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  1. 100th content shitpost beanz please 

    1. Whitename



      try again

    2. burRP



    3. Morytania


      just take me beanz

    4. Conor


      Status updates don't count, donkey.

      You get beanz for trying though.

  2. burRP

    car stuff

    @groovy toez @groovy dingo reporting you
  3. approval soon pls +1 felt good getting wiped
  4. do you guys have any inhalers? my asthma is flaring up cant wait to rp
  5. scripted wipe

    1. AndreyQ


      Get gud

    2. Whitename



  6. burRP

    car stuff

    i love this thread already,. thankyou guys! i ran out of beanz
  7. burRP

    car stuff

    sick pussywagon bro
  8. burRP

    car stuff

    place for shenanigans with cars feel free to post relative stuff I WANNA SEE IF ANYONE CAN BEAT 203
  9. cuts of the upper, uppercut. RP god Honestly one of the best videos ive seen. Ending is classic.
  10. so i am stupid, just say that, thanks for clearing that up
  11. wait i took 2 doors down with a sledgehammer a week ago? has it changed? am i stupid?
  12. Kennys POV so i was sat outside the bar in berezino all day just chilling. I get up and go for a walk as it gets loud, its a hub. I walk around the corner, litrelly 15 feet away from where i was sat all day and see AndreyQ and Kordruga in handcuffs with the 2 police men, one was pointing a weapon and one was looking like he was searching one of the detainees. I open fire, realise i only have one mag which i used all my rounds for, so i carry on running for fear of being a sitting duck. I run east to the coast, change outfit, drop backpack, change hat and go and sit back down outside the pub. As i walk back into berezino i see that Andrey and Kordruga had been released.
  13. thanks for that eddie, im actually on the way home now! xoxo
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