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  1. my feelings regarding this are, with the current queue many of our members are right now CBA with waiting in a 2 hour lineup to get in game. which is hurting our groups. It's a massive problem for progressing story, it is a massive problem for large groups to try and maintain their status as a group. lets bring back S2 chernarus. deer isle isn't even finished
  2. ***she presses her PTT with a calm smooth slavic voice*** Father David, nice to hear your voice on radio again. Iz sounding like you have doubt... Not worry, even after mean things you say there iz still girl out there who likes you. I not religious person, not in least - Try it in orphanage, never work out... ***There is an animated "HA" she seems sad for a moment*** I know it feel like world Iz against you now, I not blame you... Winter iz soon to come, before you know it will be much colder place ano... Let me be first to offer you warm blanket and cup of broth, sadly only broth as I've not anything to hunt with.. ***she muses momentarily with the crackle of a fire being kindled to life at the strike of a match*** I not pity you, feel bad that it come to this but not pity. come share some warmth and company of good woman... ***she lifts a heavy pot and hooks it to the tripod with the jingle of a chain, she then turns her radio off with a sigh***
  3. I miss our friendly local Chernarussian police force.
  4. ***she peacefully and assertively holds down the PTT*** I can't comment on Decision I was not made part of, I simply follow orders. Not one of us has raised hand against you, we do not intend to fight you or make enemies... We would happily speak with your leaders and discuss any issue with regards to affairs of island... Have them Contact Our Leaders on private frequency to talk further. ***You hear her in the background boiling water with the crackle of a fire, she releases the PTT***
  5. ***There is static and the voice of a soft spoken Slavic woman*** We have been made aware that a group iz going around impersonating us, attacking Anarchy as they scream "The Runners". The Runners will not be fighting Anarchy nor anyone who does not wish hostilities towards us. As of right now the Runners iz seeking to establish new trade outpost where we will establish a whole credit system as to have some sort of economy going in this god forsaken land. We will not be fighting this war. look forward to that, and godspeed to all of you. - This message has been approved by Michael Duquesne ***You hear the wind in the trees as the transmission ends then static***
  6. It's a hard go most days considering the level of ultra hostility that seems to be ongoing. thick skin is a definite requirement...
  7. @ImNovaaa @Hunter8008 @Hampze @Harry Taylor really good rping with you, Hunter it's good to see fresh faces in the community. hope to see you again!
  8. So something that has been problematic for a very long time especially with building in particular spaces is that the size of the gates has been inconvenient if you are wanting to build in smaller spaces. prime example is with some of the cabins, say you want to block off just a door way you have to build a huge gate that ends up being a challenge at the least to get closed. it would make better sense to have a wider array of sizes for gates to give more user friendly options to securing structures. this would mean less work on individuals who just want to lock a house without building a huge fence around it and spending ten hours or more gathering nails and planks to block off a single door.
  9. I've had enriching RP from running around with groups in the past, being a nomad isn't bad. but hey if you comply to a hostile's demands it can lead to interesting story. frankly this is getting toxic so im outty.
  10. Hostile Roleplay happens if you want it to or not. there is nothing that can be done to prevent you from being held up. if the expectation is that you are going to always get held up change your IC actions to ensure that you wont be. such as staying on the move or staying back from settlements. point of fact though is that if you want to be engrossed with RP among large groups you are taking a risk because with large groups comes hostile rp at one point or another.
  11. I was saying that in a fit of rage so i am sorry.
  12. I am very sorry, I was in a fit of rage after being killed by you. for the record though I had dropped the previous issue with regards to our past conversation which in earnest you were very rude to me as well. as for the live stream I have already made apologies to hoffer and settled the issue with him.
  13. We had a tense standoff initially then proceeded to leave the area, I was covering @Duquesne from behind unsure of if or what was happening, I did not have time to put on my armband when tracer rounds came skirting off at our allies on the castle hilltop. I called out to shoot the hobo ICly before someone started lighting me up, in the panic I screamed that I was bleeding and moments later was leveled out by @Kordruga this was approximately two hours after Odezva told Ivan Bernarus to swim back to shore. the OP proceeded to open fire on on the rest of us without initiating and without warning of any attack being made. this is blatant KOS. I can confirm that no initiation was made by the other party. furthermore @Kordruga actively publicized a video tagging me in it after hearing my voice on someone else's stream after being KOSed. which means that he was watching a stream which could actively hear our coms being broadcast. the individuals who open fired on us have also actively been tagging me since on @Kordruga's page I will cite flaming and harassment here... in addendum to the rulebreaks
  14. that party screams trap!. lets go in for some punch.
  15. ***PTT*** If you not care... why the fuck are you on the radio? ***PTT***
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