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  1. Thankyou @Pepsi We do try @GreenySmiley much love
  2. +1 needs a heli nice screenshots too
  3. good luck lads, we need more groups! wanna buy a heli or a beamer?
  4. I would just like to say that some things about our group have come to light in this thread that have never been presented to me or anyone from the transporters. If anyone has any feedback we have a group thread where we welcome peoples thoughts about previous interactions and such. We want everyone to enjoy playing the server.
  5. +1 basically the Huey but better, Huey is boring and i think the merlin would bring great roleplay to a group/groups. i love the merlin
  6. o7 really enjoyed the church services being a religious person myself. hope to see this group in the future.
  7. Spring April GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants
    i love bank holidays

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      @Inferno this isn't an LR status
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      its an ALPHA af status

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      hood up, hair back struttin down high street, alpha af

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      I can not control what others post, I am powerless in their actions.

  9. Like i said i did not press f5 when initiated on, and was told to fall to the ground which i did, the man asked for a friend to get some rope to tie me up, all of this took between 30-40 seconds, at which point my radio and weapon was gone for i was in binds. I was talking alot during this short minute until told to be quiet or i would be shot, this is when i stopped talking in all as no one else was talking to me. The entire of the raiding party were running around the compound as silent as mice. Duplessis, i did not give a specific number on the radio, as i did not know, but i main
  10. I said something in the lines of: "What are you green armband doing here? I recognize you. You fucked up." I might have also said something while being prone on the ground as they demanded, but I don't remember exactly what it was. Keep in mind that this is all paraphrasing as I don't remember the exact wording but I for sure called out the green armbands. At no point did i press f5 and I was tied up about 40 seconds after being initiated on.
  11. Kenwards POV: I was just enjoying some green products when Mugin tells me he needs a pick up. As I was bored I decide to do it, so I log in and see the compound getting raided. I call it out on the radio by saying something like "What are you green armband people doing here". I don't remember the exact wording but it was something along these lines. After that I get initiated on and comply to the demands. The roleplay given was rather uninteresting: getting told to shut up and/or sit and wait. It was clear that their focus was on raiding the place instead of the RP, which is whatever dud
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