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  1. happy birthday RR. The anarchy period was good fun for me. Just wish i could muster the enthusiasm to get back into dayz
  2. Have you played on livonia Bas?
  3. Well maybe that’s part of what makes livoina the go to map currently. Its reasonably new (bar arma players) and it gives a new platform to RP on. Somewhere to explore etc. Theres nothing ‘wrong’ with cherna. Its like your grandmas house. Always a safe and familiar place to go but youve seen the pictures on the walls a million times already.
  4. The primary aim of a neutral group should be finding a way IC to remain neutral. Whether that be clever politics or simply moving on. Being able to run behind a forcefield into a bubble is not one of those ways.
  5. People follow people and fact is, Livonia is a better map for RP. Cherna is like that old goldfish you wish you hadn’t won at the fair. It just wont die no matter how much you neglect it. Look at it another way. You can roam around a smaller map among 79 other people, or a much larger map with less than 20 on it. It’s a no brainer really.
  6. welcome old friend.... we will meet again.
  7. Ive been trying to PK my guy for nearly a year. As a priest I had hoped the muslim group would catch me and behead me. Didn’t happen. Then I thought Anarchy would finally catch me and hang me or something. That didn’t happen either but they did catch me and were actually quite nice lol. I was on so many hitlits at one point, i thought this might be the time but nope... As others have said, glitchs, infected or samey firefights are no way to PK. Its got to be story lead so everyone gets something from it. Then you start again with something new. Don’t go back to the same character with ju
  8. Its a merry go round subject this one. been talked about before and wont be the last. My view is, if you shoot someone in the head you really shouldnt expect to see them the next day with no recollection of it happening. Its downright wrong and totally immersion breaking. However, it is totally open to abuse. I always said if anarchy ever caught my character and killed me in a way that was thought out and RP'd, i would perma him. It just makes sense.
  9. if ever there was a group to be insta-approved, this is it.
  10. I had a freak incident at the weekend. As a recent spawn I died to a crowd of infected in the middle of nowhere. I respawned in, looked around and thought “this looks familiar”…. Then saw my old dead body about 20m away. I freaked and messaged admin. In the end I just ran away but ive found out I did show up on NLR logs due to this.
  11. Amazing. Time to get the old guy back in game and get some humanitarian support to those in need. Amen
  12. id like to see just a civillian group. You know, just a bunch of survivors. No doctors, no super soldiers, no bandits, no freaky cannibals. Just ordinary people trying to survive and bringing in their own backstories which would develop as relationships grow.
  13. i like the idea of RP hubs and anything to make them more appealing/accessible then thats a good things. What i would worry about is this alliance thing. Say you have 2 small hostile groups who on their own are manageable but if you force these two (or more groups) together it becomes a problem for a number of reasons. Both for the other players on the server and for the groups themselves. Everyone is mates at the start but once the nagging issues that were overlooked at the start as everyone is so excited about a new base start to become bigger issues then i can see lots of ooc drama.
  14. Welcome to the cause new pathfinders. We have a big job ahead of us.
  15. I can reiterate, there is a huge amount of work going behind the scenes (mostly by Derrick), refining things, discussing goals etc, speaking with the potential group members that have applied to make sure we/they are a good fit, rather than just minesweeping any member that needs a group. The intention is to create a group that is a long term, heavy RP group that adds to the community but also gives each member their own story to develop as part of the group.
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