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  1. andysuter


    Hey Guys,

    Im trying to shape my current character so please could I have some constructive criticism/feedback.

    Im particularly interested in how you would expect a Christian priest to act in the current world. Im finding that a lot of people  treat me like im made of glass physically, but emotionally they punch with ‘we love you being around but don’t go attracting the wrong sorts here (ie muslims!) or were gonna have a problem with you’. Im not religious IRL so relying on research but obviously there not much research for priests in a zombie apocalypse. This has led my friend and I to take a reclusive approach and look to moving around rather than staying with one group although we are now OOC thinking 'sod it, if we get executed so be it'

    Would you expect a priest to be all full on ‘god bless you my son’ etc etc or more relaxed and inward and only speaking of God when the situation requires.

    1. Rover


      I am good friends with someone I grew up with who is now a priest. Or a pastor, I am not actually sure what his faith calls themselves.


      Its one of those business/personal life principles. In his personal life he isn't a preachy fellow. He won't come out and tell you about the bible or the truths of the lord or anything of that sort, but he always lives his life with his conviction. He won't ever lie, not even a white lie, or be dishonest because its not fair.


      Its one of those lead-by-example things. Being a pious person doesn't mean you need to rub in everyones face that you are, you can do it just by example and virtue. But don't be afraid if someone asks you /why/ you are how you are that you give a gentle explanation and open the door for them to ask you questions about faith!


      As for the muslims; Islam and Christianity worship the same god. The difference is that Islam views Jesus as a prophet, not the son of god (And a part of god.) Islam doesn't believe in the 'Trinity' of Father, Son and Holy spirit. This is SUPER PARAPHRASED, but worth doing some delving into.


      It would be a good idea to get yourself a very baseline understanding of the major religions. That is something you are taught in seminary, so you can relate to other religions and see where you differ and where you are the same. While there might have been just a few wars started on religious differences they are vastly more similar then they are apart, and many moderates from both sides see that. 


      Edit: Typo's

    2. andysuter



      I started with the whole ‘praise be’ thing but have now reigned that in as the one or two priests I know IRL don’t talk like that at all. In fact you wouldn’t even know they were priests if they didn’t have dog collars on. But they are very moralistic and principled but again are moving with the times.

      Ive got a sermon prepared for our first one which actually addresses the whole Christian / islam thing, pretty much as you had described but ive adapted it for how that would be spoken of in a zombie apocalypse and ive got a wedding service planned out as we were asked to do a  wedding haha, not to mention a spot on the radio… we are going to be very busy so I want to get it right

      I think im heading on the right direction now after the initial OTT approach

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