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  1. andysuter

    some roleplaying help/ advice needed

    Thanks Genji, I think you’ve inspired me to stick with my half English/half Italian bounty hunter type character. I do like keeping out of sight and watching people moving around camps, listening to their ic chatter as they talk about whose cooking the food next etc (while absolutely killing myself laughing off the mic) and then just walking up and asking for X person who ive just heard being referred to which freaks the shit out of them. I may find a way to make that work for me, maybe something like im here as theres been a hit placed on their head but if they want to pay me off, I’ll walk away and say the jobs done. … actually, im thinking I quite like this guy now…. I knew I just needed the advice of all you pro’s!!
  2. andysuter

    some roleplaying help/ advice needed

    Thanks for the replies guys, really helpful. I think I just need more practise as ive fallen straight into the typical ‘rolleyes’ traps of greeting people with ‘hey, what are you doing here’ and replying with ‘yeah im just scouting around looking for stuff’. Ive washed up on shore etc etc yawn, yawn….I know the vast majority of people ive met have similar introductions but it must be incredibly boring for those good RP’ers that I meet and im in awe of some of the better RP’ers ive met. They really do talk and act like a character and I apologise if I never offered that interaction back. The problem with playing myself is that im probably really boring in an apocalypse. Id probably stay by a cabin the woods/middle of nowhere, chop wood and farm chickens. That would get boring really quickly. I certainly wouldn’t wander the streets looking for other people on the off chance they may be a friendly group and not going to eat me or capture me. So I then turn to what I think would be an interesting character to play and that’s where I start to fall down and not long after ending up slipping out of character and into a generic type player in military camo and carrying a big gun.
  3. andysuter

    some roleplaying help/ advice needed

    Im hoping the experienced community can help me here. Sorry if this is the wrong section In short, im struggling to find a character that suits me and how I like to play. I seem to trying complete extremes and its not working. 1st character was a simple one – a tourist /civilian and knew nothing of the outbreak until he got beached. – Problem with this one was that in an effort to avioid meta gaming I ended up playing him like some lost schoolboy rather than a guy who was on a trip for his 40th Birthday. 2nd character I thought id try a bit more soul so created a guy the underworld would hire to find people that owed them money. Thought I had this one nailed, a smart black suit, avators and a courier bag with a pistol in chest holster. It was a great idea n my head. The problem is im rubbish at Roleplaying someone that really doesn’t a fuck about anyone if they don’t have a purpose/benefit to him. His attire also meant I had virtually zero room to even carry the basics to survive if I wasn’t with a group. Then the question was how does a guy whose so selfish actually fit into a group. I probably bit off more than I could chew with this guy. Im now thinking of playing an ex british army Chaplin and go around spreading the word of god. – Problem I see straight away – im not that religious so would struggle with talking bible… Im struggling. I want a character that can justify being self sufficient, yet is also interesting in a group but also someone that is someone you would recognise if you saw them again.
  4. andysuter

    Do you play Military or Civillian

    Wow, lots of replies. I’ve tried to play interesting civilian ( currently a contractor type that you hired to find people if they owed you money). Had a nice suit but realised I can’t carry much which is useless for a group member. So ive ended up ditching the suit and getting military camo and a big bag. I’m really disappointed I’ve gone this route. Struggling to find a useful character that isn’t a military clone of everyone else
  5. andysuter

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

    Just to lighten the mood… I don’t suppose you could work on a hi vis jacket could you
  6. andysuter

