, he faked his death and fled the country before he could be apprehended. Of course, wanting to be completely hidden away and out of the eye of any United States officials, he packed what he could and smuggled his way into Chernarus in 2007. David's ultimate goal was to put his scheme money to good use and buy a farm in one of the various rural areas, to live out the rest of his life in leisure, a sort of retirement. With his family and kids left far behind in the United States, when the outbreak happened, he had almost no obligations aside from his own well being to look after, and since, that is all he has done. Not one for companionship, David is a bit of a loner, now only seeking to find refuge within one of Chernarus' many forests, and live a peaceful, unbothered life of hunting and gathering. While he may be a bit of a recluse, he is not a pushover by any means, though his military experience was rather brief, his training taught him enough tin terms of self-defense.
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