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  1. bur

    S1: Novaya Petrovka Industrial Unreasonable Hostage Demands & Invalid Kill (roleplayed)

    pov: a muslim man came to talk to luka, after negotiations didnt work out we were later initiated on by the jaysh allah, we had Elijah and Liah in the safest spot we could think off, muslims made it very clear they were going to breach our roof door as one of them started praying, we were also told we would die so we set up to defend the ladder which was the only way in, luka was in front of elijah and liah and i was watching up the ladder opening from the staircase below. Then the grenade is dropped through the ladder hole, luka reacts by shouting "grenade" and i run down another set of stairs and die from a grenade blast through said concrete staircase. Elijah and Liah were compliant with there hands on their head throughout the whole situation.
  2. bur

    s1 Ghosting

    I was covering it though that was the thing, and what reason did you have for raiding our base?
  3. bur

    s1 Ghosting

    Like i said mate, 2 of your lads appeared out of nowhere while one of ours spawned in too, i was watching the boost, i find it hard to be %100 positive that night time FPS issues stopped me from seeing you guys boost over, no need for snyde comments
  4. bur

    s1 Ghosting

    My POV: i logged in inside our compound in novaya, it was nighttime so i put my night vision on, we have a two fence airlock and i noticed that our first fence was open and i could hear Irish voices and footsteps, i asked "hello why is our front gate open". We got initiated on by someone who i believe to be from the district as they have irish people, he said quite calmly "ok everyone in the compound put your hands up or die" so i replied "youll have to specify which compound mate there is three of them". He confirmed it was our compound and i replied "if you do not leave our compound and this area you will be shot and killed and if you jump over that second fence you will be shot and killed also". Shortly after one of our men Elijah spawned in on the bottom floor next to said fence, at the same time 2 other people i do not recognise appeared out of nowhere, i heard no jumping noises, no landing noises, i ran up the stairs to a choke point and was gunned unconscious, i woke up and crawled into a room shot a man and was shot dead after that by the same guy. Can we also request position logs and connection logs for the people that killed me @Cracka_tee @Insight .
  5. bur

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    Great RP'ers, everytime i meet you guys i laugh and enjoy myself and feel like i take something away from our interactions. Also possibly the best PVP'ers ive seen, you create some amazing hostile RP situations aswell as other RP aspects. 10/10.
  6. bur

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    I love pvp, who doesn't? The build up to the fight and the RP involved is fun, it makes you scared and gives you a rush at the same time, but unfortunately this isnt the case when you/your group are hunted every day for the same IC reasons. Most of the time when it comes down to a hostage sitiuation, opportunity to roleplay is lost other than dropping your guns and staying quiet for fear of being gunned down. Hostile groups are needed in dayzrp dont get me wrong, but there are more than just one of them, meaning groups that play the victim card could be and have been under siege more than once a day by more than one group. Which can obviously get tedious, especially if you are told its "your fault". Everybody shit talks, everybody can shoot people. Just because you are better at shooting heads doesn't necessarily give you the god given right to not have a bad word spoken against you.
  7. bur

    The Loud Minority/2.3

  8. bur

    The Loud Minority/2.3

  9. bur

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    Dissing my FPShooter skills? 1v1 rust.
  10. proud of you, glad there is another metalhead amongst our community \m/
  11. Old skool death metal fans, Here is some slamming death metal that has always been ahead of its time, enjoy
  12. not death metal but,,,, you can put it anywhere
  13. bur


  14. KENNY KOWLAKSI here, it seems that the guy in the ornage raincoat open fired without initiation on the muslims, so the musims thought the time were in our base and everybody else thought the muslims were in our base. the whole thing just got proper bollocksed up in the end and everyone wa sshooting eachother, i enjoyed myself but i think the Times orange jacket guy is the problem here, he open fired from what i heard with no initiation, so the fight started with no one knowing who to fight, im sure there was 2 people from the time in our base at the time of muslims first getting shot. Still was a sick fight even though i got domed
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