    Server Queues

    I just noticed the capacities increased to 95.....
  7. andysuter

    Server Queues

    This is a perfectly reasonable take on the queue cap. I think despite the good intentions of the cap, maybe its set too low at 20. Some people would rather sit for an hour in a queue than just play on S2. Maybe it should be removed for now until a new server wipe is created, with a bit of advance notice to people so they can have opportunity to decide which server to build a base on. Its been mentioned a few times but some people are just logging off the game totally which im sure wasn't the intention.
  8. Is this a rule break / ghosting One of my characters has some gear that will suit a new character of mine so well for RP purposes. Is it a rule break if I use character A to drop some of his stuff, log out and then log in as character B to pick it up? Im talking about a belt with holster and a side arm. Im not even sure the system will let me do it and may just despawn the items I drop? I wanted to ask before I attempted it. If its a rule break, i'll just have to find the gear in game as character B
  • Im Rico…. Im in the business of getting money out of people that don’t want to pay up. I had a few clients, mostly ones I cant tell you about or else I’d have been the one getting my bones broken. Im not a tough guy…. I just have the knack of getting things I want. How did I get here? Seriously…. All this shit happening and you’re bothered about how I got here? Man, you need to look around and readdress your priorities. But ok, in the interests of a good story, <lights a cigarette>, I’ll tell you. It started in Early July. I got a new contract to find some chick called Bambi. Im pretty sure that’s not her real name but its all I got. Shes some ‘it’ girl from London. Dads a rich oil guy im told. Anyway… this broad got a taste for the wild party life and ran up quite a ticket with my ‘client’. Id been told she’d also got a bit of trouble with the Russians too. I finally found her in a back street club in London. Really not my scene but a jobs a job. I was sat having a whisky watching her dancing, drinking, and shoving stuff up her nose.… at least they called it whisky…. It tasted more like cat piss. Anyway, I digress….. She was sat on a booth necking on with some guy. Hed got his hand up her dress, just as another guy came over, whispered something in his ear and then slumped forward. She was just about to let out a scream when a hand went around her mouth and she got dragged behind the booth and out of my sight. I got up and moved closer, fookin piss heads everywhere, made getting their quick a real pain in the ass. Took me 30 seconds to get there but she’d gone. The unlucky guy hadn’t moved and had a trickle of blood from his ear. Not the first time hes been stiff tonight… Where the fuck had she gone. I looked around and saw a door finish closing in the corner of my eye. I made my way over and opened the door. Dimly lit empty room…. I heard someone shout something in an Eastern Europeon language, then I felt a sharp pain right in the middle of my face and it went black. I woke up what appeared to be a back lane with blood running down my face and in my eyes. There was a small van in front of me and this broad was being bundled into the back, gagged and kicking. Two guys with her. I think they were guys…. I could only see sillouettes. Then I felt a kick in my ribs and a third guy bent over me and told me to back the fook off in a broken English. He then got in the van and they drove off. After getting myself home I rang my client to update them. ‘Fucking Russians….. you better get her back… I want my money or I’ll be taking your cock and balls in exchange.’…… Best lead I had was from Rat boy…. Hes not actually a rat, or even called rat, but hes small, stinks, lives in a shit hole and gets everywhere and I get a lot of info from him. So I call him Rat boy. He said the Russians had been making waves in the club scene and were really moving in on the drug trade in East London. He said they didn’t wait long before dealing with debtors and if they were male, they usually just got their throats cut down by the canal before being dumped. If they were Female and good looking, they got moved to Eastern Europe to be sold on in the sex trade to Russian billionaires. If they were female and looked like blokes, they got treated the same as the males. I’d have given her one and as I don’t just shag anyone im guessing she was in the former so there was probably a few weeks window before she was gone. As I fancied keeping hold of my cock, not literally, but you get what I mean. <stubs out the cigarette> I bought a plane ticket to Eastern Europe. Rat Boy said there was a cruise ship that sailed in the black sea called ‘Costa Risacca’ where they Russians met with the buyers to do their trade. She would likely be on this ship soon, if not already. And that, you nosey fucker, is how I got to be in this shit hole of a shit pit. Its shit. I mean really shit. You know the rest…. Big storm…. Lots of people fighting for positions. I don’t mind admitting I pushed a few women and kids out the way. No fooker was getting my spot on the raft. Anyway, I made it onland and was met with these ugly crazy sons of bitches. They make the Russians look like pussys. It’s a virus im told…. No fooking paracetamol is gonna cure that. Only benefit is its makes them dumb as hell. Im no ninja but even I can sneak around them. If they do spot me, I can usually take them out cold with a couple of well placed knuckles on the chin, Hell its even fun. Two of the bastards are more of a handful and but even me knows that im gonna get my suit creased if I get jumped by 3 so I know when to back away. Anyway… Bambi….. I guess you could say she got her lucky break. I aint getting back home anytime soon by the looks of it and if anyone thinks im going off looking for some probably already dead bitch is out of their fooking mind. I just need to get me a side arm and I’ll be on my way. Anyway… get out of my way…. And if I see you again, im gonna put a hammer in your skull. Capeesh? Oh and thanks for the beer.
  • andysuter

    Server Queues

    I totally agree. If im on S1 i go to a town and meet a certain group or see certain bases in locations. If im S2, those bases or groups arent there. Its screwing my mind. Its like im playing in a a parallel universe. Personal opinion but character locking is the way forward for me.
  • andysuter

    Server Queues

    I feel for @Roland here. Hes got people saying 'great idea, it will push people to S2' and then hes also got people complaining. He cant win but I guess that's the nature of 'the job'. My view is that we have 80 people on S1, with another 40 in a queue - 120 people. We than have S2 with typically 40 people on with 40 slots spare. Maybe im being stupid here but theres a slot for everyone to get playing straight away. I get why people want/need to play on a particular server and maybe an answer could be to character lock on the servers at next wipe. It will likely spread the community out a bit more and have different characters/RP worlds on each server. It will also stop ghosting and that weird situation where your character has entirely different worlds that they play on. Im thinking of doing that now in any case as the parallel universe is screwing my mind haha
  • andysuter

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

    Im all for openness and transparency but maybe this thread should be locked or cleaned up as its drifted from the OP's suggestion to a personal disagreement which maybe should be addressed in any hidden staff forums etc. The public nature of this wont do anyone any good. (sorry, don't know how to tag a mod in.)
  • andysuter

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

    I feel for you mate. Everyone involved behind the scenes needs some acknowledgement/credit at the very least. I’ve volunteered 5 years of my life as a kids football coach and know how it can feel when things just pass you by. I’m not insinuating you are not appreciated but I think all staff should stand out on the forum as a minimum
  • andysuter


    great , thanks
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    Thanks, as in just lying around or are they removable from the beauty spot boards?
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