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  1. Hello @everyone "Redwood Radio". Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful and joyous Christmas ! Miss you all.... OTTO
  2. I really have enjoyed playing with you all....thanks for the laughs, and all the good memories. Good Luck to you all ! NO ERPVP
  3. @JewRP Yeah, I'm good with it....sorry for the BIG oops and misunderstanding on my part ! @Realize Plz close this report. Thanks !
  4. Server and location: Server 1 KRASNOSTAV Radio Tower Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5:25 GMT Your in game name: Otto Petterson Names of allies involved: Xiao Lin Name of suspect/s: Anarchy Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Blue Flatbed Truck Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Arrived at Krasnostav Radio Tower to find a group of individuals raiding the compound. They asked Xiao if he had a licence for the weapon he was carrying. Otto then stepped out of the truck and was trying to RP, when shots were fired immediately and both myself and Xiao was KOS. Otto didn't even have a weapon out and was willing to comply to their demands. However, I wasn't even given an opportunity to RP out the situation.
  5. Ostara

    Holy Fish

    FISH ON !
  6. *Otto finds a quiet corner of the compound, he sits down, pulls out a bottle of Vodka and tunes into the podcast* (Hearing the voice his mind slowly drifts back. It was the doctor that helped him to live and feel again. He recalls that evening sitting by the fire in the woods, when he shared his story to a complete stranger. He didn't know why, maybe it was the gentle tone in his voice that made him open up. Or the overwhelming pain inside that he felt, carrying that burden inside him for so long. Either way, the walls crumbled down that night..........and he has never looked back. ) *Otto grabs his radio and transmits* "Dr. Shock it's Otto, if your out there and listening.....Thank You !" *The podcast ends*
  7. @Zanaan @Eagles_4L1fe @APositivePara and others. Hey, that was some awesome RP ...thanks ! My character can be quite an antagonist at times, gets him and his people into some bad situations. Otto has to learn it the hard way.....I think he got a good lesson in that last night
  8. So my character was involved in all of this as well. I had heard shooting and climbed on top of the building to get a better look. I came under fire and was unable to protect myself and died. NO RP reason or any indication was given.... Otto Petterson
  9. Hey all, looking forward to meeting your characters and engaging in some awesome RP. See you in game...
  10. Otto Petterson - Off Shore Oil Drilling Contractor It was here on the shores of a secluded beach that Otto found himself. Barely alive, but somehow still able to pull himself out of the water and weeds that entangled his beaten body. His mind still hazy after what seemed like weeks drifting out at sea in that escape boat. He wondered if others had managed to escape or if he was the only one. One of the fortunate that somehow fate had looked upon. His mind drifting in and out of consciousness, back to that terrible evening when he had been standing watch on the platform some 130 feet above the roaring sea below.Without warning a thunderous explosion rocked the Oli Derrick. Fire and chaos consumed and ripped it apart, and among screams of terror and confusion he and only 3 others were able to escape onto the boat. The two others, a cook who had been up late baking pastries and cookies for the next day, and the other, a young woman who had just recently joined the crew as a supply technician. In the night as they drifted slowly away from the burning wreckage, they all thought they could see or what appeared to be their co-workers killing each other. It was the young woman who went first. One morning we heard a splash, and the last thing I remember was her face slowly being pulled to the depths below. She had tied the boats anchor around her feet and threw it overboard. She had given up her will to carry on. A few more days and nights passed and I was awakened to find the cook stumbling around in a delirious state of mind. He was bleeding from his eyes and mouth and could no longer communicate in spoken words, but only through grumbles and grunts.Food had run out and their was perhaps only enough fresh water left for 1 more day. He was getting worse as the hours past, I had gathered a small length of twine used to secure the floats to the boat, and when I had the opportunity I acted and with my last ounce of strength. I killed him.... And then, by some miracle found myself barely alive in this forsaken land. Graduated top 1/3 of class in High School, 2 years undergraduate and apprentice heavy duty mechanics, Red seal Journeyman (Heavy Duty Mechanics), 11 years off shore oil rig consultant....(Maintain and service oil platform mechanics and hydraulic rig components. specialized training includes (First Aid, WHYMIS, Arc & Tig Welder,) Hobbies - Guitar, Collecting Old Coins / Stamps (Married in 1999 but wife (Helda) died in 2009 from breast Cancer....lives alone and has one sheepdog named Thor
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