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  1. I get that and agree with you to an extent but its also a two way street. There are plenty of examples of hostile RP'rs trying to give good rp but the 'victims' just shut up shop and clearly arent happy to RP back. They would rather continue on their way gathering nails or other pointless crap and not be disturbed by these horrible hostile rprs. There are some absolutely amazing hostile rprs on the server crying out to give some one a story line given the chance but i agree, there are some that offer very little anything other than gearrp. I absolutely loved my time as Father David harrassing anarchy over the air waves, while trying to avoid them ingame. When they finally caught up with me it wasnt at all what i was expecting and was actually a little disappointed they didnt tear me apart.
  2. as a third party looking in, this whole pobal vs zalese thing is really off putting. To the point where i think im just gonna rp on cherna until you all sort yourselves out. All the rp'rs involved are great RP'rs and its sad its now come down to firing insults, reports, OOC stuff around. Both 'sides' have issues and its clear some of those are OOC. For the sake of the server can you sort this shit out and get back to actual rp instead of trying to score points on each other. This applies to both sides.
  3. I like the fact that some people are looking at ways to improve or suggest things. That’s healthy, even if the idea doesn’t go down well. We cant stand still and rules should evolve and improve. However, the biggest issue is see with the OP suggestion (or rather following posters interpretation of the war and peace) is that it is coming from the view of a trained actor. Someone who by definition is trained to act a role, roleplay, improvise etc. They will be highly effective in coming up with a great piece of roleplay in a hostage situation that is both effective and engaging, while being within the rules. They will be experts in separating IC from OOC. The reality is, most of us arent trained actors so we do the best we can. Some of us are superb and some, like me, try hard but usually fall short of convincing rp. To then loosen the chains for people who do struggle with RP is extremely risky. Its not hard for someone to panic and things take a wrong turn but the rules we have currently make an attempt to set boundaries to limit that. However, not sure if this is part of the OP ideals or not but I do think every action should have a real consequence. The fact that our character can never die means its both exploited in terms of shit talking, NVFL and also some hostile players take advantage of that too by engaging on every person they see as there is no real consequence other than loss of gear. At the very least, and its impossible to police, but if a character is shot dead or killed there should be a cooldown on when they can return. Its crazy we get some people killed yet they appear 30 minutes later as if nothing happened. Most don’t even RP they had been injured, although I have witnessed some excellent medical rp by some where bullets were removed and they rp’d out the injuries very well.
  4. i hadnt actually noticed they werent spawning lol. Ive been too busy eating choc pudding but i agree. we need fruit for a balanced diet
  5. Smallie hears the radio and seeing an opportunity picks up his radio, bangs it on the kerb edge until it springs into life. “hey radio path guy, you sound like a bit of a hero. I quite fancy some of that action. Im a bit of a hero myself, so my foster mam said. I will try and work out how I switch frequencies and give you a holla on this walkie talkie thing to see how I join this path finding bunch you’ve got. I know all the streets round here, so happy to escort any chicks that need a strong guy like me to show them around. I dont mind helping with delivering some tins of beans and shit where you need. Peace out man. Nice one”
  6. I cant post comment re your base request as im just a peasant player but wanted to say its nice to see a base request that actually fits the group, isn’t just a tickbox of what building we can have so lets cram it in. It looks designed to fit the map, in character with the surroundinga and groups. Top work boys.just seen youre purple..... congrats


    1. andysuter


      ignore the purple bit. Dont know what happened there

    2. Wulf


      Finally a prefab that looks like it was made by survivors post apocalypse... Or just tinkers pre apocalypse tbh 😄 

      Easily the most authentic prefab made so far.

