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  1. Pepper

    Red's random Media

    All this for a Pet Wolf
  2. Agreed that whole scene was terrifying and brilliant. @APositivePara @Kordruga And gang, yesterday I was truly worried, Great RP!. @andysuter I absolutely adored the interaction we had welcome to the neighborhood
  3. @Joe I would love to talk to you about this in discord and try to sort this out in a civil manor with a member of the staff team present. would you be willing?
  4. In game name: Krasimira Sechev My point of view on the description of events was that Puncture showed up at the gate with a number of others. Dr.Puncture was there was others who were armed, I hear from both sides hands up, drop your weapons! I told Puncture to get on the ground now and everything erupted into gunfire. I Panicked and shot. From my understanding of the situation I feel there is a big misunderstanding as to what happened but my friends witnessed. I also sent @Joe a private message apologizing Immediately after. Sorry. I am not a big PVPer I did not mean to do this.
  5. Pepper

    Dimitri Stepanov - From Isolation to Danger

    You bet! I've really appreciated playing with you
  6. @Zanaan and group . Amazing RP! Definitely was good fun. the roll resulted in three fractured knuckles, there are some broken bones in the hand it's self. margin for the hand to be completely shattered was 9% estimated by our neighborhood doc I rolled 12%, so it came really close to being a long term injury. nothing a tough 19 year old cant bounce back from. Kras may think twice next time! LOL
  7. Pepper

    Bedtime stories

    happy times those were!
  8. To provide point of view, The individual shown in this video killing himself came up to my base earlier and said directly to me that he took it out on the vehicle then when I pressed him further he changed his story. he was acting up in my camp and bringing up OOC on several occasions when asked to stop. from there he was around camp for several minutes after it was expressed ICly that we needed sleep and once OOCly where I expressed that I need to sleep... from there he proceeded to try his luck with my Ally CaosAndEffects and was subsequently held up. he then proceeded to go gather up weapons and come back to try and finish off my Ally he was stopped by Us as we were proceeding to try and get to a safe place to log out, when he could not gain the upper hand he put a gun to his head and proceeded to end his own life. from my perspective his behavior was very cut and dry.
  9. @DerrickStorm @Mr Smoking Dog outstanding roleplay. I had a really great time for being such a gimp. holes in the head wont stop me from role playing with you guys @CaosAndEffects Looks like you have your work cut out for you! awesome RP!
  10. Pepper

    Current State of Rule(s)

    I did mention that it's my own personal view, ultimately a very grain of salt one. alternatively in response to Fae, another really great idea is roam around (you get attacked a hell of a lot less) NOT DISAGREEING HERE ^^^
  11. Pepper

    Current State of Rule(s)

    I would like to see rules on assaulting people's bases change... by applying a cool down timer (That includes an attacking group's Allies) would prevent groups from being constantly attacked every five minutes because they are getting rolled every time they look up... this would force groups to consider their attacks more carefully and it would give the people inside these bases a chance to actively roleplay (which is what they were here to do in the first place) resentment comes from being constantly attacked, resentment comes from not being given chances to recover and do it better next time. When it comes to defensive rights, there needs to be change so it's not constant harassment. Just me own person view.
  12. @DerrickStorm I had a really good time RPing with you. Sorry I startled you and legitimately thought you were someone else and was desperate to find someone else.
  13. really awesome image!
  14. I would like to see the .45s pack a little more punch but that's my opinion
  15. NO... It would not be a good idea... It's not our business, or our responsibility to... New players should have the right to privacy on their white list application
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