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  1. andysuter


    Todays 80’s cheese is a split…. Part ultra cool and part ultra cheese. I’ll let you know which is which.


    1. DerrickStorm


      Man, I can't wait for the new Top Gun. Every now and then I watch the hell out of the old one.

    2. andysuter


      i know right, im the same. The trailers with the theme tune playing softly in the background gives me goosebumps...... but wtf was kenny loggins thinking with his bits in the video. Rolling around on a bed, in sunglasses with a camera

    3. DerrickStorm


      Let me explain. He was sleeping. Jets flying outside of his window, so he wakes up. As all the cool guys, he wears his sunglusses at night, so he just sleeps in them. Then he takes the camera to have proof of how low the jets are flying so he can then file a complaint. At the end of the video you can see how hard he's taking it. Even singing all along the whole incident isn't helping him.

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