  7. George was born in the North East of England, originally from York but moved to Newcastle with his Fathers job in his early teens. His Father was a Sergeant in the British Army and having grown up living in Family accommodation on various Barracks complex, it was always likely George would follow and join the British Army too, having been boy scout, then an army cadet when growing up. He left school and applied to join the army straight away. He was accepted and passed his basic training. Initially as an infantry man, he then moved on to applying for roles in search and rescue and intelligence. After a lot of further training he was attached to a specialist combat search and rescue corp where he served a number of deployments in conflict zones, finding and recovering British army personnel and families for rapid extraction. He was sent to Livonia as part of a small unit to recover British army personnel that had been sent to the area as part of an overseeing NATO force and CDC group following rising tensions in eastern Europe. Communication had been lost with the Army personnel so Georges unit was deployed to locate and investigate the loss of communication. On arrival at a NATO airfield in a neighbouring country, and the direct view of what was happening, things were quickly escalated to major evac and they entered Livonia to locate the personnel, evac back to the airfield and return back to the UK. Along with heavy military action in the area from Russia and LDF, other NATO countries also had personnel in the area, both in a military capacity but also as part of the multinational CDC centre in the centre of the county. This centre was dealing with what appeared to be a serious disease outbreak, origin unknown initially but quickly accelerated to the point the CDC camp and much of the country was overrun by the infection which appeared to turn the infected into enraged animals, devoid of all reasoning and communication. It was less than 4 days into the mission that communication was lost with the forward operations centre at the airfield. All radio communications were silent. Georges unit continued their search and rescue mission but tragedy hit on the 5th day. His 10 man squad was searching a small town in the north of the region. Chip, one of the squad got attacked by an infected civilian, badly bitten and scratched. They opened fire, killing the infected but attracting a horde of infected civilians nearby. They retreated into a small house and barricaded themselves in. Chip was in a bad way. He was bleeding badly and had major trauma to this stomach neck and shoulder areas. They did their best with the basic medical kits they had but the blood loss was too much and chip passed after an hour or so. They decided it wasn’t safe to venture out immediately. Night was falling and thunder crashed in the dark skies overhead. Torrential rain hit the windows and lighting lit the skies for a few seconds. They bunkered down for the night. At first light they secured chip on a stretcher made from bed sheets and decided to retreat back over the border to the airfield and hopefully safety. It wasn’t to be. As if things couldn’t get any worse, they were attacked multiple times on the way by infected but also small groups of civilians who were looting and raiding, taking any opportunity to protect themselves and their families in the chaos. It was like Armageddon. All sense of morality had gone and it was survive or die. They had to get out and quickly. Over the next week they lost half of the squad to attacks. Only George and 4 others remained. They tried to recover every fallen colleague but the numbers were against them. It was fight or flight. The final attack was the one that caused the unit to disperse unintentionally. Trekking through the forest in the dark of night to the south they stopped to refill canteens at a small brook. Tiredness, fatigue and general illness and lack of preparation for such a major unprecedented incident had left them lacking their basic survival training. They hadn’t realised but they were being stalked by a large bear on the edge of the trees. When it attacked it did so with speed and huge impact. Caught totally unaware and unable to get to their weapons in time, the bear mauled Sarge and Billy. It was ferocious. Blood everywhere and the screams where heartstopping. George, Ramsey and Col scattered into the trees to take cover, only to realise they were no longer with each other. The bear was still present and clearly aggroed so they remained silent and hidden. When it appeared safe to do so, George made his way back to the brook to see the mauled bodies of Sarge and Billy, clearly passed. Ramsey and Col were nowhere to be seen and after a brief search of the immediate area it was clear they had moved off or had been taken by the bear. George continued through the forest, heading south and reached the border on his own. On entering the first town over the border it was clear that an evac was not going to happen. The infection had spread to this country also. George went back into Livonia as his only real chance of survival was to find Col and Ramsey. Over the next month or so, the military activity decreased, aircraft had stopped flying over and things were getting quieter and quieter. Fast forward to present day. George is still surviving, having met a group of other survivors. The details of these survivors is classified but the revised mission continues with the search for Col and Ramsey, and a way back to the UK.
  8. just seen youre purple..... congrats


    1. JobScholten


      thanks, that is what must have changed.

  9. ^ This. I totally agree. I have no issues with air locks but if you can open a gate and it moves through the one in front, that should be AOGM as it cant physically happen.
  10. isnt the simple answer to just character lock people to each server? A character created on livonia stays on livonia. If livonia goes down, you can play your chernarus character. Its kinda what a number of people i speak to do already anyway, myself included.
  11. Not gonna lie.... I had a kylie poster on my bedroom wall..... god bless the queen of 80's cheese.....



    1. Basko


      I thought you were more of a Justin Bieber fan

    2. andysuter


      who ? 😉

    3. Basko
    4. andysuter


      Well that’s a first for me. Ive never seen a song reverse engineered BACKWARDS to the 80’s haha


    5. Harvey


      You sound like my dad more and more Andy smh

    6. andysuter


      Well I do remember when all this was fields….and in my day…..

  12. I often go through this same thing, and currently am myself. But I can offer this advice; Think about what you want to achieve for your character. Do you want to be well known for being a mean bad ass, a helpful guy, someone who people have heard about but never met, someone who stays under the radar or in the background etc etc. Get yourself an end game to target. Then work out how you're gonna get there. Are you gonna join a group and betray them by stealing stuff, are you gonna stay as a loner, never in one place too long, Are you going to be a helpful group member looking to help where you can for your community or do you want to stay in the background. Get the long term basics right then build up quirks that make the character interesting to play. for eg, mine is an alcoholic and always smoking weed but people havent really noticed yet. Its just something i try and rp for myself. Above all - dont worry about what others characters are like. Dont waste time on something you cant control. For all you know they could be looking at yours and thinking how great it is.
  13. im actually tempted to get back in game for a house call lol
  14. todays 80's cheese is a truely forgotten gem...... Bruce willis



    1. MrsSunshine


      I never knew this existed. 

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