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  1. Jajajaja, yo también soy español chavales, de Granada! Es bueno saber que Estáis por aquí!
  2. Yes, it happened to me also. It scared the crap out ot me cos at first I thougt I was being shot at, and started shouting via directcom "Please don´t shoot, Im harmless!!!" Invisible, god zombies that cannot be killed.
  3. Guys, it was real fun, but I couldn't get back to you after the first server restart! So miskhino then. Ok I'll head there! My gun has for the lock on so don't worry now.
  4. I'll join for sure! SA name Piticli. I'm around Guba always anyway
  5. Mace: The extraordinary interaction and attention to detail he brings in his text role play never ceases to amaze me. So much that I even tried myself to switch to text RP for a time. The fact that I'm not native English makes me take more time writing and that broke the inmersion at times. Also the fact that by typing my own text sometimes I missed important role play text from others. Mace became my go-to person for my troubled character and the only one at present he kindda trust in some way. Jack bandit: Amazing role player able to bring the best of a kind character and the worst of a bounty hunter, I will remember our last encounter at berezino hospital when I was caught in the middle of an interrogation he and his friends carried out on a SVR member leading to his execution. I remember how he tried to explain to me that unfortunately that was his job, realizing that my opinion of him as a hero had fallen from grace. We role played our difficult goodbye as a broken trust between us and I asked him to leave me alone. What he did. I haven't seen him since.
  6. Hahahaha!!! He didn't even move! It was funny when you swapped to the axe and.....nothing!
  7. This is absolutely brilliant! Just by looking at the newspaper, the urge to go and play is incredible! Keep it up, and consider myself subscribed for life! I hope zombies don't eat my copy before I pick it up in the morning from my house in berezino!
  8. He is an amazing Roleplayer, and whenever Im in trouble, I dont know how he does it but always appear out of nowhere to save my skinny doctor´s ass!! It´s always a joy to find him! And after the destruction of the outpost and feeling completely lost, when I saw him I couldnt resist but to cheer in joy and happiness when I did recognize his voice!
  9. eretharn

    DayZ Standalone Update 2

    Same here. Added [RP] to my name in game
  10. eretharn

    DayZ Rap!

    Absolutely awesome!
  11. Totally agree with Mace. New players to dayzRP like myself would benefit of some kind of "coach" showing us how to improve our performance in game or even telling us when we are taking things too far and overacting. It gets ridiculous at times to see people playing completely surreal characters all the time. Sometimes the electro outpost looks like a nerd convention or a Halloween party with everyone around (myself included) acting as retards and getting themselves in the skin of a character that can be seen miles away as fake and non credible. Sorry for the newbie rant.
  12. Less Rambo style characters and more down to earth people with average backgrounds. I'd love to meet a divorced electrician and. Everybody seems to be a badass hardcore survivor with plenty of military knowledge, or a spy in a secret mission.....
  13. That's awesome!!!! Let the adventure begin....