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  1. soup kitchen 4 lyfe

  2. It was an honour to contribute so much to this, your welcome
  3. ded

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      wow you're amazing kenny I miss you

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      Love you kenny 

  4. whats the craic

  5. Trevor was born in 1994, his first cot was made of scrap metal and old pillows as his parents cared more about heroin and crack than keeping young Trev healthy and stable. Throughout the years Trevor learned to fend for himself with the help of his Ward Family, mainly Eddie who he looked up to the most and still does. Growing up was a challenge at first until Trevor embraced the beauty and freedom of a traveller lifestyle. His motto quickly became "its free if you steal it". Trevor gained alot of social experience from his family and quickly got into the scrap metal business, nothing more made the hairs stand up on the end of his neck than the blaring sound of " ANY OLD IRON?!!". Alongside his scrap metal love, Trevor developed a niche for smoking and selling weed and asserting the Ward family dominance through bare knuckle fighting. When Eddie left to Europe obviously Trevor followed along, he was nothing without his namesake people, so he followed Eddie and the rest on an expedition across Europe to dominate the eastern European scrap metal business. After scrapping a few times with the Dimitrov family, his family was driven out of their turf and into South Zagoria. Since then Trevor has turned a little mad, probably from all the weird drugs he tried in Turkey, it was all a little blur for him, now he just sticks to his Green and nothing else, not even alcohol. Very Elitist.
  6. i am still here, logging in today, Kord has known all about my sitution since i left, i wasnt planning on being kidnapped this long sorry
  7. hi

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  8. If someone is racist towards you IC and you get offended OOC then maybe you need to take a break as you can’t differentiate between IC and OOC. Take some time to reflect on your thread and think about why the “problem” you have brought up is still present in the server. imagine being in a post apocalyptic world with no law, it would probably be a lot a lot worse. I’m not telling you that racism isn’t a good thing. I’m telling you that it’s a real a real thing. You know what upsets me? When I getting called white boy. Because That’s not racist is it. Why? Because I’m a white. Point is you are playing on a server that actually has the balls to not follow twitch TOS. Role play the racist situation out. Thanks. Kind regards Kenny m8
  9. beggars cant be choosers m8

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      can they no aye?

  10. what is an anarchy?

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  11. Privet who wants to attend? Weekly lesson at Ivan's school of Bernarus. Free of charge.
  12. i. am. doormat. Welcome

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      I appreciate that life decision? 😂

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